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Why do you all sleep on Coby? Next time you see him, he’ll have already captured Boa.

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>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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>sleep on
Go back to Twitter.

When I say "FINAL" you say "NAKAMA"

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I want Katakuri to sit on my face


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I want Kiku to sit on my face

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>Why do you all sleep on Coby?
Because the biggest achievement he has show so far is stopping a missile, which more than half of the cast can easily do. What am I supposed to be impressed by?


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Kiku's boobs are actually even bigger than Yamato's. She's just wearing a sarashi more powerful than god.

He’s literally growing under your nose.

Was this peak spicpiece?

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Man, I'm not ready for the implosion of Yamatroons when Luffy rejects her


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The comment + webm were a funny combination.
Made me laugh.

Hot who's the artist?

And then she forces her way onto the ship anyway, just like Oden did.

*breaks the meta*

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God I wish I could sleep with adult Coby

I can foresee Oda making Luffy reject her for the Oden-Whitebeard parallel, then she joins anyway.

The real question is why do YOU NOT want her to join the crew? Are you a heartless piece of shit? Do you just want someone else to take her spot? Are you weak willed and hate her just because of posts her fans make?

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Would be real good if I could see that grown. But I don't so I won't treat him like anything more than what he has already showed

I don’t see why he’d have any reason to reject her
And you not liking her isn’t a reason

I absolutely hate when they manage to derail threads like this.

Luffy is Roger, not whitebeard.

Well you see, Luffy inherently hates people that he knows are good people. So of course he'll turn her away because he also doesn't care about his late brothers wishes.

I’ve never understood disliking a character because of their fans. Usually I just think they’re annoying and just continue having my own opinions
It’s like hating Star Trek because trekkies exist it just makes no sense whatsoever

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You mean his wish to take Tama with him?

There’s literally only seemingly one Yamatofag who doesn’t actively try to ruin the threads and that’s the one with the numbered filenames. The rest of you are hell bent on derailing discussion.

Luffy isn't Whitebeard, He's Roger. And Roger wanted Oden because he could read Poneglyphs which Robin already does.
Read above. She's useless. Also Luffy doesn't find her interesting nor has emotional attachment to her in any way whatsoever.

So you're saying Luffy will KNEEL and BEG Yamato to join? Based!

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> Wano was supposed to be a ZoroxTashigi arc
> it's all about shitty samurai running, crying like bitch and yelling "we love Oden's dick"

Oda was a mistake.

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user. If only you knew how much I liked Coby.

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When she becomes an enchanting kunoichi yes

>So of course he'll turn her away because he also doesn't care about his late brothers wishes.
Kek his response to her "I followed all the rules and that means you should let me join" was to basically ignore her and call her crazy for calling herself Oden cause everyone loved him and who the fuck is she even?

Of course, because that's the kind of person Luffy is, a cold hearted prick just like in my spic fantasies!

Honestly I rather Tashigi over Hiyori, I dont want more Wano wank

You asked in the previous thread. My answer is still the same.

I like how Yamato haters have to argue so dishonestly about the series just to try and have a leg to stand on in these discussions

>There are people posting in these threads who seriously thought Oda was going have an edgelord character like this as Kaido's kid

Wish my boy Luffy a happy birthday

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Alvida is a better female character than Hiyori.

Tashigi and Hiyori are the same when it comes to fights though. Neither would win.

I mean to be fair it COULD have happened but even if he did look like that I’m 99% sure he’d have some goofy gimmicks that would undermine his appearance

Tashigi is really annoying so I'd rather not

Cute grill he's got there

Katakuri probably gave them ideas

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Luffy and Sanji could surely do rankyuaku if they wanted to, right? Maybe MOST people post time skip should be able to?

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>Denialfags are such speed readers that they BTFO themselves

Its no more edgy than the parent

Boring personality. No purpose in the crew. Oden wank eternalized. Cheap use of Ace to highlight an otherwise forgettable character.

Good Morning

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I still hate Ode for stablishing that Nami is strong enough to use skywalk but then never did anything with that

I want him to sit on my face


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user, she is perfect...

