Literally has a skeleton as the protagonist

>Literally has a skeleton as the protagonist
>Waifu-fags ignore this and praise some gothic loli slut that has been done to the death or some generic tsundere/yandere #999

Jesus fucking christ, I hate you faggots.

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I like all three.

Look, it's a shitty story carried by three absolutely banger OPs, who cares

I praise both.
Literally every single character in Nazarick is cool, Momonga being the coolest of them all.

i just got a friend into overlord and they're hype for season 4 this summer

He's lame and can't even fuck. His subordinates should be taken by human men.

>done to death
And yet not a single one of them is as cute as Shalltear.

Interesting how one of TeamFourStar voices Ainz Ooal Gown.

>Anime instead of the books

You disgust me.

One step at a time, user

It isn't.

He's the reason I got into the series and the reason I'm still here and excited for volumes 15-16, despite the no man's land we as fans were forced into since the grim summer of 2018. I first saw Ainz posted on another board as a reaction and reverse-looked up the image, expecting the skeleton to be a minor to incidental character in whatever he was from. I can't communicate to you in words the sensation I felt when it turned out he was the main character. I'd never picked up a series so quickly in my life.

8 years later (which I can scarcely believe), I'm aware to the point of exhaustion of the flaws with the series, but what was true then is still true today: there isn't a better story out there with an evil, skeletal lich protagonist, so I'll keep eating this shit with a smile until it's over.

ARE the books worth it?
I'm enjoying the premise very much even if the execution feels a bit... off.
I'm pretty much on the same boat as I think, I like the protagonist enough to put up with the anime's flaws, though he doesn't really -feel- evil, at least up to the episode I just watched.

Books are much better, things get fleshed out more, you actually know why things are happening the way they do, what thought processes or lack thereof that go into them, so the humor works better too

My friend, I almost envy you. Yes, the books are very much worth it, and I do believe you'll find the execution much more fulfilling. The first season of the anime was a decent adaptation for the most part (excepting the first half of Volume 3, which was an understandable truncation), but by the third season, it became absolute trash with a shoestring budget, and it massacres the most iconic moment in the series. I would advise you to start as soon as you can, but recommend that you finish season 1 when you're done with Volume 3. Then just keep reading the books. You can watch the last two seasons after that if you want to laugh.

Thanks friends.
I'm currently up to season 3 actually so it's a bit late to follow this advice specifically but it's good to know that the source material does a better job at developing the characters so I'll check them out.
I agree Season 1 felt much better than Season 2 and what I've seen of the third one, but if nothing else I am enjoying the voice acting a lot

The voice acting is always top-notch. The Lizardmen adaptation was passable. The second half of season 2 was a mess because those two books are almost unadaptable. Season 3's first episode was atypically good. The rest of it is severely stunted by the excision of internal monologues to the point where it's almost meaningless, and the tail end of it, as said, ruins one of the best moments in the series. It was so badly handled that it was one of the reasons our original fan translator quit.

I will grant you a boon.

Oh cool.
Thank you very much m8, I appreciate it.

Oh yeah because a skeleton is so original and unique. Retard contrarian.

What would you know about skeletons, invertebrate?

A skeleton protagonist IS very unusual you goon.

Or was. Ainz was Japan's first since Golden Bat. Now there's copycats all over the isekai scene from all three bug countries.

What is your honest opinion about Demiurgosu?

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really funny to me that this is the only MUH ISEKAI POWER FANTASY WITH INVINCIBLE INFALLIBLE ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT MC anime that gets off completely scot free despite being objectively just as bad as sword art online while having worse animation.

Pretty based. I like when an author actually shows realistic evil shit like testing cross breeding with slave stock that would normally be avoided at all costs.

But Sword Art Online wasn't bad.

ains isn't infallible and is in fact bumbling around like an idiot

Probably because that pile of bones is old anf busted, Arc is the new skelebro hero

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Best boy
Would tell him he's doing a great job and that I'm proud of him

this show is legitimately horrible and at a huge deficit of ideas and it's really funny that people like it


I didn't know Jircniv posted on Yea Forums

Is the forgemaster running off with the ingot going to be relevant at some point or is it going to be completely ignored?
Will he sell it to some enemy nation or will he train to reach a sufficient blacksmith level and craft a set of armor that will become the pride of the dwarven race?

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In sure he will come back with ancient-new ™ technology to gift our absolute ruler

>waifufags ignores the skeleton and notices the waifu
What did you expect, you retard?

So you want anons to ignore the big tittie yandere and jerk off to a literal skeleton instead?

ainz is a fag, noone cares about him. he's a vessel for more interesting characters.

of course, who would jerk off to a hairy gorilla when there's the ivory magnificence of a supreme being

Ainz is never in the right. Most of the series is spent focused on the innocent people whose lives Ainz endangers by being a paranoid lunatic.

I'd much rather watch Billy and Mandy if I wanted a cool skeleton.

>waaaa no one gives a shit about the main character

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There's a new skelly in town.

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>dark elf wearing a cosmetic skin

When will we see Clementhighs again in canon? Is the plot hook with her body disappearing really going to be abandoned like all the others?

Might as well be a humie

Arc's seiyuu is carrying the entire series on his back now. I've read the entire WN and it's mediocre at best. Arc in particular is an incredibly bland protagonist with no real goals of his own. By casting such a charismatic and lively voice for him, they've made the series seem halfway decent to the uninitiated, but you'll soon realize how trite the whole thing is. Do you know what the best thing about Skeleton Knight is, and why I kept reading all of it, though? It's the main antagonist, who is an explicit Ainz homage with an identical backstory. Ainz is not only the better skeleton protagonist, but also the better skeleton in Arc's own series.

Ainz is the only waifu you need.

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>A pissfag
>Calling anything boring

Every time I fix my tie in excitement, I think of him. Sasuga Ainz-sama

Single-handedly responsible for adding the word "sasuga" to the weeb lexicon

Piss isn't boring, it just has the worst pacing of any manga out there. You can't read it week to week or you will die. It can only be consumed if you have a big backlog of chapters, usually an arc's worth.

Read a bit of the manga, lost interest because the protagonist was just mindlessly biting quest hooks. One of his party members has an issue with some slavers so he's "Okay I guess we'll fight those slavers then".

I brought this up on a certain forum and was yelled at by posters claiming that he was a super-deep character because he fought passionately to end slavery.
After that I often saw the series brought up as an excellent, ground-breaking isekai which other writers could learn from - but while users were always excited to see new chapters, they never seemed to talk about the actual plot or characters. Until suddenly a bunch of people started ragequitting the series because he wasn't fighting slavers any more, saying the author had changed his entire personality.

>they didn't even stick around long enough to find out that the only thing Arc actually cares about is tomatoes
Sad! Sounds about right, though. The only really interesting thing about the story is how players from different games and even different time periods all end up in the same isekai, and that's really just background flavor.

for some reason, i could never look past the fact that the supporting characters were all NPCs. I don't know why, i just couldn't see them as living characters despite trying to convince myself otherwise. This is the only anime where his happened to me

I love how he is a completely earnest, unironic >pushes glasses up kind of character.

Look I'm just waiting until they get to the elf kingdom so those twin sluts can get bred by hot elf studs

Why doesn't ainz just use wish upon a star to remove his automatic emotional dampening system?

He likes it

When did he say that? I could understand if it triggered when he was angery only but his happiness gets toned down as well

It triggers when he gets stressed out as well.