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Is there a full english version?

more like a stage

what did you htink of her Guitar solo?

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I didn't like the show
The movie was good
The concert was good.
However I still don't get why the MC looks pissed during the concert.

>zoomer makes a thread we already watched in 2006
Fuck off.

He looks surprised and reflective
Probably because the song lyrics kinda reference what happened to them in melancholy 6

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Agreed, it's so good that I think it's in contention for best episode of the decade. Shame about the endless eight

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Watch more anime

I want to become as good as her.

Stop being a Zoomer.

Grow up and move on

Like you're any different from him, election tourist.

What be the contenders? Also let's do since 2000

I'll throw in

>Bake ep.12
>Ping Pong ep.1

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TL note: yuki means snow

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princess tutu ep. 13
kaiba ep. 6
mawaru penguindrum ep. 9

soulless but technically good, very prog

>very prog

>I didn't like the show
>The movie was good

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I kind of get why the movie is more popular but I never understood how it's so common for people to love the movie while not caring for the show, considering S1 is CLEARLY the best animated Haruhi content that exists.

Like prog metal or prog rock. On a technical level it is impressive, but it's just utter soulless showmanship.

Was it really that long already?

That's the worst fucking comparison I've ever read and you have terrible taste holy shit.



>your taste


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Good chart

I've tried several times to get into this anime but I just can't. Something just doesn't click. Haruhi is pretty obnoxious and the male lead is clearly just a self insert for the viewer. The whole alien time travel reality altering shit is kinda interesting but everything else is boring. It's like Steins;gate but worse.

last three episodes of Tatami Galaxy

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I miss Aya Hirano

Time Machine Blues soon tm
Also when are the books coming out

Don't bother haruhi and s;g are both bad

she should've been naked onstage

S3 never-ever because they dumb bitch couldn't keep her legs closed

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Yeah. youtube.com/watch?v=aqws3z-eqB4
Too bad she was such a semen demon.

made me reply

yeah sure,blame the seiyu. A seiyu is entirely responsible for any aspect of any given anime

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Don't get it

Everyone always says the movie was good, but the show sucks.

only the fags

Literally never heard anyone say that.

Disappearance is unironically one of the best movies of the last decade.

NTA, but the movie was good while the show was barely okay

s1 is fucking amazing.

Haruhi was never good.

I don't even remember what was happening there and that concert scene didn't evoke any emotion from me

go back

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You first

enter Haruhi's replacement

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Haruhi was always good.

Season 3 soon

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>this was already 2 years ago
how the fuck...

If Spice and Wolf can get one then maybe there's hope

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Kill yourself.

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i know she is dumb, but how was haruhi not sus about yuki learning to play guitar so well and fast?

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she's smart actually

Maybe one of these
>She didn't know she couldn't already play guitar
>Haruhi also learned to sing and play guitar so she just thought it was normal