>One of the character is literally named NTR

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uma musume is soulless gacha garbage

You need to stop recycling other's opinions and attain sentience of your own.

>what if idols but they're horses
No, it's trash.

It's a hotblooded sports series. Stop embarrassing yourself.

>no Vodka/Scarlet season
>no Satono/Kitasan season

what did cygays means by this?

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Cinderella Gray anime doko?

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Cygames can't stop winning

More fat horses? Excellent.

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Here's your new MC bro.

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They will announce Cinderella Gray anime tomorrow.
Trush the Plan !!!

but why?

Gay horse pussy.

So she can cuckold you since her name is literally NTR.

boobs too big

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Fuck this horseshit series. Didn't deserve everything. It's only alive because of GBF codes

It became best selling TV anime because of its own codes, not grub.

Ever since they started pushing her around the anni, I unironically cannot comprehend what the fuck is happening in cygames heads. She's literally secondary-character tier.

Teio used to be in the same shoe until season 2.


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>It became best selling TV anime because of its own codes
Pathetic. Cygames should be ashamed of themselves

>Not the horse lolis at high school

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>Can't sell without codes
How embarrassing. This should be disqualified

Teio clearly was intended to be a major character from the start even if you look at the initial promotional materials. They just pulled out NTR out of their ass at the end of last year and now she's supposed to be super important somehow because uhhhh

But their latest song lost to Love Live? This CDs song also have game code

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Probably they didn't get the rights for their rivals like Duramente.
And CG needs an adaption first anyway.

No, it's what if horses but they're idols

Buy their figs

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obligatory reminder that in 2 seasons there is around less than 5 minutes of idol stuff

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That just makes it even more obvious how stupid this anime is.

how so?


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Do people who draw doujins of the horses still get death threats?



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Sadly not just doujin artists.

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Vega is cute so I’ll allow it

Holy shit based

The artist didn't make a nopan of this but this would suffice.

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Fuck I wanted Cinderella Grey but I'm happy with any uma content

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You have to pay her 40 million yen for this dance.

And LL lost to boy bands

but that's demon slayer

>no Umayon on the list

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45 million actually


Kimetsu isn't gacha you retarded imbecile.

The music cds don't have codes or bonus like LL, user.

Reminder that it's the /dbs/shitters and furryfags who hate Uma Musume.

>Yea Forumsredditors still can't comprehend Uma
lmao even

Ergo uma also lost to boyfaggots?

and people still accidentally buy those because they thought they have bonus codes

Well, i guess that is one horse that i could bet for, i mean, i just hope that cuck them all (out of victory, i mean)

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Based Love Live saving anime from self-insert horseshit faggotry and virgins who can't get a girlfriend IRL

Seethe more, actual faggot

WTF I love DBS now

Do we know which studio is doing this?

UmaCHADS can't stop winning the soul.

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I still haven't watched season 2.

Sounds like OVA to me.

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it's outdated

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Who knows how far they're going to take this thing since it's not set in the same continuity as the previous 2 seasons.

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New granblue anime when?

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Dying franchise, already way past its peak.

Most westerners don't know how extremely popular horse racing already is in Japan and it even got more popular because of umamusume.

Betting sales keeps on rising

Never, hurry up and EoS already


Codes did help but don't forget even the S1 BDs got a surge of sales during S2 sale period even though S1 BD codes were already expired.

Do NOT lewd the horses.

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Why aren't these threads flooded to death then?

more goldship

>names still not revealed
it better not turn out that they couldn't get the rights

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Your taste is garbage.