Komi Can't Communicate

Memes about melting Manbagi and other art issues aside, where did it go wrong?

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Nothing of consequence happened for hundreds of chapter, and even the confession was a complete fucking joke. You can either be a cute slice of life manga about an autistic girl trying to make friends that goes on for hundreds of chapter with nothing important happening or a romcom with a serious love triangle. You cannot be both.

people still read this? is it still ongoing? I bailed when that paintball match in school happened

Author wanted to have a big romantic part, but never actually wanted to write it properly and preferred to sit in the inconsequential sol/joke space, then just throw random undeserved half assed melodrama into your face from time to time. And the joke space also sucks cock because instead of writing fun situations with the beloved characters he prefers to just write lol so random shit with the bloated diluted cast of random shitters nobody gives a fuck about it.

Literally Manbagi

I'd communicate with her with a penis if you catch my drift

when komi was accepted into the football team
seriously what the fuck is up with those shoulders?

Feels pretty repetitive with the introduction of new characters that all have random quirks, Komi and Tadano being awkward together, and random filler shit thrown in like the Among Us stuff that was just uploaded.
Really feels like they ran out of ideas a while ago.

It went to shit when the original premise was abandoned - Komi being a girl with a sharp glare who people were too nervous to approach. I ditched it right after Tadano's confession because I realized how much of a mary sue she is, and how undeserved it was.
Didn't help that I also realized that she barely changed in 300+ chapters. She started out writing in her notebook to speak in the beginning to writing in her notebook to speak and occasionally saying a few words out loud around the time I stopped reading. Don't know if she speaks more in the recent chapters.

She can talk a little more on the phone, or while playing online games apparently.

The problem is that when you pile of Komi's autistic exterior you are left with girl with barely any personality. Everybody bickers about most of the characters being one trick ponies with their quirks, but we have to remember that Komi herself is barely above that level.

For the story about girl opening up, the girl has to have enough personality to make the opening up worthwile, pic related - Shino Aizawa and multiple facets of her personality she usualy tries to hide.

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>decide to check out latest translated chapter
>Among Us

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I feel like there might be an issue with the premise at the core. Either Komi has a serious mental issue that keeps her from communicating, or it's a silly gag comedy. The two don't really blend. It's not that there aren't moments where she's endearing or makes progress but it's just weighed down with so much chuff, tired comedy and the universe basically wanting to worship the ground she works on. I'm not saying she needs to face a bully or some active rival, good lord did we not need a rival, but her issue needs to be treated like an actual issue.

Its 300 chapters longer than it should for that story

200 chapters of nothing (maybe even more)

Exactly, when serious issue isn't adressed at all for sake of comedy the story suffers. I'm not saying that comedies cannot have serious moments or downplay characters' actions, but in case of the whole show build on the premise of functionally mute girl you have to actually adress that is exactly wrong with her speach.

And yeah, the way others worship Komi is offputing. I actually like the popular introverted girls as the characters, but their popularity has to be built on the foundation stronger than them being pretty and doing well on text. Returning to my waifu, Shino, she's also very popular despite being pretty introverted, but we have multiple segments establishing exactly why others look up to her. Contrary to Komi, she has the presence. Also, contrary to Komi, the most of Shino's fans are simple beta orbiters among the boys and their reactions to her declaring that she has a boyfriend are more realistic.

All I'm saying is that where Shino is shown to be just the normal, if high spec, girl that got herself tangled in overblown reputation, Komi is essentially threated as the class goddess the whole time. Shino becomes more human (despite less human in literal sense) and the contrast between her idealised image and her being the normal girl is crucial plotpoint. Komi's idealised image is never challenged and only becomes stronger. She's becomming more of an generic, idealised waifu in universe instead of becomming more of a normal, albeit pretty and smart, girl.

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Mainly the introduction of the 'love triangle' that only served to make it so that half the chapters released afterwards were 'komi and manbagi take turns talking to tadano' which were extremely boring and pointless.

Then the manbagi confession where she actively cucks herself for no good reason just made things worse. And the cherry on top of the shit pile was tadano being the one who was made to confess to komi even though her gathering the courage to confess to him would have been a really fitting big step in her journey to be better at communicating.

now its just back to the random SoL shit but with the art-style actively becoming worse + the author seemingly just running out of jokes and ideas, thinking that 'explaining whats going on in a narration square' counts as a joke.

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Komi barely even tried to grow closer to Tadano romantically. As a matter of fact, I remember her avoiding contact with him a couple of times before Manbagi's confession, which I guess was supposed to prove that she cares about Manbagi and Tadano equally, but it just made his confession so cheap I dropped the series afterwards.

Why is a long runner like Komi allowed to be continued to exist when it has so deviated from its original premise and now is made of 99% filler and a blatant intent to not progress the "plot"? Same question for Watamote. Does this man Japanese fans still support the series against common sense?

Yes, japs are still reading komi san for some god forsaken reason, otherwise this shit would have been canned already.

I'm guessing now that komi and tadano are 'technically' going out, the author is just intending on milking the SoL aspect until readers get bored.

