Shield hero/Tate no yuusha episode 5!

"Ost Hourai"
The time for the latest episode has arrived, soon upon us and in 7 hours shall it air. Come here and discuss any opinions, grievances and hopes for the second season of this isekai rising fantasy anime!

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In other news, the dub for episode 1 shall be starting this may 4th, along with a new voice for naofumi, done by Stephen Fu. This is following the sudden retirement of voice actor Billy Kametz from his voice acting career due to the recent discovery of stage IV colon cancer.


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>new voice for naofumi, done by Stephen Fu
What's your expectation? This guy has only done sidd character/additional voices and iirc never an MC.

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Well i heard his voice in dumbbell so i think it should be ok.

I want to fuck Glass but she's a dyke. What do?

I regret to inform you that she's built for lolibaba puss

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But what if I get to Kizuna before her? Then what?

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I sat through the painfully boring turtle fight.
Did things get better after?

he was the lead in A Sister's All You Need (2017). he was pretty funny there.

>new voice for naofumi
eng or jap?

why are they changing his VA?

Previous VA got butt cancer.

VA got colon cancer stage IV
He'll be fucking dead in a couple of years or maybe earlier depending of how spread is it.

>stage IV
jesuschrist... please anons go check our freaking body from time to time

Just checked him out. Yeah his voice is similar to the last guy's. Also big sad for him

Her hair is dumb.

But her armor suggests she's stacked...

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Chinese gacha game. Kadokawa just filled a trademark for it overseas so they might bring that over instead of rerise

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Imagine naming your kid Glass lol

What did you say again?

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cute coon

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>Anime adaptation never ever

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>you fucked shit up but I'll let you redo everything again
>okay this time imma build a loli chicken harem

Why the fuck are traditional japanese style women unreasonably hot?

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That's literally one episode, why don't you just watch?

>spot the homosexual character

What the hell did she do to her hair?

No I don't want that! I want Yea Forumsnons to spoonfeed me, for the next 10 episodes at least!

To disguise herself as normal adventurers. As this is not during a wave, she doesn't have the same power she had so she needs to avoid confrontation with Naofumi or he's gonna rekt her dyke ass

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Isn't in the LN he was stealing the soul energy from the tortoise?

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Naofumi wasn't impressed

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Well third times a chime I guess

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Come to think of it this tortoise arc's main appeal is to see how Naofumi struggles for his life trying to repel the tortoise's positron beams. The show skipped all of that in favor of speed running through this arc and robbing it of what made it somewhat engaging and what we get is a bland kind of adventure. Well, hope the next arc will retain some of its fun.

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Raphtalia's dumbfounded look is amazing.

She notices Naofumi is into traditional Japanese dress and she'll dress in one starting from the next arc

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Isn't the arc generally hated? Maybe that's why.

Yeah I don't know why the writer chose not to expand on the current world and characters before the fight with the tortoise and transporting him to glass's world. She could have made Bitch the villian again trying to conspire against the queen with a nearby country or some shit. That would have been more engaging and glass and her team would continue to be a lingering threat for shield hero-sama to lose his sleep about.

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Probably they didn't want to stay away too much from the source.

No, I meant the LN writer. I kinda feel bad for the anime writer though from what the source material is and how much screentime to tell the story.

Is this noisy guy the villain for the whole season? God he's insufferable. Please tell me he fucks off next episode and never returns.

Better yet when they fight Rishia kicks his ass.

Yes and he fucks off and Naofumi chases after him because he killed his milf waifu

>he killed his milf waifu

I hate him already.

No it's fuckin boring

he's based as fuck though.

Does the author have a fetish for chest tattoos?

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Anyone dropping this show?

>still watching the falling of the incel hero in 2022
for what reason

nah, i've considered it but isn't terrible. just good enough for me to spare the 24 minutes required to watch it

I dropped it after episode there any reason to pick it up again?

Chest tattoos are cool

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>You ask yourself. "Have I been here before?"
>You feel that you have dealt a total of 9001 damage to the heart
>The heart pulses louder and louder as your consciousness fades...

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I just read the subtitles and pay no attention to the voice actors :^)