Why did shoujo die? what caused the death of the genre

Why did shoujo die? what caused the death of the genre

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Shoujo is anime/manga for little girls.
Little girls still watch anime and read manga.
Shoujo did not "die".
You're just a dumb faggot who is interested in cartoons and comics made for little girls in the 1990s, but not in ones made in the 2020s.


name me three shoujo series that have been relevant in the last ten years.

name three relevant series from the last ten years of any genre that was relevant in the 90s.

>he doesn't know about precure

Male readers not buying it
>market something as shounen/seinen
Both girls and boys buy it
>market something as shoujo/josei
Only girls buy it

Akatsuki no Yona
Fruits Basket
Nozaki Kun

Is it really dying?
Can you provide sources to back up your claims?

>Fruits Basket
Wasn't that an old series that got remade rather than new material?

If shoujo is dead then why is this shit so popular?

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NTA, but it has been relevant, no?

>Only girls buy it
Nah, still depends on the tag smut exist or not.

lurk moar

shounen started pandering to fujos and drawing bishounen MCs and it lost half its audience, never really recovered.

>My Blissful marriage
>Bibliophile princess
>Sugar apple fairytale
>Raven of the inner palace
>Sacrificial princess and the king of beasts
>I'm a Villainous Daughter, so I'm going to keep the Last Boss
>Endou and Kobayashi's live commentary on the villainess
>7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy

Out of the top of my head, those are all the shoujo manga with an anime adaptation announced. How is shoujo 'dead' exactly?

Women stopped being feminine. They fled over to Shonen and killed with it Fujoshit.
It's the decadence of mankind.
Faggots killed culture.

Something tells me your weight isn't why girls won't go out with you

>using english titles

these are really the kind of people who post on Yea Forums now, eh?

that's a loaded question

>Akatsuki no Yona
Manga from 2009
>Fruits Basket
Old as fuck
>Nozaki Kun
It's literally a Shonen dumbass
Another old manga from 2005

Wew what a retard

Only amongst old fans
Point is that it's an old series

This is westernshit

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>Sugar apple fairytale
>Raven of the inner palace
Nice, 2 more to add on my list, thanks for that user.

They didn't kill DBS which is the only Shonen that matters

>Why did shoujo die?
>death of the genre
>unironically posts the fucking soulless Shonenized Sailor Moon anime from the 1990s
Fucking die Riajuu newfag scum

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DBS killed itself from the start

You have to go back.

Yes. You don't like it? Then get the fuck out you disgusting normalfag.

>Do my homework so I can tell you it's shit and past good present bad

No, you're the one who needs to go back newfag

the irony of these people calling others normalfags and newfags...

Pretty much 400lb /Pol/ cross board types that want to say everything is a Troon, Fujo, pedo and have zero clue about the buzzwords they speak about. Sad state of Yea Forums lately.

It's less present bad more than present irrelevant.
Shoujo manga/anime simply isn't popular like it used to be back in the day.

Even shit like PreCure is basically aimed at young pre-teen boys and adults who like CGDCT and not really girls.

Kill yourself already you putrid attention whore.

Stop replying to yourself you obnoxious attention whore. Stop derailing the thread.


It's basically you being a nostalgiafag for pop culture anime from the 90's. So essentially this guy was right.

Watashi no Shiawase Kekkon is getting a live action adaptation. I don't see why you're so eager to bury your head in the sand

what are you talking about, its doing jsut fine, just look at spy x family a show for girls

>everyone who isn't a gen z culture warrior is the same poster
you're on the wrong board if that's what you're used to


>Live Action
Cool, this is the anime board not the Live Action board

>Le 90s
More projection?
Shoujo was alive and well into the late 2000s
Kaichou wa Maid Sama being one of the last big ones.

K-On and moeshit killed Shoujo. Let's face it.

But it is a manga board you dumb fuck

I would love to actually discuss this but it seems like this is just a bait thread.

