Do you think there should be more female outdoor peeing scenes in isekai?

Do you think there should be more female outdoor peeing scenes in isekai?

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I need more pristine beautiful nuns.

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>hero gets trapped/lost/transported/presumed dead and his love interest ends up marrying someone else thinking he's dead
I love this trope. Especially when they try to come back to MC after the fact and get BTFO. Suicide is cheap.

Exile seems like the worst call to make here. Either kill him for his dangerous power or negotiate a power seal/ban contract if killing is distasteful.

>gets turned into a cumdump
>hints at her helping MC get more mesugakis to discipline in the future
Very nice.

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Yes, but they have to be naked or at least have their pants off

I prefer when they piss themselves

Remember that all isekai MCs belong to their onee-chans

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Bone the goddess

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>can't use basic elf shenanigans
>she's not an elf
>let's ostracize her
Do elves really?

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Yes, imagine the smell, especially if she pisses on you so that you can enjoy the warm golden shower.

Bone Onee~chan. No Goddess, No Kuudere waifu, No smug loli please

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>but they have to be naked or at least have their pants off
Pleb, it's the piss itself that matters, not the female body.

I prefer a heroine who piss on the MC's face to wake him up.

I cant believe this series find any translators, considering that its moderately popular in Japan and that an anime is comming up soon.

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TL doko...

They're right. Though in my opinion kicking her from the village (with basic and decent supplies obviously) is better option.

This shit looks straight out of 2010 Battle harem

>school romcom
I'm not surprised.

>about to have sex with goblins
>mc interrupts
Why? Maybe her quest from local brothel is now failed and they will kick her out from the prostitute guild.

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Next page is about kicking her from the village.

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Funny story
It was literally written in 2016 during the twilight of battle harems and the dawn of isekais. And a 12 chapter manga was made at the time.

Hwoever since its premise involved training a school of heroes to kill the demon lord, it was able to slot in nicely with the times. Heck its manga got rebooted and raws are now at chapter 49 and going strong.

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Anise really fears the mama it seems.

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Any examples?

This series also has the same author as this isekai and the manga of disgusted maid face. In fact many of the harem members of this series has similar faces and hairstyles with the other

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>Can't rein her son properly.
The king and queen need to learn how to be a parent.

That's the superior manga

useless CF

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The harem has grown too large, but still only one of them has to wait without a good reason.

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Doges betray
Gnomes don't betray

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>Story is about crowd of immortal cultivators watching mc's life through an artifact.
>Mc gains fox demon companion he lives with as a kid.
>It uses illusion magic to look human, but body is still animal.
>Cultivators start arguing over whenever he should engage in beastiality with it or not. And whenever they would do it in his place.
Jesus fuck, bigwig cultivators are ancient china's version of shitposters, reminds me of that one user who wanted to fuck a horse in one of previous threads.

But do they shit too? Heroines should both piss and shit, it's pure bliss to witness.

>>like I struggle to see any isekai in the 4+ cat that is an actual romance

YU-NO is a pretty shit romance though. Like the only girl Takuya has a decent development with is Kanna and his actual wife Sayless.
The entire love thing with YU-NO was "I've been jealous of mommy getting pounded by your meatstick, please fuck my thirsty elven body".

But do nuns piss? And what is the color?

Cultivators eat shit if it would increase their qi. Fucking a demon fox isn't even on the radar of a cultivator.

>bigwig cultivators are ancient china's version of shitposters
Your entire summary sounds like a caricature of isekai threads
Also, how the fuck does
>It uses illusion magic to look human, but body is still animal

Its shocking hoe many similar faces and hairstyles that manga with the other one I mentioned desu. Some of them are literally copy pastes

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Catholic here, nuns aren't filled with urine, they're filled with the holy spirit

poor sieg, he keeps dying

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>>Cultivators start arguing over whenever he should engage in beastiality with it or not. And whenever they would do it in his place.
But what is the correct answer?

>Red hair is the same as red haired main girl
>Blond is the receptionist he fucks in the early chapters
>The loli is literally a copy paste. She has the same design in both manga
>Girl in green was the horse that turns into a human
>Tanned girl is the spider
>Girl with short hair and headband is the same as the demon girl who was with Orion since the very beginning

Obviously. Dual cultivation will increase your dao or something.

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Embrace Chinese blessings

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When does she reveal herself as a succubus or something?

Is there one of these "my family hates me, but after I got isekai'd I became the strongest" where the MC actually doesn't take shit from his family and just beats them up on the spot?

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Story is a giant flashback viewed in real time, mc reincarnates as evil emperor from cultivation novel AFTER evil emperor lost due to being sealed in artifact, artifact is a mirror eating his cultivation and shows his "past" in exchange, mc has ability to edit what mirror shows to make emperor look more heroic to avoid death through pity, but he has to follow what really happened at least somewhat closely, i.e. can't write outright verifiable bullshit, its strongly implied that somebody may have been bullshitting about emperor being evil in the first place, guy was the first emperor to ban exploding mortal towns by billions because of grumpy mood, for example.

>Thick eyebrows
She's perfect, apart from the BETRAY

Pure crystal clear pee

She looks l ike a brat, you could probably dick that betraying right out of her.

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Oh sorry, I misread post and posted unrelated summary in instead, it uses illusion on top of fox body, instead of proper transformation into human, like a hologram together with hiding fox body.

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So what's her cheat. Anime told me the weakest are akshually the strongest.


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Is this considered isekai?

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Is she peeing in the lake?

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She consumed some world tree sap and evolved into high elf. Still pretty weak, even random flower (not her best friend) beat the shit out of her.

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ai vs ai fight and she lost?

Like all of them.

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Elf also dives into the bed when there's no vast enough liquid sources around.

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It's /ourguy/.

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