Who is the bigger dork between these two?

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I'm going with Gentle.

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If Smile clicks with you it's a top-tier, if it doesn't then you're in for a tough time, it's full of comedy, funny faces and whacky episodic plots, which can be great if you're in the right mood, it has its niche as something unique in the franchise, maybe just don't try to bingewatch it too fast so you avoid burnout.

the dorkiest dork to ever dork

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Which Cure fits that description the best? Towa?

It's weird that Gentle sucks so hard if she's gonna be the mid-season cure. Usually the mid-seasons are atleast a little bit impressive as villains, but Gentle is unironically a first-stage boss tier scrub.

Seiren was a cartoony fun comic villain like Doronjo.

I somehow forgot Seiren was a mid season due to Ako's existence.

I will call bullshit if shes a overpowered mid-season. She should be the team's shitter at first.

God how I miss the magnificent mermaid...

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Which cure should I fap to today?

Setsuna wasn't too impressive and Ruru was just an office assistant.

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Buki in Tartes body

Is that artist still active

too busy drawing the goblin slayer manga and vtubers

Cure and Spicy

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Setsuna put effort into her fake life act and that BDSM card arc was pretty intense both for her and the Cures, for Ruru it wasn't much of a toll in her body (android) but she wasn't the first villain either and felt intimidating when she got serious and started to feel conflicted, unless Gentle gets a power-up I think her final act as a villain will lack punch.

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Both Setsuna and Ruru felt more formidable than Westar and Charaleet/Papple and were both halfway competent at the least being intense baddies in a kid's show.
Gentle meanwhile is lamer even than meme losers like Pissard.

>Gentle meanwhile is lamer even than meme losers like Pissard.
That's a massive overblow of Gentle's situation. She's nowhere near lame or bad.

Like the other guy said she's a dork like Seiren but that doesn't make her a bad villain.

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Why do they have to make the girls so lewd? Or is it that I'm just a pervert?

It's probably more the second than the first, I think.

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we're going to get a MANLY fight with punches on the face and very shounen like
this is how boys fight

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>MANLY fight

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>drawing vtubers
gay, waste of good talent

You're probably right. I want to smell the back of her neck

Isn't this the second SuiteXAsuka fanart in a short while? Is the Suite rerun still going on Japan? Smile soon?

It's because you realize how sexy they are.

I expect green hair to stand there and look in a mirror from time to time while talking about how good he thinks he looks.

this is what half of japanese artists are doing

damn what a hussy

Vtubers enlightened me, I watch them more than playing games or watching anime now.

She drew one a little while ago.
It's fanart so don't look into it any further than that.

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I guarantee this person only got in because of hololive and cute jpgs and not because he enjoys content.

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Designs are the first hook but you won't last a lot if you don't enjoy the person too, it's all about exploring until you find someone that clicks on all fronts, if your favorite starts becoming friends with someone then you start noticing the good side of that person and how she extracts a different side of your favorite when they're interacting, it's fun to discover all those chemical reactions and your taste starts to expand, though that's not always true and some vtuberes have better solo content than collab content, the lore never ends.

Ran's so cute.

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Don't talk shit about David Bowie.

She's pretty bad. I'd honestly say she's worse since she's gotten focus and stuck around.

What a long explanation for simping.

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How does one simp for fictional people?

Browse /pc/.

she's a bundle of energy

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I can never watch vtubers on their own otherwise I just start to tune out. I only watch while I'm doing something else, like having it on the background while grinding some game or while using a treadmill.

I want them to kiss.

I get you, I do that but with music instead.

That's a DP fanart not Primagi.

mem-mem's fire breath for the rocket exhaust is a good touch

That's not stopping me.

da creature

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