I'd be willing to bet that most of Komi's viewership is fueled by western tumblr migrants and reddit. Don't know about Watamote.

Why the fuck does it look like Komi's got a huge rack and is also flat as a board at the same time? Am I retarded?

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It seems like Japanese people in general prefer the status quo for their media and will happily repeatedly watch the same plot-lines repeatedly. Not that western fans are much different, but Japanese seem to thrive on predictability.

Big rack + rack hidding clothes + big shoulders + trashy art style making everything melt together into flat surface.

why are you literally seething so much about a SoL you start lying about it is the better question.

Not the user, but both Watamote and Komi haven't started as the straight SoLs, so their degradation into pure, moe SoL seems jarring.

The characters becoming overexaggerated to an unfunny degree. This includes the Komi worship.
The idea is good on paper - girl is shy but wants to make friends, and it turns out people like her too and it's all good. But then author cranks it up to 1000% and hopes that's gonna be hilarious, and it almost never is. Good ideas, awful execution. The recent chapter is a great example, "Kenposter" is a really clever concept that got a chuckle out of me, but so far the two chapters following were bland.
Making friends is also a terrible execution, Komi had to put in effort into making friends maybe 5 times during the series?

> but so far the two chapters following were bland.

doesn't really help that they for some reason put in the full 15 characters instead of like, 6 to 10 or something, it's just making the chapters feel super cramped and hard to follow.

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Chapter 184: CITY 17

battle royale arc was tragically slow and trash. not that the anime will ever get that far, but god damn the filler all throughout was just a nightmare. when uzaki has a faster pace and more realistic romance, you know you fucked up.

Is it me, or has the art style gotten worse since the beginning?

KissxSis had less filler and is actually ending. more than triple the time to write the story, but significantly less characters (who are actual characters) and a real conclusion. the love dodecahedron or whatever is stupid, but at least keita actually dated one of them and has finally picked something. look to quintessential quintuplets too for another example of a romcom with a better plot and an actual conclusion

Nah, it's just you.

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>This is what he took from us
This cannot continue...

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I grieve every day too, user.

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The MC has no personality

>350 chapters of mostly 18 pages
>barely started 3rd year
Remember when you thought Nisekoi was long? Well at least on every Nisekoi chapter something happened.

The concept is inherently retarded.

whats worse Kanojo, Okarishimasu or Komi Can't Communicate and why?

Komi is shit but Kazuya by himself is an event horizon of shittiness

After cuck chapter it would be hard for Komi to suck harder without turning into literal hentai.

They are too different but kusokari is absolute garbage compared to most of manga.

That’s a good point she’s pretty boring other than being an attractive doormat that lets other solve her problems.
I thought you were joking since I haven’t read it after dropping it. Holy shit what is this manga doing?

>tadano gets stranded with a girl who likes him and they are forced to sleep together
>pic related is the result, even the author is aware of the state komi is in
This is where I stopped reading. I just couldn't take it anymore.

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it's been multiple chapters now.

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>episode tonight
>no one cares
What went wrong? It can't be Netflix jail because BRS and STR are in Disney+ jail but that doesn't stop Yea Forums from caring about them.

Nagabros.. they stole OUR thing....

Yeah, the quiet girls can work, but they have to be something more than just the atractive dormats. Look at the mess of girl on pic related, she's cute, quiet and overly shy, yeat her story has the actual progression and her relationship develops more in her short 12 chapter manga than Komi's does in 100 chapters or so. And I chose the pic related, since it's her least flattering one and because I did something simmilar irl.
I like gaming manga, but this is just a sick joke. The literal dying meme as plot.

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>Why is a long runner like Komi allowed to be continued to exist when it has so deviated from its original premise
It could be worse and you know it.

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>Among Us
Shit would've been kinda cringy even if this chapter dropped right when it was super popular and everyone was joking about it, nevertheless now.

That is a very fair point. At least Komi's still working towards her hundred friend goal.


Getting serious mankasa vibes from current komi

I want to see komi get slapped across the face

>where did it go wrong?
walking back the confession during the play

This. She's literally the reason why everything went to shit. Her initial character was fine and a good way for Komi to get close to another person who also had problems socializing alone, but what she became and the entire love triangle plot was ham-fisted and useless at the end of the day and only served to worsen both main characters. Komi had more character development during the Rei-arc than the rest of Year 2 where she pretty much regressed, and Tadano went from a self-conscious but perceptive guy to a complete oblivious generic romcom protag. And everything was topped off by discarding most of the important secondary characters to a new cast that barely did anything. Oh yeah, and basically retconning the first White Day chapter. Literally nothing came out of it, no character commented on it, and in most other romcom manga that chapter would be a really big deal, but alas, either the author or the editors didn't want to progress their relationship further that "early" on the manga and decided to wait 3 fucking years to give it a (really bad) closure.

I hate how the original cast of her friends was completely discarded in favor of a thousand others who weren't nearly as interesting or memorable. That also made Komi kind of unlikable as a consequence, seeing how she barely interacts with any of them now but still considers them her friends somehow.


Stream starts now

At some point she started turning into Seto Kaiba.