Kill La Kill

What made this show so popular?

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Ryuko and Senketsu's lovely bond

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pure magic

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It's fun, stylish and the soundtrack is incredible.


The show is an allegory on communists and nationalists uniting to defeat capitalism. Ryuko represented rebellious communism and Satsuki represented brutal fascism, while Ragyo is the soulless capitalist committed to nothing but world domination.

It is a mystery.

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>What made the best anime ever so popular

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hmmmm, let's flip that over just for a second, shall we?

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This is supposed to be a 17 year old girl you fucking pedophiles

>there are people who weren't around to watch Trigger save anime

hyper bait

Boobas and the SAVE ANIME campaign

For some reason I always believed she was 13.

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Ryuko's sexy body, but ultimately Nonon was the best girl, and also Satsukifags are the bottom of the barrel omega males. That's about all.

Peace out.


what did they do to her before she put on juunketsu

>looked cool
>fun animation
>sexy 2d girls

>potential rapist

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based satsuki poster

For me, it's the cutie down in the machine room of the nakid sun.

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Ryuko worsens my gender dysphoria. Her body is literally every troon's dream physique.

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As a former teacher of Japanese schoolgirls, the sexualization of schoolgirls is bad and it really does need to change.
That being said, I'll jerk it to whatever anime sluts I want to. They are not real.

being a trigger show without the bad writting
and the tits

Ryuko is a a woman who looks like a peak biological woman. Fuck off mentally ill faggot.

Me on the right.

I fucking love seeing Ryuko embarrassed
I love it when drooling guys ogle her body and she blushes and tries to cover herself but she can't

>Ryuko is a a woman who looks like a peak biological woman
that's literally what they just said lol

It's simultaneous incredibly cute and incredibly arousing.

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>Senketsu intentionally embarrassing Ryuko
based based based

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Based Satsukichad.

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If Ryuko flipped me off I might just coom instantly

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>that embarrassed glare
impossible for there to be an expression sexier than that

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the slightest breeze can expose her nipples to the world

that's hot

Now post the Makofag, user.

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it's even hotter because she's horrified by that happening

i don't remember much about the show anymore. the bobcut girl was the villain all along right? or at least that's what we were theorizing back then. i may be mistaken though.

look at that cutie, trying to look tough

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Fun things are fun

ACK yourself

He's something even stronger, a makochad.

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Schoolgirl in black micro bikini fights shit while shaking her boobs, thighs and ass. Name me another show like that.

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Kill la Kill is good because its fun action with good music and enjoyable and interesting characters.
Oh yeah the fanservice is pretty good too.

Ever see Gowcaizer?

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Fun characters made extra memorable by expressive animation. The comedy and music are alright, but people still talk about KLK because Ryuko is a peak tomboy and Satsuki is a peak tomboy-bully.

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neck yourself faggot

It was fun

Novelty of old Gainax artists making a new studio.

Hey, don't slander Makodad like that. He has a job.


>sexualizing girls who are under the age of an arbitrary number is WRONG
You belong in a Jew camp.

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Fun things are fun.