The '20s has yet to produce an instant classic like Welcome to the NHK, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mawaru Penguindrum...

>the '20s has yet to produce an instant classic like Welcome to the NHK, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mawaru Penguindrum, Shinsekai Yori, Ping Pong, The Tatami Galaxy, Madoka Magika, and Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Why is this?

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Maybe because the 20s just started?

>instant classic

She gets arrested but she does stab odokawas shoulder, it ends off with a live action epilogue of the alpaca bullying odokawa.

Odd Taxi was fun, dialogue and the hyperlink storytelling were very interesting, the central mysteries of murderer and the animals thing were kinda obvious though.
I feel like the same team should have another shot at such a story and make it longer and even more complex next time


Anime has been flailing as an art form these past few years. It's honestly embarassing.

Art forms are not living things, there's just individual works made by people, 99% of them have always been bad
All it takes is for one genius to make a consensus peak manga with a good anime adaptation and you'll say 20's is the best decade

Because overly-edgy, philosophical anime can only be done once in a while and the dark mahou shoujo meme is dead, thank Christ.

People like anime because it's escapism. What good is anime if it isn't fun or cute to watch?

>instant classic
no such thing. a good chunk of people will like this now but in 5 years others will look back and call this a "classic"

CSM, depending on if crappa can fuck it up less

Odd Taxi is just Durarara with animals

four of the anime in OP ran at the start of the '10s

Who the fuck cares? Is just anime

lol. lmao

Good bait.

There were at least 4: Sonny boy, Ousama ranking, Wonder egg and Heike monogatari. All in the same year.

Because you aren't 12 anymore

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Can't take this kind of statement seriously since some of you guys also fellate modern Korean and Chinese garbages even though they have an equal amount or even more than the Japanese. An actual oldfags would know that Chinese and Korean 2D are also on a decline

Can we finally admit this was nothing special?

keep your hands off eizouken is part of my top ten for the 2020's so far

Maybe you haven't watched enough anime.

>Wonder Egg
>A classic

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I don't think I've watched a better "detective" anime.

There will be one once the normalfags get bored of anime

I got three words for ya:

Those are pretty horrible choices for "instant classics".

Because anime is just a really long advertisement to sell manga and LN now.

That's very true, but if we compare it to the previous decade, by 2012 there was already Madoka, Steins Gate, The Tatami Galaxy, Penguindrum, Durarara; and that year itself would have JoJo, Psycho Pass, Shinsekai Yori and Symphogear. The 00's was very much spread out with classic from both sides of the decade, but by '02 there was FLCL, Inyuasha, Spirited Away, Azumanga Daioh, Haibane, GITS SAC, Princess Tutu and Naruto. I feel like most of them came after around 2004-06 though.

However if we look to the 90s, the only classic by '92 was Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon, with the majority of then coming after Evangelion. So in that way, the 2010's are very unique for already having a whole bunch of future and instant classics from the very start of the decade.

But like pointed out, they could be the new future classics, along with Mushoku Tensei, Odd Taxi; also with 2020's JJK and ID Invaded. And this year is hopefully going to have CSM as long as mappa does it justice. I feel like one thing that's most likely stopping a lot of newer anime from reaching that status is that they're almost always 12 episodes instead of like 26 or 40 or something.

But who knows :)

What else is on your top ten?

In 10 years Heike will be seen as AOTD, so theres that.


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> Mushoku Tensei
> Sonny Boy
> Odd Taxi
> Eizouken
> Ousama Ranking

> Chainsaw Man
> Hell's Paradise
> Oyasumi Punpun

Shit, totally forgot Heike

It is though. It's a classic example of how a crappy ending can fuck up an entire show.

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is that a thinly vailed asking for recomendation? akudama drive is better than at least half the titles you mentioned.

I know of two 20's anime already that are absolutely amazing, but it's going to be a decade before I can trust that you'd appreciate them
to answer your question though, popular taste is shit, but it's been getting worse

Wonder Egg was pretty weak even before the ending(s). Just a handful of cool ideas with zero fruition.

