One piece

how many children will Luffy have with his wife?

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A minimum of 2 to 15.


One Piece sold 91,099 copies from April 25th to May 1st.

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I see you found some of our misplaced property return it at once or suffer the consequences.

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cutest ship

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is sanji the first trans character introduced in this series?

>introduce nidai kitetsu after hundreds of chapters
>immediately completely forget it exists in favour of oden's two overpowered swords which you invented on the spot
What did Oda mean by this?

aren’t they brothers or some shit, fuck you


They are wife and husband, speedreader.

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So Charlos has definitely raped some of his female slaves right?

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Don't bother with the Sanjifag

Won't somebody think of the children?

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What, did you think that slaves were for cleaning the kitchen or something? That's what servants are for.

Slaves are for sex

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How the fuck is a standard, well made sword able to drain haki from a person?

To be fair he also immediately forgot about Oden's second sword too.

A cartoonishly large amount and they'll come out doing pratfalls like out of a clown car.

I already do.

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imagine the smell after their daily sex sessions

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Your turn user

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Page1 is a fag who wouldn’t be caught dead in a room with a naked woman whose intention it was to have sex, let alone two

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Peak performance, so strong Oda had to write it out of the manga

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>150 chapters
>no flashback

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Meanwhile Oden gets about 6

Shanks protecting the lives of pedophiles? The theories are right, you are evil

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I'm starting to wonder if we'll only get his flashback much later, like in another arc though that would only make sense if Yamato joins

Kaido is such a boring character his life story will be told though Odens and Rocks flashbacks instead of getting his own

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Kaido's story gonna be in the spin off about young Garp.

>he gets his power from a devil fruit

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This argument is meaningless if it turns out Rocks had a DF

We wouldn't even get a fraction of Kaido's life from that, and especially not the fraction people actually want to read about.

Why do people even want a Kaido flashback? He's a boring unga bunga character whose only role in the story is to powerlevel Luffy as fast as possible

Last thread proved that even Ultiniggers are cancer. All waifufaggotry is cancer.

>Last thread proved that even Ultiniggers are cancer


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That's an ultifaggot.

I think Enma will ultimately just serve as training-wheels for Zoro. He only had it so he could learn about channeling CoC into a blade properly.

I think he'll give it back, as it belongs as a pair with Ame-no-Habakiri
He'll take the Nidai Kitetsu with him instead, as it basically belongs to him by inheritance and he's earned it

I still think Mel Gibson would have been perfect for Garp

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One Piece is the only series I can think of that actively gatekeeps itself. It's insurmountable length keeps all of the Twitter tourists who would shit up the fanbase and now this new twist is filtering out both new and OLD fans who keep insisting One Piece be pigeonholed into the same mold as DBZ or Naruto and are actually SEETHING over the wacky pirate manga being a wacky pirate manga and forgetting shit like how Luffy just casually switched his brain off to fight Eneru and it's an ability that's literally never come up ever again. One Piece has always stood out for how different it's been and how no matter how big the stakes were, there was always something to laugh at; hell that's the entire reason Oda GAVE Luffy such a stupid power to begin with. For fucks sake they introduced the Final Boss character as a fatass Luffy gets into a stupid argument over pie with in some restaurant.

After 1000 chapters of crazy bullshit after crazy bullshit if you're dropping One Piece because THIS is the breaking point, then leave

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tickling yamatos yamatoes

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don't forget Bisoromi Bear

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What are the spoilers????

I swear if they reference the pie fight in their confrontation at the end I will fly to Japan, find where Oda lives and suck his dick

>I think he'll give it back, as it belongs as a pair with Ame-no-Habakiri

no it doesn't
Enma belongs with Wado. They are made by the same person and it was mentioned that the only reason Zoro got used to Enma was because of Wado

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Who are the spoilers?

love how Yamatroons are falseflagging as foot- and amrpit-fetishists when they so obviously are neither.

Pure repetition. Orochi gets killed AGAIN. Chapter ends exactly like the last two chapters.
Oda obviously did not have any new ideas so he just rehashed the same plot points again.
So much for "everything is planned by GODA!"

Excluding flashbacks and fights, what story development have we had in Wano?

Also, "Monkey God Pistol" finally hits in the next NEXT chapter.

Luffy should've never had haki. Imagine if he fought other logias with same tactics vs eneru or crocodile that'd be peak piece.

Chapter 1048 : 20 Years

Page by page translation thanks to Etenboby

Page 1

Cover page “The ones in Chocolate Town are probably the Germa!!”

Page 2

Momo: Get Onigashima out of the way?! Luffy wait!! I can’t!!I…

(Toki: ..20 years from now, you must rebuild the Kozuki clan!!)

Momo: Ahhhhhhhh!!

Page 3

Kaido: I see how it is, I’ll take this head on!Hey Strawhat …did you know that…20 years ago!! The hero of this nation, was burned to death!!

Page 4-5

Kaido: “Great Dragon Torch*”!!(火龍大炬)And since then it has been a land of outlaws!! This is the “hero” they have been waiting for 20 years..!!!Luffy: Ouch!Kaido: that’s right let go, I won’t run!!And you won’t be laying down that right arm of yours, because…It’s going to be melted and gone!!

