Kodomo no Jikan

This is actually a pretty interesting and melancholy series. I'm not much of a lolicon so the ecchi was neither here nor there for me but I like how it presents the complex emotions of growing up and the thought process of out there people without judgement.

Also, give your best answer to Kokonoe's question.

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Because their brain haven't mature enough to be able to make such decision.
Sure, they might like it.
But they have no idea about the consequences of their actions.
It's a silly question like "why kids can't be a truck driver?".

they can, just marry first

I don't think it's silly, if a precocious kid actually asked you that I don't think they'd accept that answer.

>I don't think they'd accept that answer
Not an argument. Kids would do hard drugs without a second thought just out of sheer curiosity. "Only adults" would make that even worse.

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Well you need to phrase your answer to get them to accept it, otherwise you'll have a bunch of Rin's running around who won't until they're 16, and that would be awful!

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>kids are unable to make proper decisions and have no maturity or life experiences

Yeah, that's kind of the point. They don't know any better.

Yes so
What's your answer?
An answer is no good if it's just right and not effective

Because they don't have the mental maturity to actually understand what they're doing.
Case in point: during the early volumes of knj Kokonoe constantly invites her sensei about doing all sorts of stuff with her from foreplay to even bareback sex and creampies, all with a smile on her face.

But then after she gets her first experience of actual sexual stuff (discovering masturbation) she blushes and feels umcomfortable just by having her panties seen. Because even if she used the "words" of sex she had no actual idea what she was talking about.

Rin was so cute whenever she went potty

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The same reason why kids can't transition

>Because their brain haven't mature enough to be able to make such decision.
despite what's been drilled into your brain, sex isn't that big of a deal. kids are allowed worse freedoms like playing outside where they can be hit by a car.

>kids are allowed worse freedoms like playing outside where they can be hit by a car.
What the fuck is this comparison?

>Creaming inside a third grader

Koko-chan, it's time to stop posting.

>But they have no idea about the consequences of their actions.
Like, for example...?

Yeah, playing outside is actually dangerous. Sex is nothing.

Cope, the answer.

Actual physical irreparable damage given their underdeveloped bodies.

to be honest i really wanna have sex when i am a junior high school student but i control myself and i can only think about it in my mind

Kokonoe knows full well she's doing. She's a semen demon who can only be stopped with cocks!

>it's okay when they decide to sex-change though, that's totally harmless and they fully understand what they're doing
Why are Americans like this?

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playing outside is only dangerous for kids due to rapists like you constantly running around looking for new victims.

They can

>Implying its not the other way around

>Calling others rapists
I think you should go back

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>Be me in the 80s
>Dunno anything about porns until mid teen from friends sharing vhs and magazines.
>Be today kids
>They can access every porns in the world for free from their phones.

Desu lolis should have right to do it
With their arranged husband that is

t. Yemen

>hazardous equipment or terrain that can cause injuries
>dummies that stray too far and get lost
>drunk drivers
>violent hobos

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They can. But adults have the moral duty of not having sex with kids. Kids can have sex with kids. Adults must not.

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Because your parents don't want you to, and you are their property until the age of majority.

She's 7
>hazardous equipment or terrain that can cause injuries
Life is hard in soviet russia. They have to learn quick
>dummies that stray too far and get lost
Natural selection
>drunk drivers
>violent hobos
Teach them how to fight. The younger the better.

>She's 7
Yes, and?

>what is wrong with sexualising a 7 year old
You're in heat and not thinking straight.

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How powerful will the urge to jerk off be if I start reading this? I'm Not a Lolicon already makes me diamonds

It'll make you into a lolicon. It's written by a grown version of Kokonoe.

Already there

Not at all actually; It's very endearing and have a great story only a sick pedo would fap to it.

You'll either realize you're a lolicon or becomw disillusioned.

But Kokonoe makes lolicons out of even the strongest willed people!

Transexuals have seized the moral highground and convinced normies it's morally righteous to indulge them in their psychotic delusions rather than let them accept the bodies they're born with and now we have to watch the world burn.

I knew what sex and the consequences of it was, as well as how to drive a car when I was 10 years old
sounds like you had a shitty childhood

it's not okay for the vast majority of parents. you hear no end to their complaints about the weird younger generation if you talk to any of them. it's just not illegal, and every instance blown up by the media. there's a massive disconnect between the people and the popular media, and I'd go as far to say that the disconnect is at its highest point in many decades.

No, I'm not. Because it was Kokonoe that turned me into a lolicon to begin with!

Who would want a hag?

If you don't want to fuck a sexy woman then you're the one not thinking straight.

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That's not true user. It's written by a grown version of Kuro.

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You was always sick and Rin have nothing to do with it.
"Women" under 13 can't be sexy.

That's not too different from today, I found porn thanks to phones and the internet around 12 years old

>Actual physical irreparable damage given their underdeveloped bodies.
Yeah because we all know kids under 18 years cannot feel physical pain, so won't notice and decide to stop until you've ripped their body apart.

That's, just, like, your opinion, man.

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Do women really shove tampons into little girls who they don't know and aren't related to in front of their friends?

Better the opinion of ロリコン

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Then someone posts Saaya Irie, then newfags get confused since most references to the controversy have been scrubbed, then eventually that copypasta, then the thread gets deleted.

>Comes into a kodomo no Jikan thread
>Loli thread
>Surprised a thread about one of the most famous lolicon series is full of lolicons
>Get upset
How could this have happened??

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What did you live out in the fucking boonies? We had porn stores and theaters with window displays and shit on the main thoroughfare here through the 70s and 80s until the fucking "moral majority" shit and all the local churches banded together to buy them all out.

Dude, tech illiterate parents let their five years old kids watch fortnite tittystreamer these days.
Back then kids doesn't need much restriction because information was not spread out easily like today.
And now we got retards in this thread complaining about kids knows nothing about sex? kids these days knows more about porn compare to us back then.
I literally knows about Yea Forums because of internet ads with sakura porn on the picture and then from there it send me straight to /l/.
These days even a kids mobile game ads looks like a softcore porn and it was an official google play game ads.

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We had porn theathers too numbnuts but no one will let you in, shitty softcore porn theather always exist in some shaddy distric.
You really thinks normal movie theaters will place a softcore porn poster right next a Starwars poster where kids roaming around in it?
Most kids got their porn was stealing from their sibling or parent stash.

"Permanent consequences they're not equipped to handle, physically, emotionally, or financially. Go buy a dildo."

>Sex is nothing.
Until someone gets pregnant because they think...
A: You can't get pregnant if [headcanon].
B: They can't get pregnant because they're not fertile.
C: They think two condoms is safer than one.
D: You can't get pregnant if you're not married.
E: Any other major misconceptions.

I work a pharmacy, if a teenager comes in looking for condoms, I make damn sure he knows how to use it properly and how to avoid breaking it. Why? Because my mother was 14.

>I found porn thanks to phones and the internet around 12 years old

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