Anime is dead

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she is leaning forward


Imagine the leg locking possibilities, Satan

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>He thinks anime not having realistic proportions is a recent thing

ideally a woman is 90% legs

it was a long day

almost as bad as OPs

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>he gets turned on by muscle fibers
yuck sicko!

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>muh realism
Just look at ugly 3DPD. The giant eyes and tiny noses are also not realistic, if you have not noticed.

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yes you are

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Women having relatively short torso compared to their femurs is more likely than you think which is also good proportions for deadlifting.

Eiko a deadlift specialist.

>Toji no
never heard of this
is it good?


I would unironically rather have this than the standard background CGI we get in everything nowadays.

The threads were kino
>People calling out the MC for being a mary sue and the defense squad showing up
>The trainwreck 0 budget later episodes

Why do you trannies never bitch and moan when shoujo and BL artists draw men as 80% legs and hands?

Fujos mostly keep to themselves, and so long as they do nobody cares what those subhumans do.

I like , アマガミ body design.

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Family Guy is so profoundly unfunny, but it does serve as a useful filter for identifying people whose opinions should never be taken seriously.

falsefagging cocksucking tr/a/nnies

How did you get a picture of where I live?

Bend forward on the counter and take off your pants OP. I will teach you about perspective.

smal brain post

Nanasaki Ai #1

that was the whole joke tho

theyre usually drawn that way on purpose. op's pic looks like it happened due to animator laziness/ignorance. her arms are really tiny if you look, too.

Looks like photoshop autofill lol

Can't you just post basically any show that's aired in the past 4 or 5 years? This shit looks worse than early 2000s flash animations at this point.

made for bbc

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It's not QUALITY, it's Escherity

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She is leaning forward on the bar, cleaning the other side of it. That’s why her ass is sticking out. The shot could be better proportioned, and it would make a lot more sense if she were on her tip toes, but it’s really not that bad if you actually watch it in context.

There's not a single anime that has ever had anatomically correct human characters. All anime stylize their designs in some fashion usually as analogues of real world body archetypes. I have no idea why people want to pick a particular example. It just looks to me like they happen to notice it this one time and it made them feel real smart so they decide to post about it, and if that's the case, it just shows how artistically illiterate you are.


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What a beautiful duwang

OP btfo'd

Are you retarded?

imagine the smell

>this is what people consider QUALITY nowadays
please tell me you're trolling, I beg you

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She is leaning on the counter. Stop eating crayons.

Have you seen the legs in Sailor Moon?
Besides, why must art, let alone cartoons be perfect reflections of reality.

OP is a retard

Don't worry user, it gets better after high school :)

girls with short torsos and long legs aren't even that uncommon
Anime always portrays petite girls too which skews things even more. That anatomical model is for a body type that 99% of anime girls aren't going for

One of those is from a decade ago

anime characters have had long legs for decades get over it or leave


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she's not even bending over this much
stand up and try to actually do what she is doing
in order to wipe the table at her current height in proportion to the table's height, you'd have to almost be standing straight
you'll be leaning in but not as much as in the photo--it just looks ridiculous

in order to do what she is doing in the photo and yet bend over this much, her arm would have to almost be perpendicular with the collarbone, which in the animation, it isn't

i know this will probably be hard for you to do because you live on your computer but stand up and try to bend over this much while simultaneously pretending to be wiping a table that is just underneath your xiphoid.
you'll look fucking retarded, not just because you're actually doing what i'm telling you to do but because you read far enough into this, dumbass

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She just had a long day

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