Today is Bocchi's birthday in Japan. And her VA still hasn't had a new major role since Bocchi ended. Truly unfortunate.

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Bocchi is cute and bocchi deserves better
happy birthday boc

keep on drinking, super bocc

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Happy birthday Bocc'! Here's Sotoka and her cute forehead as a gift!

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Your friend, her name is Hitori Bocchi. Her favorite food is rice with natto, she prefers the natto to be finely crushed. She is the type to save the mustard that comes with it, so that nothing is wasted.

Bochhi the Rock, she will get an anime soon.


Happy birthday Bocc I love you

Literal who???

Happy birthday, Bocchi! Let's hope I don't forget about you next year.

Youkoso Hitori Bocchi

Soon, Bocchi, soon

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Rare Bocchi thread. Post rare Bocchis.

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>caring about some 3dpd who admittedly did a good job in the role
>no one remembers it's Nako's birthday today

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Which is it, Bocchi's or Nako's? Or do they have birthdays adjacent to each other? Cute if so.

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I want to sex Nako.

Oh I thought it was Bocchi's VA's birthday somehow. Cause it's definitely not Bocchi herself's bday.

Yes they do. 4/5 is Nako's, 5/5 is Bocchi's and Kai's birthday.

Happy birthday Bocc!

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>Yes they do
Top cute. I hope they both have great times with their family and friends!

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Nako's nakos are big

Bocchi the rock johnson


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The truth is that her VA was actually Bocchi herself who got isekai'd into our world.

How old is she again?

Old enough.

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Happy birthday, Bocchi!

I love Bocchi!!!

gambare Bocchi I love you

Bocchi's birthday means much more to me than the Quint birthday. And I've read neither series.

So....Nako x Bocchi or Nako x Aru?

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Natto is disgusting.

Nako x Aru

I bet you think your mom's uterus is disgusting too, but you lived there.

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Nako x Aru. Bocchi is for Kai and Sotoka

>deserving the bocc after what she did

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Rare sukeban bocchi.

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Kai simply wanted to test Bocchi's power


I think I must have forgotten, remind me who she is again?

This Bocc is as wonderful as the rest.

>Remembering Bocchi.

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my last Bumpcchi. Bocch must learn to make friends on her own now

Never forget Bocchi

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Happy Birthday Bocchi!

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why are her eyes frying like eggs in oil?

>And her VA still hasn't had a new major role
Does that mean she had minor roles? A background character? A mascot in some commercial? Reading a disclaimer? Something?

literally nothing

>she had minor roles? A background character?
Yes, some kid in Uramichi Oniisan.

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She had background roles in Kiratto Pri Chan and Uramichi Oniisan but other than that she hasn't had a single named role since Bocchi.

I’m surprised people still talking about this show? I watched an episode and found it profoundly mediocre. Did I misjudge? Should I give it another shake?

>I watched an episode and found it profoundly mediocre

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Death to Bocchi


You are wrong about it being mediocre but if you didn't enjoy the first episode then no, no reason to watch the rest, you won't enjoy that either.