*reference to a rakugo called “Fire Drum”(火焔太鼓)

Page 6-7

Luffy: not under my watch!!“Gum gum…”!!Kaido: “Rising Dragon…”!!!(Hyou: what you guys call haki, we here in Wano call it Ryuo)Luffy: Gramp already taught me a way without touching you!! I will send you straight to the bottom of hell!!“..Bajrang Gun”!!! (kanjis mean Monkey God Gun)Kaido: “…Flaming Bagua”!!!

Page 8

Usopp: I’m sorry to have dropped you!! Kin and Kiku!You’re still breathing right? You mustn’t die!!

Samurai: Please!! Strawhat guy!! Take down Kaido!! You have to!! As long as he’s out of the way…!!

Kawamatsu: Huff huff…all of it won’t end without taking down Kaido!!

(Red Scabbards: Lord Oden!!Kaidou's subordinates: The vassals have escaped!! Capture every last one of them!!)

Page 9

Kin’emon: run!!!Lord Oden!!!Kin’emon: don’t look back!!Kawamatsu: Lord Oden!!!

Orochi: The Samurais could only be heading to one place..!! To Kuri!!

Kaido: ...

Orochi: The heir!! They’re running to protect Momonosuke!!

Kaido: So he has a kid….I’ll go and settle this..!!

>Monkey God became real


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everything IS planned by Goda, he is just stalling to 1050 for number autism

>NOOO you cant like yamato and feet at the same time
kys i would tickle yamatos soles until she cries

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that depends on how we get it

Page 10

Wano citizens: stop! Haven’t you done enough harm to the Kozukis already!!

Kaido: get out of my way!

Orochi: You have permission to shoot whoever dares defying the Shogun!!What happened to Oden’s wife

Kaidou's subordinates: We have confirmed her death in Bakura town, and she is the only one that managed to get out of the castle

Orochi: With this, we are done with the Kozuki clan!!

Page 11

Orochi: Now, Daimyos! Choose!!Are you going to help me in making our Wano country a better place, or are you going to fight?!!

Samuari: a foolish question…the answer is clear as day!!!The Kozuki is our only “Shogun”!! Let us clear up Oden’s regret!!

Page 12

Orochi: Gufufufuhahahaha!!! Muhahaha! You guys are so weak!! And you call yourselves samurais?!

Samurai: Damn it..if he didn’t have Kaido backing him up, who’s scare of that fool of a lord…

Another: shhh! Stop already! Orochi can hear everything, you want Kaido’s army after you?!

Page 13

Kaidou's subordinates: Bring any young man that can work!!The whole country will be devoted to weapon making!!

Citizen: No please don’t take him!!

Citizen: don’t take my daddy!

Samurai: don’t you take back to me!

Citizens: what’s with the color of the river?!There’s no drinking water!We can’t raise crops!There’s no food either!

Page 14:

Beasts pirate: if you want to live another day, work! Work you trash!!No help is coming your way! This is an isolated nation!

Samurai: don’t be hasty…winter is coming…a very long one…Trust Lady Toki and her words

Orochi: look Kaido! Those greedy folks have laid their mouth on SMILE leftovers! Guhahaha!!That’s right! You all need to follow Ebisu Town’s example! Doesn’t matter if it’s your stomach growling or you family dying!! You’ll all live with a bright smile across your face!That’s what suits garbages like you!! Gufuhahahaha!!

Page 1 is a twink with a huge cock.

Beast Pirate women are friendly with him because they think he's harmless but then they see his cock and they break.

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This sun god chosen fruit shit is exactly DBZ or Naruto. Going that route is generic and not different at all. So i think you got it backward. And no the show wasn't wacky at all times. To it's credit, it has comedic timing. Right now, the problem really isn't the humor, but the situation that spawning the humor is undesirable and stupid.

Remember when swords were just hunks of iron wielded with skill?

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Page 15

Orochi: bastard!!! Komurasakiii!!! Gufuhaha!! I’ll take you with me!! Don’t underestimate the hatred of Kurozumi!!Let us drink together in the afterlife!!

Denjiro: what a bedlam..

Page 16-17

Luffy: Ahhhhhhh!!!


Big Meme and Kaido were filler. The main story had no progression at all except the revalation of how to find the One Piece.

>Oi Blackbeard this pie is for you.
Luffy ends the fight by throwing a pie at Blackbeard.

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user? At least 40% of Yamato's total fans are because of her fucking armpits.

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As if we needed any further evidence.

Opinion discarded

Stop pretending. It is pretty easy to tell if there is genuine sexual attraction, or if it is just soulless bait.

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Nope. It is a meme. Nobody is attracted to those fugly pits.

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>He'll take the Nidai Kitetsu with him instead, as it basically belongs to him by inheritance
Inheritance from who? Is he secretly Oden's third bastard child?

Ultifags falseflagging after getting btfo last thread, I see.

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Your dick is small Faget, we all know it. It's why you overcompensate with your dino size.

Don't worry, cute small cocks are en vogue.