More nationalism than SnK

>more nationalism than SnK
>more incest than oreimo
>more OP MC than SAO
>more autism than any other anime
why do japanese love this while westerners hate it?

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I just dont like the "magic is actually science" trope; Thats what put me away from it.

Thanks for reminding me about this show. I had to drop because of some irl shit now imma finish watching

Incest is like Nazism. It's the acts that the government prohibits that are fun and exciting. If you can legally fuck your sister, then no one will care.

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good premise bad execution

What? The premise is the typical power fantasy, good premise my ass

Nagatoro is that you

It's not even that popular in Japan. Tats is simply too strong it became boring as fuck after a while. Shame because setting is good. Maybe yuri spinoff will do better.

The show itself is fine when the action is getting good, but the overall fight choreography and characters are dull as all fuck.

Every single fight is either some school shit or takes place in what looks like a 1993 business center. The magic system is never shown to extend beyond the tired 'magic is science' despite clear references to old magic that didn't use formulas, sans whatever the protag does which is more of the same shit. Tatsuya is intentionally an emotionless overpowered siscon which you'd think is an attempt at subverting tropes but ends up as an extremely bland mix when almost every other character is marginally more interesting than him and are forced by the plot to only exist as a way to elevate and fellate his cock by comparison. The stakes within the show are nonexistent given that literal resurrection magic is employed at seemingly no cost but 'oh no he feels pain' but then never shows him in fucking agony.

Say what you want about the light novel, but the only saving grace in the anime is the setting and that one spunky redhead.

watch reminiscence arc as well, it's very well done
yuri mahouka did amazingly well in japan, top 3 for the quarter and like #8 for all of 2021. it's almost definitely getting another season. mahouka S3 is also in production, meaning it's increasingly likely that we see the entire franchise animated

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Because w*srterners are cringe and do not matter.

There's almost no series where magic isn't science. If they figure out that doing certain action produces certain result then it's already a science.

possibly the most reddit take I've seen on here
>masculine protagonist is bad writing
where do i even begin

take that dick out of your mouth and just begin somewhere you pussy

You are half correct. Incest is like Nazism insofar that both are a mental illness and popular with braindead hillbillies.

if you want an inspirational story, you want a hero as a protagonist, someone exceptional, not some average guy. that's what makes it appealing.
>b-but he doesn't show pain! he's level headed and not emotional!
yes, this is male virtue
high caste arranged intramarriage is appealing for a reason
>tired magic system
t. too low IQ to grasp the magic system

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>Yuri spin off
Wait what, I don't know this author is a yurifag.
Is he another case of newbie who wants to do yuri from the beginning but got rejected type?

Isn't this the other way around? Like the whole time it's her who basically threw herself at him while he was like yeah my sister loves me very much I'm so grateful for having such a nice little sister and she had to propose to him so he can see her as a woman?

>"magic is actually science"
This isn't the case though, it's just that the study of magic has become a science. The magic itself is still magical and a lot of it is not yet understood.

There's another world cup this year, is there not? Reminds me of the good old days.
Erika best girl, by the way.

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>14 year old kid beats up mike, Jon, and dick. All three are Highly trained soldiers of American descent in Okinawa


not literally yuri. Satou-sensei expressed concern over mahouka's place given market trends in anime so he produced a side story focusing on miyuki and her friends (same mahouka timeline). i wasn't a huge fan of it but it was huge in japan, which took basically everyone by surprise. it may very well have revived the franchise.
correct, he's not so much a siscon as he doesn't see her in a romantic light, just an overwhelming familial affection, the rest of his impulses having been artificially dampened.

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SnK actually doesnt really have nationalism. If anything, it is a tale against excessive nationalism.

Magic jesus is literally just wanking, on the other hand.

But that's exactly what would happen in any world with magic. People would figure out how it works using science.

Isn't electromagnetism basically the shit ancient people thought was magic? We use it everywhere for everything.

You forgot
>magic fpgas
Onii-sama is the best of the "super OP chad protagonist doesn't afraid of anything" genre of anime because it actually pays autistic attention to its own rules.

>The magic system is never shown to extend beyond the tired 'magic is science' despite clear references to old magic that didn't use formulas,
You're just to low IQ for this show unironically.

But I live it too?

only the best for onii-sama

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You are a 200IQ magical engineer autist from a noble family with a genetically engineered sisterwife that is totally ok to fuck because some handwave bullshit?

Sounds like it's just another Railgun

Unlike harem betas, Tatsuya's chad gentleman status if more than earned.

It's a new series that started recently. There are two or three volumes out.

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>side story focusing on miyuki and her friends

That's the first spinoff and it was more like cute girls doing cute things. Second spinoff is real yuri.

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Oh, it already has a manga too. Would be great if it becomes Mahouka's Railgun.

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Despite all that it manages to be incredibly boring.

Honestly, I think some characters just can't be translated. Tatsuya in English comes off as a bit weird and autistic. In Japanese he comes off as an absolute god.

Quick, get in the Miyuki van. We are giving away some limited onii-sama goods.

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Twins spinoff when? Miyuki's anime was successful so hopefully they keep doing spinoffs and expanding the setting.

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>that one spunky redhead.

Fights are usually decent when it's not Tatsuya just standing there deadpan and killing everything with no effort.

I mean, any setting with a magic that is able to be consistently replicated and understood would eventually treat magic as a science. Because in that world, it's just part of nature, it isn't mystical unless it comes from deities that exist outside natural law.

it is not legally prohibited to fuck your sister, it is just societally frowned upon

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I've been living in it
I've been doing, doing, doing, doing, doing it
give me more
I'm living in it, I've been living in it
I've been doing, doing, doing, doing, doing it
give me more
I'm living in it, I've been living in it
I'm more a fan of Soul Fever, cuz I'm a believer.

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but i love too

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Is there any particular reason why she's into her brother that much? At first I thought they were not blood related

I loved Mahouka but it became worse and worse. Also Miyuki is trash. And no, it has absolutely not more incest than Oreimo.

Miyuki is honestly insane.

>more nationalism than SnK
Only a cuck guzzles down other countries nationalism

>why do japanese love this while westerners hate it?
you just explained why

I honestly think it would be better without Miyuki even if she is the absolute most popular character in it. She does nothing besides complain when people talk to Tatsuya. It would have been more interesting if it focused more on his job and his relationship with his friends


I wish I was onii-sama

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Sheltered upbringing + being saved by him + seeing his talent + not being around him when they were very young

Because it reminded people of the super shit fanfiction they wrote during gradeschool and how cringe they were
Apparently nips love those stuff since the industry is now full of them

>why do japanese love this while westerners hate it?
People often forget that MC was introduced as the bottom of the barrel ranker who has no special abilities whatsoever. Nips love stories about bullied underdogs who toppled their social hierarchy and came out on top.
The problem was oniisama became superman. Author made him out to be the only one in the world who could break the in-universe's established physics, and further down the road, disclosed to the audience that he's actually a superhuman all this time with his whole emotionless one man army schtick. At this point he's no longer an underdog, yet the whole in-universe still treats him as one. You can't have your cake and eat it. Most people saw this bullshit and stopped reading.
It's pretty much like how John Cena was booked in the WWE a decade ago. He went past the underdog stage, got to the top spot, but still acted like he's an underdog hero and hogged the spotlight. Adults booed him and kids cheer for him, pretty much also explained the audience for this series and similar series in nipland.

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I liked it when I first watched it but years later when I gave season 2 a watch I couldn't stand the powerfantasy shit and Onii-sama

Cute Americans

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The first thing you ever see him do is nuking the chink fleet near okinawa.