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You are the only Yamatofag I respect

Fuck off

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for getting raped
by me

Who would win between them

It's a technique not physical power. Kalifa could use Skywalk

boring and generic character that adds nothing to the crew.
Think of how every straw hats was an integral part of their inroductory arc plot, Yamato is just another person out of a million fighting and running around on Onigashima.

>It's a technique not physical power.
No you certainly need muscle power to do it, Sanji himself said it when he was in Nami's body

No, she froze a bomb that exploded anyways, she's super important to Wano's plot!!

The only straw hat who knows about Yamato's existence right now is ... Luffy.

But people thinks she'll join

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To be fair Kalifa was pretty damn strong still, she was way stronger than the average soldier at least and used her whip to hold the train from detaching
I forget if she or Bluno dragged it back though

Part of me wonders why she didn't use that whip at all in Ennies Loby but then if she did the Nami fight would have been 10x more kinky

Franky has met her though he didn’t learn her name, and Sanji knows her name because it was announced over the speakers. Presumably Jinbei and possibly others heard her name as well but we don’t see any confirmation

>The only straw hat who knows about Yamato's existence right now is ... Luffy.
Okay... now explain how this means she won't join

And Franky.

They're all technically aware of her existence because her name has been blared over the Oniwabanshu mic system, but Franky's the only one that's chanced upon her.

>Franky has met her
They didn't exchange a single sentence. By that metric, I "meet" 200,000 people every time I walk through an airport.

Kata mid diffs

Because they can’t possibly meet her after the fight it has to be during it for reasons. Good ones.

Could you all not fall for such obvious bait?

Are you saying that I'm stupid?

So, did Faget deserve it?

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Cute exes

tranny thread
dead manga

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They had a whole back and forth what are you talking about. Like that’s a blatant lie why would you even do that

Nah. It not only clashes with Oda's style, even with a cool design there would be no logical reason a drunken suicidal guy obsessed with strength would introduce his son into the story complaining about him; especially not looking that 'cool' and competent. I just don't see a character quirk weird enough.
More likely they just wanted an edgy and cool character in One Piece, while ignoring thr goofy aspects. Katakuri just made them triple down on the opposite extreme which they played straight.
Kaido looks edgy, but his actual character is nothing of the sort. This character has nothing about it saying he's secretly a goofy/weirdo like most One Piece characters are; it's just someone wanting one of the emperors to have a cool looking son to compare him to Big Mom

yamato stalled kaido long enough for luffy to get back up after getting thrown into the ocean.
No one else has been able to touch the man without turning into mush.

Why do you let trannies live rent free in your head?

Denialfags speedread

You guys dug your own grave with the whole tranny shit when Yamato was first introduced, and honestly you still do it. I vowed then I would be the most obnoxious Yamato fag and make you dread coming to these threads. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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He's a homo, so yes.

>Yamato [filler content that didn't affect the story in anyway if dropped]
Omg so important



I can never enjoy hentai of Jewelry Bonney even though I really like her because, since her abolity is to change her age, every.single.doujin of her they turn her into a child and it's fucking disgusting, ugh.

Cute Oni-Joiner

Their whole 'back and forth' is Yamato one sidedly shouting at Franky, then immediately leaving earshot.

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>That part of the story really hurts my narrative so I’ll say it’s filler

Not in the one where her crew rapes her

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The character has a boring personality and all her traits are stolen for better characters in one piece. She only exists to make retards buy merch and she is actually one of the reasons why we aren't finished in this arc, because putting this fucking OC in the arc fucked the plot.
So I hate every single moment she is on the screen. Yamatofags in threads make her even more awful.

Take this out of the story, how does the story change? Not at all? Then it's filler

Yeah he was gay

I'm just waiting for you to make a dentalfags typo.

>didn't affect the story in anyway if dropped
so what's stopping kadio from ending the raid himself if yamato wasn't there

>Yamatofags in threads make her even more awful.
You have no one but yourself to blame

I'm accustomed to the crew being complete and even numbered with Blackbeard's crew.

I like how you don’t post the next page which proves you wrong
Yamato haters really are retarded

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