What did she forget to wear?

What did she forget to wear?

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Shoes and socks apparently.

her dignity

What the fuck is going on with the leg on the left? Is this fanart?

she broke her shin and didn't want to go to the hospital

Her mask?

obviously her socks
are you blind?

user, the Japanese don't wear socks indoors, unlike Americans. Seriously, why do Americans do this?

To keep our feet clean? Why would you want to suck on someone's filthy feet instead?

She forgot to wear "Hey Senpai", apparently.


She is underage.

Go back, no one cares.

That makes me even harder.

Socks make your feet dirty by sucking up all the moist dirt and piss on the ground.

The ground is very rarely moist


These kind of socks. I don't know what they're called.

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No, it's in the manga


stirrup leggings



Do you live in a stable, user?

How do you know? Foot fetish much?

surprisingly well drawn feet

What, do you live in a desert? Doesn't it rain where you live?

Are you retarded? Where else would I keep my horse?

uhhh umm


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Naga-chan is very generous with her feet.

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Do people know what the mangaka used to draw?

Are you some kind of lolicon?

Her right foot definitely touched his cock

Her wedding ring.

How the fuck did I know someone would say this?

Indoor footwear>>>socks>barefoot>>>outdoor shoes indoors

Cuz u are wearing a diaper too

A bulletproof vest


Does Senpai have to change her in the art room?

he bra

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It's a shame he stopped.

>Bisque's overall manga sales is still higher than Niggertoro and Komi-flop combined

LMAO! Nothing personal, plebbit.

How did she do it?

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If your manga was doing well, you wouldn't need to bring it up in other series' threads

Blonde gyaru > tomboy tan gyaru
A million times over.

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jiggly tits

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For my dear Marin bros


I haven't even watched the anime or read the manga but every time i see that bitch i get really angry

>two hands

they're in a bus. who takes their socks off in a fucking bus.


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Jealous of Senpai. We know the feeling

>no season 2
lmao, bisqueniggers are embarrassing

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Cope, seethe and dilate sweety

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Better nails than Naga

>Guess what I forgot to wear today...
>Hey Senpai!

Bus have doors, therefore, it's indoors. It's basic Japanese etiquette.

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Maybe he's distracted by her feet