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oh my fucking god i can't take this anymore

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Press F to pay respects to the last demon fist, Liu.

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>another episode of seethe addicts taking a quote out of context just to shitpost about it

Sandro is such a cocksucker. He's doing everything he can to make us hate Ji and it's just making him look like even more of a hack.

Dump it goddamnit

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Xia Ji has always been unlikable bastard.

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What does he connect

What Himuro meant by this?

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thanks as always.
Xia is definitely infertile after this kick.

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His cock to the Xias' mouths.

wow it really got to him huh

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Hassad NEVER

>couldn't handle it anymore and killed himself
now that's how you do character development, bravo sandwich

I love xai's hair


>Trains with Agito and Lolong, two of the best fighters in Kengan and Purgatory
>Apparently trains with other A class fighters in both Kengan and Purgatory
>Knows Kazzy, the second highest ranking Kengan member and GOAT, the owner of Purgatory
>Eats good every single night
>Has Sharingan eyes or some shit

>Everyone shits on him
>Constantly in a state of beaten up
>Eats only noodles for the last 2 years
>Disowned from his own organization
>Has a very low level Superman Syndrome as a last minute buff from Sandro that probably won't ever be a factor
>Supposedly a master martial artist


At this point I'm not even sure who to root for anymore.

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Big Dog, Big Tongue

finalrumblebros how we feeling?

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Is that the niko style?

Root for a truck to run over Sandrovich.

Whoever Sandrobitch wants to you to dislike.

Not Baki level of groin blaster but still, that shit hurt

Why is Sandro like this?

>liu was depressed after the events of the tournament and fell to the b class
>koga's one loss came from killing him in a purgatory match

it doesn't even hurt anymore. im just mad

Nigger, everything Xia did this chapter was completely in-line with his character.
You lads are complaining how sandro is a hack that can't keep shit consistent and now that he finally does, you guys still complain.

What did Xia mean by this?

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This is basically the same as Monke's backstory where he killed some unnamed bodyguard
Unneeded and is only added because Sandro wants to you despise the character

kek, this panel did remind me of Brun

The chapter was shit, but this made me chuckle. I like Yan's dynamic with Shen.

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>Even in Comikey comments people root for Xia.
Ratbros stand together!
I want to see the draft of this panel.

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Koga is literally me

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I think the point he's making is that no one cares that Xia Ji killed his father or is a dick when nearly every character (including the "heroes") is a fucking psychopath or criminal. It won't make anyone dislike him.

Him killing his worm scum of a father ironically made the world a better place.
His only mistake was that the Connector saw through his bullshit.

so what the fuck is this? did he swallow a gun or a sword or something?

He really became an Ohma clone fucking hell

what the fuck are those teeth

Why did wormdad dress one of his sons as an arabian prostitute and the other as kid Gohan

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Someone do a chapter dump before I piss myself

Cause it's funny

I think Daro forgot to delete a layer or something. There's even bizarre shading on the tongue.

>tfw expectations are subverted

>Looks nothing like Ohma
>Uses Karate primarily but increased his proficiency for striking and defense
>Has his fists up in this panel
>Spouts a line about it being over
The blithering idiots that browse these fucking threads. How does someone who has trouble keeping the saliva in his mouth, have the audacity to type something so asinine?

wtf daro

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Wormdad whored them out. Why do you think Xia had him killed?


Did Koga lose all his personality in two years? This is not my self-insert

This is villain dialogue.

Nah, it's just him showing bottom row of Xia"s teeth.

That's the top layer
Xia is gritting his teeth in that picture, but some of them aren't illustrated to show the wire

Fuck it I'm dumping the whole thing

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>>Supposedly a master martial artist



Personality? He his fighting someone who is not only worm but also someone who defeated him in the past. Not only that but a bunch of people are watching this bout, so yeah he is serious.

That's likely but that would mean Xia has a disgustingly retracted underbite. The top row's angle ruins it.

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>Xia has a disgustingly retracted underbite
He is chinese

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You were awesome, lodong....

