>no Gamo x Brotoro doujins
>no Sakura Sexual Adventures doujins
>no Sistoro shotacon doujins
So much wasted potential bros… Too bad Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san™ is a protected IP owned by Yakuza and the Mexican cartel, there will never be any (good) doujin.

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Anyone doing lifting so they can self insert into oniitoro harder?

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We're a general now bro.

This guy draws, by far, the best Gamo's gamos I've ever seen.

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I am in love with Nagatoro Hayase

Reminder Nagatoro is a tomboy

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in that sense Orihara is a better tomboy.

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i like the way he drew sanas face here, very cute

How can one girl be so perfect?
Where can I find my Sakura gf?

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In a brothel probably

What makes gamofags the cutest posters in naga threads?

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reminder that my guy nagatoro ichiro is a based twink who will cuck his own sister with her senpai
gamofartposter is a good guy and is hilarious too

their retched lust for fanta farts, probably

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How does he do it?

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with 23cm between his legs

Wasn't he one of the anthology guest artists?


From the bottom of my heart, neck yourself
Nice bait

I don't get it

I want a Nagatoro porn comic made by Gutsbro

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This is my friend Hana, say something nice about her

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boku no kokoro no yabai yatsu, its great


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New chapter raws out btw (for bokuyaba, morons)

She's a cute

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since bokuyaba is pretty dialogue heavy, i always wait for the typeset. the typeset user is a little slow, but im eternally grateful for his work

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I would be happy about a simple Naga masturbates to Nao manga, but the average artist would find a way to cram something silly into it.


I want to have a threesome with her and her cousin.

The Yakuza has a monopoly on Nagatoro doujins and they wont release them to westerners.

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Haven't read it as well, it's worth the wait. from the small glimpses I've seen it's another cute one
get bent, bokuyababros and nagabros are stronger together

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>it's real

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fuck off cuck niggers

Hana is absolutely beautiful and precious in every single imaginable way, and I love and adore her with all my heart.

she deserves a spinoff

>nagatoro doujinshi by terasu MC
Nanashi and Terasu are friends. So that will probably never happen unless they have a falling out.

W-we are reaching levels of shitposting schizophrenia that should'nt be possible, unless you give me source on this


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reminds me how konosuba and re:zero authors are friends and have easter eggs in each others works.
>Chadpai whoops bbc-sama's ass and inspires Hiroki arc

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This but it's Shikki who steals Senpai from Nagatoro.

It's not a coincidence that Terasu did Takagi and Uzaki but not Nagatoro.

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based precious poster.

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Is there any killing or does he just get molested for being an edgelord ? Im was expecting atleast one skinned cat considering the first 5 chapters emphasize him fantasizing about murdering his classmates but by chapter 20 that seems to have just been a way to make him seem like an edgy Shota

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100% based

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BBC Sama and Shikki are cousins, and he wants the BSC to be with Shikki so the bloodline gets stronger

Coincidentally it's the same thread where Shrinking Distance user said he might work on a fourth chapter.
I still got my hopes up.

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This but with BBC-sama taking away Senpai from Nagatoro

Tits too big
but looks so sweet


He is a little edgy, but mostly just a lonely kid. Don't expect anything edgy past chapter 30, it just becomes a very sweet romcom.

ah yes
raita lite

>mfw i was in that thread but didn't remember this post
Nanashi is truly an hero, making himself ally of such.. filthy faggot. Poor takagi and uzakibros.

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Brotoro: is that a challenge?

>Nanashi is starting his own ratpack of former degenerate artists-turned slice of life mangakas
>Hiroki will live in a slice of life world
>Sasha will be pure

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How soft are Gamo's gamos?

soft but firm
perky & perfect

but I want Shikki paizuri

Stop being a fucking underage faggot, holy fuck. I don't like Terasu either but it's not hard to believe Nanashi is friends with him. He's friends with all sorts of degenerates.

>Sasha will be pure
I have bad news for you

Ask brotoro

Since its pretty simple dialogue I use it to practice my japanese

What's it like being Rabu'ed

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Damn take it easy buddy, no need to get worked up over a retard. First part was just a joke, last one was a real question. That's all.

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Ask Naoto

You know the most disappointing thing about these threads (besides their abysmal quality) is anons never entertaining the idea of Senpai 'correcting' Sakura with his giant cock. Taming whores by ruining them for all other men is the most fun form of sexual domination.