What are your thoughts on megane (glasses) girls?

What are your thoughts on megane (glasses) girls?

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keikaku means plan

Fuck Comikey. Fuck Jaimini's Box.

this and that pretend childhood friend manga is top tier

They're alright

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On her glasses.

Based. Girls with glasses can look up at you when you bust on their face

>The glasses stay on during sex

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They are cute, they also seem to be the horniest of all.

I don't really care about them, unless they're on Mie-san

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Based. Fuck them straight to the pits of hell.
Now I gotta wait forever for spic scans.

there is no resource more valuable than shy, clumsy glasses girls

i married one

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Volume is out next month so I'll just read the raws once they're up.

This is gonna give me an heart attack.

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Yes I do love glasses. It's a pity even fucking feet are a more popular kink.

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I'm glad the artist reduced their heads size.
It was kinda ridiculous in the early chapters.

I hate that there's at least one guy out there who keeps doing Mie lewds, like wildly unreasonably angry about it

Based but also: Fuck off.

One of the better pages in the later chapters. Just one line of dialogue from Kaede, but you can see the struggle in every silent panel he's in

she is lewd though

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I hate to love it as well

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His reactions genuinely crack me up. Kinda funny that his mind's version of Mie's dad is starting to take his side is pretty funny

Megane ko...
Or Mega NEKO!?

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Hey at least this is the two of them together, the ones I found were random faceless stranger rape

Why the fuck would you wear that if you don't want me to look!? Silly girl.

Well then I'm glad I didn't look recently, because all I saw is a natural extension of her relationship with her (future) husband

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I did not invite you to my thread. Leave.

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that faceless stranger was me

Cute manga, but the male MC is a faggot. Does he get any better?

i appreciate the effort the guy puts in but fuck's sake i do miss the higher quality scans.

was rereading this last night and still comfy as fuck

He gets manlier after they do the deed.

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Congrats user, now please leave.

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mega meganeko neko

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What are we going to do on the bed, Komura-kun?

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Teach us your secrets so I too can leave this place someday

He's like the least faggy MC I can think of, his issues are pretty reasonable teenage self-doubt things and his "I'm not worthy" attitude pretty quickly evolved into "I have to do better for her to be what she deserves"

Unspeakable things

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Megane bookworms are even better and cuter

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[chair rattles]

very excited for the volume release

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He also fails at those goals sometimes, in a pretty realistic way for a teenager in love

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that's not even the best thing that happens

I love their absolute bro-tier wing-parents. Waiting for an extra comic of the three meeting for coffee like "Well shit, we're gonna be in-laws aren't we, our kids are so fucking cute lol"

i would do literally anything for a pantyhose wearing messy haired megane gf

This is fine goofy shit, he's got it right where it matters like or when she woke him up while he was sick


Volume 9 out June 22

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I can't unsee the mouth

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find a girl you can love like your waifu

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He has the same problem as all romcom MCs, in that there's nothing interesting about him apart from being nice

Plain girls!

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Glasses are like bonus points for a girl's cuteness.

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Oh yes, my wives.

He's a kid, it's not like he's gonna have much to work with. Maybe they can actually explore how he feels about being in a single-parent household or explaining just why he keeps dyeing his hair


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Part of the reason why I want to see this manga animated is all the quiet panels. Just imagine a scene of Mie-san sneaking about his room being a full minute of tense silence, or the awkward aftermath of that time Kaede's mother accidentally explained to him what Mie-san was drawing on her omurice

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Plain girls

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mie belly...........

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