>wins his fight without any gimmicks
>author kills him
You just can't win against Sandwich's babies

He's shocked because he realized Xia would completely obliterate him if he got serious

>Sandro accidentally makes Xia more sympathetic by giving him a backstory similar to Kiryu

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It makes sense.
Koga is still learning and growing and meeting new and interesting people. He's still on the rise of his career.
Ohma is basically already on top of the mountain. He's not going to get much stronger, or find many people out there stronger than him to challenge.
Its nostalgia and some jealousy.

>Koga is acting super cocky like Lolong

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He wants to crush Xia and forget about him
Perfectly in character with early Koga, plus remember that the chink goons nearly ended his life as a martial artist
The weird part is how everyone else just agreed to the know murdered play with the b-rank jobber

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>Like Lolong

Xia ji about to pull off some Jack hammer ain't he? He is starved and hungry, did we even get a glimpse of him eating when he reunited with his otouto Yan? Only Shen wulong had an ambience of care for him, which Ji mistaken for bloodlust.. I think Shen genuinely cared for Xia's well-being...

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It doesn't even mean anything given that his father was some Worm asshole.
We already knew that he was a petty and ambitious cunt.

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Stop bringing up that blatantly homosexual manga to this thread, enough of that bullshit with you baki fruit cake fags.


>I think Shen genuinely cared for Xia's well-being
The biggest joke about Shen will be him not being an asshole. He is just really autistic. Hell, he probably thinks that Worm isn't killing people.

Where did he pull that out from?

They saved the strongest guy for last and then had Liu on the verge of suicide
What was Lolong supposed to say, "Sorry Liu I might not win this because I'm stuck fighting the zombie protagonist"?

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>le stoic strong guy face on Koga
I'm so sick of this shit

>Koga now has foresight
Cool, thanks.

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And I am sick of you cucks complaining. Koga turned from cocky bratty loser to a stoic winner who hangs out with Agito and Lolong. Take your bullshit somewhere fag.

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My bet is he gonna pull an MT Jack and he's got a bunch of 'roids stuffed down hijamnps gullet.

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Ah yes, like how endearing he was killing ranjo, or when he was about to behead kazzy.
Shut the fuck up you shallow retarded goldfish

Does Sandro think having your antagonists utter jobber lines every panel is supposed to make us hate them?

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He'll swallow it longganisa style

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>(former) head of the Worm's east branch is about to lose to some B-lister
This is just sad

>Those poses, throne, and scene were real.


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This is Sandro punching (you), the viewer

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>Worms stamp their logo on all their soldiers
>Spraypaint the statue of liberty
>Now the gigaworm throne
I cannot fucking wait to see the worm theme park complete with marketable worm plushies

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Yan wears fishnets

>when you want the fujo audience so bad

Murder doesn't matter you dumb nigger. Everyone in this series kills people, you are just attached to the "good guys."

Xia will awaken his emperor dragon eyes when he fully dilates after Koga's persistent crescent moon kicking her balls

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>Father leaves everything to Yan
>Kills him
>But not Yan

Ohma Huishenged him over the timeskip.

Aesthetic page

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He stopped being a character to identify with and root for. He's just another boring faggot.
Dumbest fucking decision to power him up during not one, but fucking two timeskips and still expect for people to care about him after that

Go away Sandro

He is not the sharpest

Sandro seething

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This is the first time I've seen defenders of this trash in a while.

Imagine thinking that's a good development to have magically happen offscreen over a timeskip.

>First time
There's always people like this here.

Father didn't appoint Yan, Shen Wulong did

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>Xia father was just random chink
So does that leave Xia's mom as 2m tall blonde with superman syndrome?

What kind of bullshit is this? He is stronger than Koga now yet can't land a single hit on him? HEY OHMA STOP FELLATING KOGA'S FUCKING DICK.

My god this whole chapter was a dick sucking contest of Koga of all people. Christ I am sick of it.

But they're usually more quiet. The full apologist squad is here today.

Himuro gets impressed very easily, doesn't he

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Why the fuck does Shen have slender fingers here?


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