Oricon's Top 10 Weekly Chart by Series (04/25-05/01)

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It's the same as last week

I don't get why people keep buying TR. Is it the fujos?
Don't get me wrong, the start of the series is quite entertaining and has potential but its all squandered into pointless drama and the same situations rehashed over and over again. Mitchy being a tard all the time doesn't help.

>Is it the fujos

Sunk cost. You almost reach the finish line, might as well follow to the end


Ao ashi!!!

How far can 9 volumes go, is SxF going to get 3-4 million per volume type numbers?

no 3m will be the limit. 4M has only happened to literally one manga or two at most in history.even AOT's peak didn't do it

looked at oricon and it seems only kimetsu did it. OP max was 3m.
So Kimetsu no yaiba is the only one who did 4m-5m-6m in oricon history

thats why he said history not oricon, devilman did it

I think SxF sold more.

yep its getting its boost. now the question is when it'll peak

So SxF is gonna be the next rare case of a series hitting 4m

Why? i don't really see that kind of hype.

If the numbers don’t grow a lot more, like triple, then it is not happening. Spy X Family doing record breaking numbers on TV and Streaming isn’t translating accordingly to manga sales just yet.

How much have it already sold per volume?

>Spy X Family doing record breaking numbers on TV
Is it? it seem pretty normal?

I'll guess spyxfamily ends at around 2.4m-2.5m after the cour ends and boost ends. first volumes might end up at around 2.7m. will be at JJK levels post-anime and movie boost which is crazy.
Don't see it getting much higher. but it might get lower and end up at 2.2m instead

>Spy X Family doing record breaking numbers on TV
only the first episode. already dropped off the chart (apparently got kicked out by JJK rerun).

It will definitely reach its 3M milestone

If we're talking about record breaking that's KnY. SxF did a nice job in the first week before everything kinda goes back to normal.

Circulation/volume? definitely. actual sales in oricon? I don't think so. at least not yet.

First 3 or 4 volumes was alredy over 1.5m before the anime , volume 1 should be hitting 2m in few weeks

>only the first episode. already dropped off the chart


I don't get why lots of news outlet claiming SxF breaking record when KNY did far better than SxF right now.

Spyxfamily volume sales as of last week (will increase 50k-60k+ this week
SPY × FAMILY 1~3 Box-set 128,078
SPY × FAMILY #01 1,807,352
SPY × FAMILY #02 1,688,627
SPY × FAMILY #03 1,600,955
SPY × FAMILY #04 1,575,787
SPY × FAMILY #05 1,521,085
SPY × FAMILY #06 1,443,466
SPY × FAMILY #07 1,323,292
SPY × FAMILY #08 1,082,931
SPY × FAMILY #09 901,948

Its not going to get 3m sold yet. If boost grows further or stabilizes for months after anime ends then its possible. 27M circulation would make it at 3m per volume. which is possible and will happen near the cour end probably

Where did you get the numbers from?

last friday oricon data from 5ch

Because SxF is better.

because it's KnY. I mean KnY total rating of 18-20 (live+timeshift) is kinda hard to compete.

Does matter if it true or not, the data still show KnY did far better than SxF right now.

That said i think we'll get first 2m volume with this friday. Vol 2 and 3 in the next few weeks. Vol 9 might hit 1M already.
Pretty sure they reported on it too

But when you said record breaking people would assume it breaking some kind of highest record. If not KnY then who record is SxF is breaking?

Not official numbers. Gem and Video Research Ltd are survey companies.

>no cuckoo boost
lmao I remembered those retards claimed it would sold like 5toubun when the anime aired

Number is not record breaking. but its one of the best in recent years for a late night anime. JJK didn't do this good on its run despite covid leaving people home and being broadcast on a bigger channel. same for AOT S4. Spy anime is doing very well but that is likely due to its already massive manga fanbase

Wonder how many people will hold out for box sets of 3

don't think many will. the box set is garbage since it doesn't have any benefit and its the same exact price as buying 3 separately. I don't know why it was launched

I assume there is a literal box right

I see but I have a question. How do people figure out number of total sold copies when often times the volumes don't even appear in the weekly oricon charts?

everything else from the same season I guess. funnily enough, it's still tied with Sazae-san.
I mean it's an accomplishment but yeah calling it a record breaking when KnY exceed Sazae-san when adding timeshift rating is kinda clickbait.


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It just started and there was backlog in shoseki. Fanart is dry though, I'm worried about that.

Volumes? you either see the last time it appeared or do shoseki estimations. Total? oricon weekly or monthly shows series whole. for example Spy oricon sales shows it did about 14-13m out of its 17m circulation.

jujutsu and snk main audience was teenagers and woman , i think spy can be like kimetsu and become hit with people from all ages, but if will sell over 4m is very hard to say since kimetsu only hit 4m almost 1 year after the anime end

and marketing.

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Keep in mind circulation counts novels and spin offs as well as digital. So circulation is 100% always higher than sold (as you obviously want manga copies in shelves)

yeah forget that then, I was thinking you'd get boxes for every three volumes in which case I'd pay a few bucks extra

Well, this volume seems to be doing better than the last at least. Not that that means much.

Yeah either volumes or series as a whole. Oricon also posts these half year sales and it often times includes series that only sporadically appear in the weekly oricon charts during those 6 months.
So I guess what I want to know is that, despite Oricon not tracking series past the ~14k mark, they still have accurate numbers for these half year sales etc.?

i think there's a sticker of anya or something. as well as the convenience of holding them all at once. Its not really a must buy edition. Shueisha did it probably to incite people to buy it in one go

In streaming it's barely ahead of Kaguya and the typical LN adaptations like Otome Mob or Yuusha Yamemasu. That isn't record breaking.

yes oricon tracks everything. we just don't have public data. and the leaker only leaks top 50. we used to get top 100 in 2020 for few weeks but it stopped. its expensive and usually only companies have it. IIRC there's a top 500. so even stuff selling 2k copies a week still show up

Interesting, didn't know that. But that explains it so thanks

Why the boosts are always focused in only one manga every season?

Does Oricon randomly just post the total numbers for one specific series?

Ao Ashi is also being boosted jts just smaller

>27 volumes
It’s nothing