ITT: Wasted potential

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Fuck man, ep 1-12 was so good. How did they fuck up so bad?

Yeah, sure

Can't really top that, OP, you ended your own thread.


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>fatcuck self-inserters still seething

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It was good until the aliens come.

post an example

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Mitsuo has such a punchable face


It insists upon itself

>404: Potential Not Found

What show did you watch? Because it obviously wasn't Franxx.

What's wrong with first half of show?

are you retarded or something?

the aliens, the concept of elders cannibalizing young people was interesting.

fatties mad

ninety percent of it is LITERALLY teenage will-they won't-they who-kissed-who drama, and the other ten percent is the awful, mind-numbingly derivative plot.

Higurashi peaked early, and then never quite reached that level again. All the atmosphere and creepy lore that had been built up in the first 3 chapters were rendered completely irrelevant by anticlimactic answers, the hanyuu reveal alone fucked the story into the ground. In the hands of a competent author this premise could have been made into a folk horror classic.

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It was good up until about the 15 or 16th episode. Then it kinda meandered for a couple of episodes and then aliens out of no where. Doesn’t help that reincarnation endings don’t really click with the west.

An interesting world with a potentially interesting plot ruined by jamming a 2cour story into 1cour. The finale was fucking bizare

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Does any series actually full realize its potential?

Nah, it was already going downhill after like episode 5. 15/16 just revealed to people how shit the show was.

This,personally i really liked it but it could've been much better.

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That's not wasted potential, that's a flawed masterpiece.

The later eps were not made by Trigger


Nah, I disagree. higurashi was always shit. Shitty 1 dimensional characters, boring story and the atmosphere could only impress a teen. It's considered the worst vn for a good reason. Actually most vns I've seen here Higurashi ,Katawa shojo and fate are irremediable trash

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Trash from episode 1, had 0 potential.

It was good until Meteora opened her mouth

The premise alone was retarded. When I read the synopsis I started to laugh so hard. How could you have faith in this shit?

Are you?

I just think the 3DMG is so cool. The ending was terrible, but I also never cared much for the "titans are fleshmechs" thing. Not as much as the "humans use steampunk spiderman tech to fight giant zombies" part anyway. I want a remake that focuses on the soldiers in the style of Band of Brothers or The Pacific or something.

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It would be boring either way nips can't write soldier focused stories


you start op

this anime made my heart ache, and not in the way you think. It was just so shit it made me want to die

that's why it's good

Aldnoah Zero. It had such a great first episode and then it all went to shit when Inaho survived the bullet to his brain and got some magic eye that could do everything.

This is revisionism, DITF was never good.

ditf was always good

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>1-12 good
>NTR arc included in those


I can't believe you are serious, I almost fell asleep during the 1st episode of Aldnoah Zero.

I enjoyed it

You have shit taste

>literally the Neon Genesis Evangelion of our generation
>Wasted potential

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I don't agree that they're one dimensional at all. They all have their deep character flaws that influence their redemption.
After the abomination I don't have the will to defend it though.

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Maybe I missues the word, what you said is right, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they are very surface level and their characters are not properly explored. Fuck old overhyped vns anyway.


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So all non-complete adaptations are wasted potential?

Of course not

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Maybe could use some polish, but I bought what it sold.

Re:Creators was never going to be Super Anime Brothers Brawl. It can be improved, but you would still dislike it.

What happened

Wasted concept that involved too many exposition dumps and a rushed ending

Lose some weight, fatty.

I'm still mad

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writers head was so far up his ass he could recycle dinner

So much talking.

code geass is fucking garbage

>was so good
kill yourself