What do we think of Loid x Yor

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It needs to happen
If I could make ONE couple in manga get together, make a baby and have a happy ending it would be them

This is now a CGDCT thread, thank you

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They are so hot together. Bless nips for the amazing fanart.

If the author would proceed at the same pace as he does now then I will die of old age before I see this happening.

Is Yor having my baby fucked into her a cute girl doing a cute thing?

Nightfall is revealed to be a plot device for Yor and Loid romance, so it will happen at some point.

Cringe & forced. They barely know each other. Them falling in love is nothing short of horrible Nip writing.

Yor needs to get over her autism over physical contact, anons keep blaming mission autism but Yor's femcel tendencies can be worse
She needseds lessons from her coworkers on how to be a slut

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They need to kiss already.

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fanfic bc loid is a homo

>t. Fiona

Peak r3ddit pairing, very cute and wholesome!

That would be a nice way to give them relevance again.
I want embarrassed Yor getting a crash course in sluttery

>Loid had to practice supersonic tennis match with Yor

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Is this real?


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absolutely boring just like the show itself

I want to be pampered by Yor so bad...

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Date with Yor

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They have literally nothing in common and would never work as a couple, Loid thinks she's retarded.

The author has to come up with more convincing reasons for them to fall in love and work as a couple. Better if they end up as friends.

this. entire character was served up and portrayed as a romantic rival to yor and unceasingly in love with twilight. the odds of the story ending with nightfall and twilight are approximately 0%.

>They have literally nothing in common
Stop reading at the speed of light, and you will notice that their motivation for their jobs are basically the same.

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their relationship is built on deception, lies, and selfish motives. Loid straight up tries spy manipulation techniques with her feelings. They are far from wholesome and that's good

Loid thinks everyone is retarded. He very regularly shows respect for Yor and her abilities. They're already friends, but I agree that the author needs to build on their romance.


this is what people used to say about Naruto and Hinata when Naruto was still ongoing and nowadays people are STILL seething

I'm gonna use this manga as my replacement Kaguya if you don't mind

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What does that mean?

Redditors have very good taste then

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How are they even comparable?
and who is even the hinate of Spy x Family?

True, but the central conceit of Boruto's Dad wasn't based on having a family and deception. it was run of the mill ninja shounen garbo. given the nature of the plot of spy, i would think character growth would come from the dynamic between the primary cast, and yor and loid are the primary cast. hinata was always a background character until Shippuden.

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Gib Yor wife...

I'm saying that people believed Naruto would end up with Sakura for sure, because they were written that way as per the author's ship baiting, but it didn't happen.


sad truth
based truth

>e-everything I-I don't like is le-leddit
Vacate, tourist


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Wrong your an idiot

sure let me correct that, i meant garbage

>people believed Naruto would end up with Sakura for sure, because they were written that way as per the author's ship baiting, but it didn't happen
Only delusional retards think Naruto will end up with Sakura. The author specifically makes it clear that it will never happen with pic.
Comparing this to Yor/Loid doesn't make sense either. You have shows like FMA where the destined couples happen. Not everything is ship bait especially a manga about family.

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naruhina and sakusasu have basically always been implied. even back as early as the chunin exams. sakura made it clear from literally the first episode she was interested in sasuke. hell, even their equivalents in jiraya and granny never ended up working out

She's so cute

hol up... is that...

Maybe that user got mindbroken by Aka

Yeah you say this now just like you'd say it if Twifall won
Truth is nobody knows how things are gonna turn out with a manga, not even the guy writing it because of changing intentions over time and editor fuckery.

>That OP pic
What a terrible day for rain...

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At least Fionafags got some confirmation that she's essential to the plot going forward.

If we're thinking the same thing, then yes, I think she has a pube in her mouth

Is it believable for her not to notice the bug despite being someone who can even sense bad intentions in the air

Can't fucking unhear 8man and the ice bitch at times. It's kind of fitting though since those 2 are also autistic.

Basically this It's a very similar appeal to peak Kaguya
They better have sex as well

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the entirety of Shippuden is Naruto/Sakura baiting and you are only saying this retroactively.
I'm not even a shipfag, the author himself said he wrote the very obvious Narusaku stuff to deceive people.

Disgusting. Loid deserves someone better (basically any other female). He must cuck her with a better female.

I self insert as Yor

Becky will win. Trust the plan.

The Yornu train has yet to slow down.
Not that I'm complaining about it.

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I want to mating press you

nope. naruhina was implied from the start. loid does his dumb proposal in like the third chapter. there's no way that a character who showed up like a year and a half into the run is going to be the romantic partner.

Yor has no good qualities except being hot. Unless you're a desperate incel like Franky, you can find someone better.

>sees yor
>get a strong "i could fix her" feel
help me!

I self insert as Loid

there's nothing to fix

Comparing this to Naruto is retarded to begin.
Not to mention that the author is pairing Fiona with Franky right now.
Expecting Nightfall to win after this point is retarded.

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