Tenkaichi nihon

user it's time for your morning ninja training

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Stop liking sexual predators

I'd let her train me everyday.

muscular women are for shotas

12 hour stamina training

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Give it to me straight bros. What are her chances of surviving Musashi?

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god i wish she was that

Kotaro is a good girl user. She's not like Adams.

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Dunno, you could try to increase her survival chance by writing preemptive low-key threats on the author's Twitter. Or simply beg for it.

Nah, that's some deranged crybaby shit tumblrina's do. I like Kotaro but I'm not going to demand a dude change his story just to satisfy my own preferences. Besides I like Musashi too but I just dont see him winning this one without asspulling.

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I legitimately thought this was yaoi series from the first image I've seen of it.

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It's not but it's definitely a sausage fest.

what other manga/anime have muscle girls, in case anons have to cope with her inevitable demise?

To be fair, most fightan manga are.

same, i intentionally avoided everything related until i saw MY WIFE in some thread when her fight started and gave this series a chance, now all i want is MOMMY MILKIES

>big boobs: curves
>big ass: curves
>muscles: more curves

This right here is why we need more muscle girls in anime in general. They should not be as rare as they are. Thankfully they're finally becoming more prominent lately.

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stupid sexy musashi

You just know he'll win. And that's a good thing.

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I already miss William "rape" Adams

he should've raped one bitch
show us some naked titties

People say he looks too simple or boring but I think he actually looks cool as fuck.

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Wait a fucking minute...

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Just leave the 6th Kotaro to me.

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He looks like a weak zoomer punk.

Did Willy lose already?

Yeah. And he didn't just lose, he got destroyed miserably and flayed alive without being able to do a damn thing.

Oh dear oh dear. Just like everybody expected then.

It's probably honda's color scheme.

Nice trips. And nah, everyone expected him to lose of course, but not in such an utterly one-sided slaughter when the prior two fights were pulse-pounding fights where both combatants gave their all.


You made this thread three days in a row.

I like you user.

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I want her to train my big cock

Are you willing to live your life as her dog/chair is the real question though.

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I hear Japanese lesbians have a huge following with muscle ninja girl on Twitter.

3, maybe 4%.
Mushashi's "I grow stronger each second" is just too much MC energy, or the biggest red herring in a decade


Honda shouldn't have been this ripped

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Is there a whole list of anime/manga with muscle girls?

You might survive but your hips will be destroyed

You say this like that's a bad thing.

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0%, but he'll say that she was awesome if it's any consolation.

Is he gonna be ok?

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It's just part of Adams' premonition.

And then william got back up and pwned him

when this manga dropped I knew people were going to waifu up this character in a heartbeat. I'm saddened to know there's always the possibility of people dropping her like a sack of bricks whenever the next /fit/ waifu comes out.

She scares me so much but I want her. I'm 5'5" for the record so she could kill me at any time but hope that I just get hugs and cuddles...if she has a gentle side (doubt).

Wait what the fuck, did I fucking miss a chapter? Did Adams job in this fast?


Baka gaijin thought that he stood a chance against folded 1000 times glorious japanese warriors.

Damn, this went the Kengan Omega route fast.
How long till we get "You were awesome, Yasuke"?

I'm telling you anons, I actually want to fight this bitch. That's how horny she gets me.

Adam should've been like Christian Missionary/inquisitor If they wanted to make a Gaijin, Adam's reasoning for being in the tournament just so he can Rape every single thing in Japan is comically retarded.

Extremely based, I want to make love to her that's more like a fight to the death, hitting and biting and clawing and destroying everything in sight.
>but you'll die
And it would be a good death, the best death possible.

I'm currently learning lucid dreaming with the sole objective of getting fucked by Fuma Kotaro.

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Those who do are weak and aren't worthy of waifuing her in the first place. A waifu that makes me nut to her exclusively for the past 4 months and spend hours of my life in Koikatsu character editing/photoshop just to better vent my lust is a 1-in-a-million.

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This user gets it.

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will eating pussy really make me a better ninja

YES. it greatly improves lung-capacity, breath-regulation, and strengthens the neck muscles. To be a great ninja, you should be eating pussy at least 3 times a day. At minimum.

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I wish you luck in your endeavors, user. Also, for me, besides her current design it's definitely D.

I understand but I'd go with C.