>Tranny egg

How a crappy 12 episodes can fuck up a great opening episode you mean.

Id consider akudama drive and id invaded instant classics
unless of course only "deconstruction" or """deep""" anime counts

i think we can parade akudama drive as "deep"

>isekai shit
>shit shit
>ok at best shit
>forgettable shit
>turned to shit shit
Yeah, no.

>the '20s has yet to produce an instant classic like pooping the NHK, Neon Farting Evangelion, Mawaru Pissuindrum, Edgeshitkai no Yori, Piss Pong, The Sawage Galaxy, Medoka Meguca, and shit nobody cares about

How can OP ever recover from this absolute assblast right here?

the cope is palpable

Leave Piss Pong out of this

Literally only episode 1 was good.

I don't totally disagree with you, but (You) are not the only one who decides the Classics™

The era of classics as we know it is over since so much is coming out and we have access to everything. The idea of being an 'anime fan' can mean so many things now, since we aren't all watching the same shows. So really it's more so a series of dedicated niches with a select few titles hitting it big with normie audiences. But these normie hits aren't necessarily "must watches" because there are niches that don't bother with it at all (for example all the big Shonen Jump titles)

That's what I've noticed anyway, feel free to disagree.

The 10's blew their load early

>Mawaru Penguindrum
Good but hardly a classic. Also very laser-focused on Japan's society responding to very particular events in Japan's history.
>Shinsekai Yori
I liked it a lot, the setting is really fascinating and it provides endless reasons for arguing, but in all honesty it falls apart if you start analyzing it.
>Ping Pong
It's just memetic because of the animation style. Not bad though, like the rest.
>The Tatami Galaxy
More of a cult hit than instant classic.
>Madoka Magika
There's a lot to complain about but this is probably the one instant classic of the 10s, considering its influence.
>Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Really, really good, but again a cult hit rather than a classic.

I’ve seen all of those shows and if Penguindrum, Ping Pong and Rakugo count than Odd Taxi, Ranking of Kings, and Spy x Family count. You just need to start watching anime again.

You need time to determine if something is a classic. 2 years is barely enough, give it another decade like the 2010's to determine what's still remaining in people's minds from the 2020's and influencing other works.
There has always been trash anime every decade, they simply fade away from influence and we are left with the impression that that decade was something special.
That said, I do think the rapid commercialization and globalization of anime has stifled the creativity somewhat, but it's still too early to tell if that's recency bias or what.

will only happen once the wokes lose hold of western media

Don't fucking adapt oyasumi punpun. It's good as is. Unless it's mind-bendingly well done, please for the love of god don't do it.

What's your take on this - Please name them

I think its pretty straightforward which isnt a bad thing
it knows what it wants to tell and simply does it

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If cult hits can't be called classics you have to throw out half of established live-action movie classics.

This man gets it and shitposting aside, I'm glad that none of the big anitubers talked about it.
First seasonal series I enjoyed in a minute that didn't immediately get infiltrated by casual viewers and tourists. Glad they didn't shitty up my boy sonny.

Punpun is one of the few manga that I can see being much better as a live action than as anime.

>Ousama ranking
pretty good bar the ending
>Sonny boy
call me a retard but just when I thought i was getting the plot, the characters do something completely random that throws a wrench into my brain, feels like it's supposed to have a "deep" message but i just didn't get it, there's a 90% chance it's about puberty or some shit like FLCL
>Wonder egg
>Heike monogatari
it's good but not masterpiece tier
feels like most of the supposed 20s "masterpieces" all have the same "non anime" style where it looks more like a cartoon with minimal shading and a surreal story

We're finally having a Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer adaptation.

they keep introducing new shit questions no one asked every single episode while not answering previous ones, plus a recap episode in a 12 episode anime. The only thing it has going for it is the first episode since it's interesting you thought it's going to get good and the animation

>Oyasumi Punpun
watch it be cgi for some reason

Covid 19, recession and labor shortage