MC gets reborn and becomes a noble in isekai

>MC gets reborn and becomes a noble in isekai
>It's a honor based society
>He chooses pragmatism over pride and noblesse oblige
Did he made the right chose? What if his fellow nobles don't want to cooperate with a dishonorable man and his subordinates refuse to follow a lord who cannot be trusted?

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Well. The only thing mattering is who wins.

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>noblesse oblige
It's a myth to fool retarded peasants, no noble actually believes it.

Context of pic?

What is the point of acting like dick in front of his henchmen? If he wanted to kill the that dude, just ordered them to do so, why gave him hope just to gank him like that?

I want more sci-fi vs. magic settings. Why is it so hard to find them?

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I choose this thread. Pissfags are repulsive.

When will Makoto's journey finally end?

Ah, self propelled artillery, truly a futuristic sci-fi contraption and not something created 100 years ago.

>working as a gigolo in a matriarchal world
Is this the idea job for Yea Forumsnons?

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You don't understand user, it's magitek, not normal tech.

One of the squadmates in Mass Effect 3 is the last living member of his race who were the apex race during their "cycle" of life in the galaxy, for all of their greatness they were still shat on by the big bads and experienced every form of horror psych warfare (e.g mindcontrolling children and forcing them to kill their parents on planet-wide scales), so by the time he was put into cryo the remnants of his race had a "honor gets you killed" mentality. He says this to the player character if you respond with naive idealism during his first meeting
>picture itself
looks like drawn fanfiction of a quarian, from the same game.

I would rather be forced

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Why did Ankoku's author retcon Shirone again? If he wanted to write a story and betrayal and healing, shouldn't he have let her remain an unrepentant treacherous thot?

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So the machine is representative of magic side? Forgive me.
Ah, the castle, truly a futuristic sci-fi structure and not something created over 1000 years ago.

This scene hits too close to home. What was your reaction when reading it?

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>raped by smelly bitches
Why didn't he off himself? A normal man would rather die than experience something like that.

It's over after this namek.

Which one? Because the authors of both series promise the same shit, but we don't know how long are they gonna prolong their "final" arcs.

The way being an honorable noble works is that first you use dishonorable tactics to slaughter your enemies and the most scummy, vile and disgusting methods you can imagine to crush your rivals. Then, afterward, you have all your employees and allies tell everyone about how you were really noble and brave and fought with justice during your battle against your (now dead so they can't argue against you) enemies. For bonus points, you convince the peasants that all the disgusting things (you) did were done by your enemies, to show how evil they are.

You have to be over 18 to post on this site

>the fetish thread now devolves into /pol/
Why do they love our board so much?

What do you mean? Anons are right, for victory is written by victors.

So big or small is better? Your opinion?

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Small, but too many mc have to choose big.

Can you eat it? If not than it's worthless. People only care about what benefit them, not some abstract sense of chivalry.


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What is the point of choosing a girl with a body that can't even give birth?

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Why does the goddess need to be so hot user? MC must be a retard to choose Sera over her.

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Usually the problem preventing that is the mc.

Did you eve speedread the first chapter or what.

I won't choose shit.

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Nothing a good hatefuck can't fix.

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I read it. So what?

Good. All men should go MGTOW.

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Some need it more than others.

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I love girls but hate woman's

Shut up orc

Carry on, in that case.

Remove Goddess

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Say no to goddess cruetly.

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What series is this?

Soon enough. Touka has the status effect barrier-nullifying curse so his status effect skill can reach the goddess. Though at the time i left it he made an alliance with the emperor that's waging war against the goddess.

But won't she turn him into a deer, like Actaeon?

This vicious fatty count's son had such an awful reputation that his prospects were near zero until the MC reincarnated into him.

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>I love girls but hate woman's

Why are there so many fatty reincarnations lately?

What to do with kot receptionists who aim for your wealth?

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That's quite clearly not a kot.

The ears?

kot means shit in german and she clearly behaves shitty, so it still fits.

In that situation you are making so much money you can afford to give some to her.

Because they create a sense of awe to natives at their sudden change. Also this ones unique since the previous inhabitant of his body is still there and is used as a battle spirit by the MC.

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>In that situation you are making so much money you can afford to give some to her.
No you can't. There are many unfortunate people needing your money more than her. If you have so much money, donate to an orphanage or something.

Who is the hottest receptionist you ever see in isekai?

>Who is the hottest receptionist you ever see in isekai?
That girl in Konosuba.

I usually hate these kind of MCs but this one is kinda amusing

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>What was your reaction when reading it?
I cried at "Usually only 1-2 people donate per chapter at best"

It's an entertainment expense. You don't have to donate everything.

If you cover your tracks well enough...

Its a tie between pic related, Liz from Jichou shinai

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It's better than the kind who would try to escape or avoid seeing anything.

>the father figured out an imposter has possessed his daughter
Shouldn't this be the major plot in every isekai? The possessed person's family finds out their beloved one has been killed and took over by an otherworldly alien?

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I still cant believe it find any decent translators deapite being modestly popular in Japan and an anine comming up soon. Its already 30 chapters behind

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I remember there is a movie about that, can't remember the name though.

This one got away with it by explaining to his waifu that hes a schizo with two personalities

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>I cried at "Usually only 1-2 people donate per chapter at best"
Kek. But can translators sustain themselves without other jobs?

Hes not afraid to kiss his harem in public

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My only problem with this series is that there's way too much NTR. 90% of the harem has been seek naked and groped by other men.

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>The possessed person's family finds out their beloved one has been killed and took over by an otherworldly alien?
I want to see an isekai where the family tries to burn the reincarnator on the stake to avenge their child.

Every male in that school was a pervert. Thr only real NTR was when that guy with blond hair had his charm powers upgraded and nearly broke the Main female lead

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>1gc sucky sucky, me love you big time

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They are not the same thing

Donate to a charity will ease your sold. Give money to random trophy wife wannabe will hurt your conscience.

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