RPG Fudousan

Beach Episode!

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I'm not ready for this.

the real estate were the friends we made along the way

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almost missed this

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If only this had more budget.

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holy booba

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Ah yes that the stuff

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Dragun n witch, rubbin slitz

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Real estate?

Someone please post the manga version!

sleeping naked outside without getting raped

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rapist guy is here

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Why does she have pantsu on here? Something is fishy...

Getting maid dragon vibes

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confirmed Fa is the maou

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I need Kotone to have hairy(pink) armpits.

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One of the hottest scenes this season.

How do they make money if they give the exact cost of rent to clients?

Aren't they government funded?

why isnt' the dragon naked at the beach?

whats this show about?