Birdie Wing

>tfw you just watched Eve take part in an underground mafia golf battle, against a gay cheating golf vampire with huge tits, on a futuristic golf course that randomly generates its holes using a mechanical sequence as elaborate as a Gundam transformation.

Seriously, what the fuck is this show even?

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>Seriously, what the fuck is this show even?
It's fuckin awesome

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girls with guns but they play golf instead
except they don't play golf

I mean shit, if I was a rich ossan I'd pay just to play with these cuties, who cares if I lose

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This show is so goofy and fun. I love it.

I thought this show was a SOL about girls playing golf. Was this from a really weird episode, or is this par for the course?

Cute visor

Gay golf girls.

Truly. We were lesbian SK8

It's Scryed but it's girls and they play golf.

extremely gay

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It's the Keijo!!!!!!!! of golf

This was a much needed chill interlude of an episode. Loved it

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Kevin's just a tsundere and wants Eve to buy the brats the occasional treat.

i said stupid shit. i dont deserve the dubs


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really happy with the way they handled aoi's feelings of being betrayed
instead of getting stuck in the drama, the show moves past it but picks up the tension lightly at the end


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What's the golf mafia's endgame though?

build casinos
maybe they don't have an endgame

She's not wrong here.

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Is this one worth watching for the hot snake girl?

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she's going to be playing a big part in the next episode, apparently

>Seriously, what the fuck is this show even?

It's fun.

Is that a yes?

she's not my type, so I can't answer you
I'm worried she's going to become a goofy side character, but this anime is unpredictable

>she's not my type
Oh, you're gay?


>implying there's anything wrong with being a goofy side character

>Eve will GOLFED this girl

it goes against her whole crazy sadistic sex vibe

I disagree. She was always a big goober.


I think I understand now, sorta. Like Jahy in a way?

The old guy being a pay pig is actually the most realistic part of the show.

I'm starting to think that the mafia lady is secretly Eve's mother, there seem to be parallels with the way she thinks and they way Aoi's mother does

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you must have mistaken it with sorairo utility which was released last season

reddit for some reason don't like the mafia part
it's weird

>knowing about leddit

>Breaking news, reddit are faggots, film at 11

Is Eve a virgin?

I just want to see lesbian action

>1 Jirenposter POWERmogging entire thread

Aoi's mother is Eve's mother.

Not a chance

>despite the distance they can meet online and have fun/solve their drama
This show is heartwarming.

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Yeah it seems unlikely but I want them to pull off some kind of twist like that.

Honour is a CHAR

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>dude le random things happen lol
Still a shit show

but who was phone?

The blonde guy in the credits is the key, he's most likely to be Eve's father and it's any connections to Aoi's parents he has will be the big reveal

>he's most likely to be Eve's father
I don't think that'll be the case, he seems more like a mentor figure, when Eve decides she wants to go pro the mafia groomer-sama will be like "okay here's a grumpy coach that owes me a favor", or something like that, to shape her into a real golfer.

Thanks for reminding me to look up what honor means in golf, those lines confused me a little when I watched it.

He's in Eve's memories in ep.1, during the scene at the trainyard

>Seriously, what the fuck is this show even?
AOTS. Possibly AOTY.

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I consider that to have been safely ruled out this episode. The mother didn't have a hint of a suspicion about anything like that, and she would've been shown suspecting instantly if that were the case. It never had any foundation other than "they're both blondes" which means nothing.


by the end of this series eve and avoid will he planet buster level

I got this all worked out
Blonde guy taught Eve how to play golf, therefore, he's most likely her father
The whole "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you" stuff from that part is pretty much the same way silver-haired mafia lady describes Eve's playing style, therefore she and blonde guy have history together and she's probably Eve's mother
Eve asks her why she won't take on the first golf challenge from Madame, meaning she's also a skilled golfer
Aoi's parents were both pro golfers
There are 2 other adults who were at the very least skilled golfers - blonde guy and silver lady - possibly they couldn't turn pro or weren't successful for some reason
This leads to 2 sets of parents who both had talented daughters, 1 of whom who had a privileged upbringing and 1 who didn't
The daughters are going to continue the rivalry their parents had, but couldn't resolve for reasons

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too early to call it
i smell an underwhelming ending

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gay girls playing with balls and sticks

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It's an anime original, so it at least has a shot at a real ending of some sort. Way more than most shows.

Does barmaid-chan have a dick?

How the hell does she get the gradient effect like that? Also, if it is literally paint on the ball and not printed in the plastic, wouldn't it affect the ball's weight, balance, aerodynamic profile, etc.?