Why there are always friends with a rich family in the slice of life series

why there are always friends with a rich family in the slice of life series.

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Because its just like real life? Someone's bound to be filthy rich in your circle, its just that they didn't show it

Speaking from experience having a rich family isn't as comfy as being a really close friend to somebody in one.

My best friend's family is rich and our group of friends does almost cliche trips to their summer beach home. But the parents are in the middle of a messy divorce and the siblings are not on the best terms. It's not a very loving environment.

So when I compare that to my situation, growing up in a middle class environment and my parents and sister being the best people in the world, I wouldn't trade his situation for mine.

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You don't have at least one friend with rich family?

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It's lazy but effective way to get them on the private beach for the inevitable beach episode

> who doesn't have a rich family friend
> let's use it to add more story
> has been used in century

This is your answer
>tfw realising I was the rich friend and all my friends are leaving due to my family bullshit

ask your father, he probably sold drugs

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Because everyday life is only pleasant if you're rich or know people who are to rescue you from the shadow of poverty.

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Yama no Susume did the opposite where everyone but Kokona is rich.

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Watch Ouran immediately.

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Money and no friends isn't "pleasant."

You've never had no money.

You've never had no friends.

All my life. I want money.

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I grew up in a middle class environment and I have a dysfunctional family, there are times when we act like a normal family but you can feel something is off.
I had a couple of rich classmates in grade school that had an ordinary family, and both have grown up just fine from what I see.
So it really depends. Sometimes you just happen to be unlucky in all fields while others have too much.

This .

Statistically speaking, you are friends with someone who is richer than you think they are. And you ARE friends, because they don't let on about it.

Also. FYI Sonomi and Nadeshiko were cousins, making Sakura and Tomoyo second cousins.

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I've had both.
Suck it fags.

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She ends up with a rich old CEO to bear forth more lesbian offsprings.

Who is Tomoyo's father anyway? And where is he?

Same here, as far as I'm aware my rich friend who lives in a manor had a better family situation than my middle class ass. Only now that my parents are divorced and poorer, but happy again, can I say we're roughly equal on that front now.

I usually imagine that her parents are engaged together in an arranged marriage. There is no way a hot flaming lesbian like Sonomi would end up with a rando guy unless she is obligated to end up with him.

I also imagine that Tomoyo got her somewhat calm and cheerful demeanor from her father. A father who I imagine is the old lovey dovey type.

I also need to fix her feet arg.

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Tomoyo's father has never been established in any CCS work ever, only that Sonomi did take the Daidouji name in marriage.

Sakura Kinomoto is a sex symbol

Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidoji are sex symbols!

You need to fix her attire.

Keking at the webm

In Japan and in some European countries, rich families sometimes opt to send their kids to normal schools as opposed to private ones. Sometimes public schools have really good reputation, sometimes the families are trying to raise their kids not to be too spoiled. There are several reasons.

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Goddam nips had to overdo it. If they stopped at the director the joke would've been perfect.

Fix how?

Overdoing it is the joke. It's too obvious a joke to play straight.

I know it sounds cliché as fuck, but happiness comes and goes and isn't determined by how much money you have at the start of the game.
If you're born rich it doesn't mean you'll swim in money until the day you die, and if you're born in a poor family no one can forbid you to work your ass off to have a brighter future.

So is Clear Card Hen really Tsubasa tier fanfic trash?

It's pretty decent.

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She shouldn't be wearing any.

sure you can overdo a joke to make it funny again, but in this case it never became as funny as the first time. It was just not worth it.

>muh money can't buy happiness meme
Fuck off. Having more than enough to be comfortable is the ideal threshold. You are not happy if everyday you worry that you're going to have to cut back on shit you were used to most of your life.

Most 4channers are too depressed and cynical for Japanese humor.

Wait until clamp ruin it like tsubasa.

tf you talking about? literally everyone on Yea Forums and especially Yea Forums tries way too hard to like nip shit.

*there is a minimum threshold in which money is no longer a major factor in your happiness/sadness
how's that sound?

>tfw realising I was the rich friend and all my friends are leaving due to my family bullshit
That's shitty. If anything my friend's situation makes me want to be closer to him. I want to show him that unconditional love can exist unaffected by financial bullshit and able to persist beyond hurdles and hiccups.

>everyone on Yea Forums and especially Yea Forums tries way too hard to hate nip shit.
ftfy. No one with a brain is fooled by it.

I did have a rich friend and he was an absolute piece of shit

Just say upper middle class life is best life.

4 u before I get some sleep.
I also need to finish this one too.

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And there's a lower one where happiness simply isn't possible that is the most common state.

I don't know how knowing whether he did or did not would affect my life at all. He likes to smoke weed with me occasionally since it became legal.

He's not your friend, user. Unless you're another piece of shit, then he really is your friend.

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ESL thread.

From the writing standpoint is useful to have secundary characters with a different status than the mc since it gives options at the moment in thinking about the plot of several chapters. A rich character can help to show the mc doing things he normally wouldn't be able to unless you explain the mc was saving money for a while, but you can't do it that often so it is easier just saying "the rich friend paid for it"

Maybe, but the lower bound is pretty much set by the price of marijuana.

It's sad cause I'm about to watch the 2nd film this weekend and I was kinda looking forward to the new series even after I thought it could very well be a cashgrab. Not anymore, not after the little I've read about it.

>why there are always friends with a rich family in the slice of life series.
so you can self-insert better.

It's worth it just to see Tomoyo nerd out about current, modern high end video gear.