Is a literal rapist

>is a literal rapist
>women love him

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>is a literal rapist
wasn't rape

>is a literal rapist
You answered your own question.

What would Griffith think of Donovan raping Guts?

All men are rapists.

A necessary evil seeing as it would lead to him becoming the man he is today and furthering his own dream

That post reads like a fucking clickbait article

Griffith turned to shit with fantasia arc prove me wrong

user can't you put two and two together?

rape is hot and based

if they're sexually attracted to a character, people will 'love' said character. gender is irrelevant. refer to the dozens upon dozens of 'evil women' threads that people make, for instance.

Why were old anime colors so much better?

They love him because he pairs well with Guts and is also hot as fuck you dumbass

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The same reason you like characters with personalities that you wouldn't like to have near you in real life.

Because women love rapist.

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His fingers are so long...

Because they were handmade stuff where even the BGs had a style that matched that of the characters and the colors were more subdued and didn't make your eyes bleed.

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the industry ran out of colors at some point

>Is pretty
>Is successful
>Is smart
>Is strong
>Can dominate you
>Can also be dominated by other men

Gee. I don't know.

He's hot

>I can fix him
>got attached throughout the story and don’t want to hate him
>imagine him having sex with griffisu
>rape fetish

Do more women love Griffith or Guts?

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Guts is an all around better husbando. Griffith is pump and dump tier because he’s kind of annoying personally and hanging around him is a death sentence.

Griffith seems to be more popular while Guts is mainly beloved as shipping partner of Griffith but I think he is still very popular, just not as much as Griffith.
I think broken and corrupted characters are generally beloved and Griffith is more broken than Guts in that regard. Guts' reaction is almost rational, Griffith on the other side was already unworldy from the get go. His high goals, the attitude and his readiness to sacrifice everything and everybody to reach his goal plus the fucked relationship with Guts and the eventual defection to the evil side to achieve his goal. Usually I prefer such characters as well but in Berserk's case I would say that Guts is still the better character.

>ran out of colors
Half the anime fans I know irl are spics, niggers, and mutts. What the fuck are you talking about?

Yeah and they love ufotable filter spam

>>Can also be dominated by other men
women don't like this though

I love both

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They have to use substitutes but they're not as good


Fujos do

>hires random mobs to rape main girl
>almost rapes main girl
>walks away as main girl is being tortured by other students
>hits her, plays around with her, fucks with her, uses his immense wealth for leverage over her life

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Fujos aren't women. That's like calling trannies women.

>abusive husband and father
>women love him


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He's hot

the ultimate female wet fantasy is fixing an unredeemable psycho with the power of love

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HOT and I hate pairing two dudes together, but yes they are cute together.

>i'm not a fag, except that I am

Griffith did nothing wrong.

He said colors, not coloreds.

The same reason why women are obsessed over handsome serial killers.

Both of these sentences contradict each other retard. If you say that everybody belongs to the gender they are born with it legit means that 100% of all fujos are female unless you call people male for liking gayporn in which case you would have the same mindset as trannies in which gender is defined by personality and behaviour and not biology.

I don't even consider Griffith very interesting but there is nothing more boring than normalfag characters that do nothing wrong and have no mental issues at all. What's even there to fantasize about them? Living some boring daily life with them? You might as marry a 3DPD then. Fictional characters are great when there is some spice and when they act on things you are only daydreaming about.

Reminder that the author wanted Rui to win the tsukushibowl and tried really hard to make the readers to hate Doumouji but instead they loved even him more


Rape is the most common fetish of all, user.

Men will never understand

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Does he wish to be Donovan or Guts?

doesn't matter what a man does, if he is hot women love him

Women love rape if the dude is hot and powerful, just look up 50 shades of grey.

where's the gay knockoff of this
>inb4 crybaby
they're not the same

He turned to shit after Golden Age.

I wanna tame this stupid cat with my dick, is that enough?


because rape is is hot within the confines of fantasy, where you don't have to actually fear it. pretty simple.

are you a woman?

Because you can only see the character in terms of rapist or nothing wrong is why you keep wondering why people like him.

why doesn't every guy understand that women love deeply ambitious men with the potential for evil and destruction but who attempt to reserve themselves?

Women love Griffith, men like Guts.

Women love men that are ambitious because they wanna change that and make it so they're abscessed with them. Once that happens, women quickly lose interest and go on to find the next guy.


Same reason Ted Bundy got love letters in prison

true true. and then when women notice how much guys like guts they start liking guts because of the clout

I want Farnese to do stuff to me

The new palettes are too bright.