>shit thread

When I was watching Sailor Moon in '90s on TV I never thought that it was shoujo. I didn't know such word. It was like a super hero cartoon for me or something like that.

>unironically posts the fucking soulless Shonenized Sailor Moon anime from the 1990s
Huh, interesting. I never read/watched either but this kinda makes me want to compare them.

Is this another case of faggots parroting some retarded youtuber opinion like "Mecha is dead"?

It's Yea Forums not /m/
And the OP posted an anime gif not a manga page
Keep up

But regardless
Cheap Live Action adaptations can't be compared to Anime adaptations
It's much easier to do a cheal LA adaptation than it is to do an Anime

>villainess villainess villainess
I guess it's better than nothing at all. A lot of them seem to be LNs originally since shoujo magazines nerfed what kind of content can be published outside of boring high school romances

>When I was watching Sailor Moon in '90s on TV I never thought that it was shoujo.
Because the anime was shonenized compared to the manga

The anime is filled with filler and is basically the Proto CGDCT Anime.
The series went from Girls trying to find love to "power of friendship" bullshit.


What are we supposed to do then? Trash our BL, burn our wardrobe, make every piece of clothing and books we read pass a traditional feminity test so they're incel approved, and therefore more weirdos feel confortable approaching us than there are already are?
Literally what is the incentive to cater to your ilk? Just collect more doujin and stop looking at 3D. My people will thank you.

My god you are a disingenuous little shit

I once read Ikuhara thought of giving his heroine a love interest as "a tumor on the story" so yeah that checks out.

You will never be Japanese so stop LARPing

You are mentally ill.
Shoujo manga is not popular or relevant now hence why it gets shitty LA adaptations nobody gives a fuck about.

Shoujo will die when NANA is completed, so never.

>boring high school romances
Only about 80-90%, the rest are fine.

He wasn't the sole director of Sailor Moon anime. He only directed Super S IIRC.
Certain parts of the anime were more faithful to the manga version than others.

Isn't that a girl's genre?

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Girls changed but Shoujo refused to.change with them.

The faggots here thing 1 or 2 shoujo shows per season is PLENTY compared to the abundant shounenshit that comes out every season. They're disingenuous about pretending it isn't dead.

It's not like japanese women are any more responsible for the "decadence" of shonen than western women are. Capitalist interests are.
I'm just indulging that retarded logic to the end.

The virgin Ai Yazawa still hasn't finished NANA and hasn't put a chapter since 2009
The stacy Miho Obana has finished Honey Bitter

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>western women
Who talked about western women you schizo?

It's also getting an anime adaptation as well as a live action. You don't do that for stuff that isn't popular.

If nobody gave a fuck they wouldn't make them.

You have to pick one user. Don't LARP, then LARP, which is it?

Japanese girls becoming less interested in European stuff.

Shoujo anime used to be popular with girls
Guys used to watch Shoujo secretly
Inuyasha and FMA started killing Shoujo by attracting girls to shonenshit and then Kyoani delivered the final blow

It used to be that girls wouldn't really watch shonen unless they were tomboys

Do you think shojo is just frills, pre revolutionary dresses, and blonde curls?
I don't know man.

I might read that, thanks. It doesn't seem to have a bond between girls like in NANA, though. I read Peach Girl because it has friendship between two girls but that was fucking terrible

No, but it should be.

Except your delusional headcanon is nothing but that. Girls always watched shounenshit even back then when shoujo had more adaptations than it did today. Do you think Slam Dunk fujos are a myth?

Stop projecting about things that aren't there. I never said anything about western women specifically.
This is a worldwide problem. The homogenization of everything.
As a red-blooded heterosexual male I lament the decline of popularity of shoujo since I grew up watching and reading them and they offered something different.
At the same time pure shonen also disappeared because shonen try to satisfy everybody now.

It's just things used to be different, that's all.

It's just a marriage propaganda show