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It took a while, but a new translation of Seo's Mild Ride is out.

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Ririka the double agent!

>They already moved out
Huh I thought they'd stay for longer, but that's fine I guess.

Hmm, dark Riho is quite cute, although I prefer the original more.

They're not moving far, bet they'll still come up in the future

Sorry for the delay in dumping, had to do some things

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the translation took an oddly long time to come out

It's either the group was less inclined to release quickly given the break, or they're starting to lose interest in the series.

I never get tired of Mao's rack

shit, I was hoping Ririka would have to turn to porn to pay off her debt

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She'll pay Hayato in "favours" soon

does Hayato even have a sex-drive, though?

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would it have been better if Ririka really was a scheming manipulator, or do you prefer her as a good girl?

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How many whores can i buy with 6.5m yen? If ririka can pay with her body would it entail atleast a year of every sex?

*Every day sex

>If ririka can pay with her body would it entail atleast a year of every sex?
I hope so

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ah, by every sex, I thought you meant every form of sex

Yes. It's getting worse every chapter because of the stress as well. One day he might just snap and fuck all the girls on the spot.

wonder if we'll see them next chapter? feels like they'll be away for awhile

The cover baited me into thinking it was a Mao chapter

We need a scene like this involving Hayato and one of the other girls.

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The translator have a thesis presentation that's why it got delayed.

Haha mc is slowly, but surely building a harem without knowing it.

He didn't ask for harem life, harem life ask for him

I'm tired of backstabbing whores and I wouldn't be reading it if this was the standard Seo soap opera trash. I want this to stay comfy.

He’s such a tsundere

she looks like she fucks only shota cock

Whats up with her eyes
Will they backstab Hayato, or will he backstab them with his big rod
It was an ok chapter

>he backstab them with his big rod

That's awfully generous of him. Not an insignificant sum to part with in the short term.

How would you know this?


>The cover baited me into thinking it was a Mao chapter
damn you Seo, what a cruel trick

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ah, cheers

which one?

all of them

Seo is not subtle. Cute.

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This old man is Ami's grandfather. I can feel it.

what're you saying?

>Will they backstab Hayato, or will he backstab them with his big rod
well, Mao's rear does seem a tempting target

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what'll happen next week?

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Hayato being stressed and some girls trying to make him feel better

it'll still on break btw, seo taking an additional week of break after the GW break

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really? Shit

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it's true, next WSM issue is 24th, next chapter will be at 25th

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