One Piece

>It's probably the Germa
Blackbeardchads, he is FINALLY here

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Threadly Reminder that Kaido’s new fire dragon form won’t do shit

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I believe in Luffy


reminder blackbeard is one of odas top 5 favorite characters and most likely the final boss
I fucking HATE Momo.

>Blackbeardchads, he is FINALLY here
no, he's not
but these two are

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>When Germa is so boring the only interesting thing about the cover story is the theory of them being other intruders pretending to be Germa

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Your turn user

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I still think is Pudding pretending to be Reiju and some other person pretending to be Ichiji to distract the BMPs while green Sanji and blue Sanji escape

So given that Jewelry Bonney can revert people's age, does that mean she could revert Kuma from robot back into a person? Given his power if Kuma returned to being a revolutionary that would be quite the stir in the story.

why is cracker talking about circumcising himself?

Am I having a stroke because I swear I've seen these exact posts several times already

You know at least Kaido was there for his kid

Were they a part of WBs crew?

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You must be new here

Who wins
>Franky vs Ichiji
>Faget vs Yonji
>Ulti vs Reiju
>Judge vs Sasaki

No, all it’d do is reverse his aging. It wouldn’t effect the robotic enhancements that are integrated into his body.

Could go either way


Shitty cow gorilla

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>last two or three chapters have been the same shit
Would it kill Oda to give us the status of the other SHs? What's going on with Usopp? When are Brook and Robin going to reach the live floor? What's Zoro going to do? Fight the Grim Reaper in his head?

None of them knew how strong ace was and Laffite was confirmed to be a sheriff from the West Blue

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Usopp is running for his dear life.

bros when does my man usopp get his year?

>Franky isn't strong enough for any germa without his mech
>Yonji pile drives faget into oblivion
>Reiju has posion which is busted
>I assume Judge beat ex YC Snack who should be far stronger than Sasaki
Peros is stronger than most of the people on this list and he's fodder for Germa

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After Zoro, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, and Jinbe get theirs

He's clearly stalling to reach 1050
why he didn't just extend every other fight is beyond me

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Take my Akasupa

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Literally Elbaf. The only other sniper characters worth a damn in this series is Van Auger and Yasopp. Usopp has lots of room here

mihawk is stronger than roger


I hate number autism so much

So when are we going to see Buggy somehow get to the new world where Shanks is?

Retard, Peros is stronger than any germa except Ichiji

Hiyori is stronger than Whitebeard, Oden, Roger and Rocks combined times a billion

So...what was she talking about?

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He’s the kind of guy to convert a bunch of money into some worthless third world currency so he can drop a red brick donation 7 times a stream for 12$.

You make a good point and it pisses me off. All of these pointless flashbacks could've been used for SHs that we haven't seen in a while.


If Uta can really brainwash people, does this mean we may get Koby, Law, Barto and Bepo as enemies in this FILM?

he turned his blade into a black blade and roger didn't

My friendship has ended with Ruffy. Uta is my new senpai!


Luffy a shit

Wow 100 billion Extol
That's almost enough to buy some lunch

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Ben Beckman BTFO Ace

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>Ichiji's specialty is beams yet he's easily able to close the distance and punch Peros in the face
>Niji is clearly much faster than Niji and has a sword
>Yonji's specialty is physical strength and should logically hit harder than his brothers
Like I said
Peros is fodder for Germa

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Roger rarely use his sword. He didn't rely on his sword technique alone. Roger is pretty much like whitebeard. Free fighting style + added extra weapon

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>Ace was a jobber with an over inflated bounty
no wonder he could only stalemate fellow jobber Smoker

Well he's not a swordsman then so it doesn't count if he's stronger than Mihawk

Carrot is a hit

We have no idea what the requirements are for that. It could also be synergy with the sword itself and being chosen by it in addition to big dick haki for all we know.

Luffy is a hit

Daily remind that Kaido's attack is based on 5 Wisdom kings in Buddhism.
The last one and the center Wisdom king, Acala the Immovable Lord hasnt yet to show up
That means this flame form isnt even Kaido's final attack, and the match won't end here

What are the other 4?

The motherfucker was way too reliant on a fruit and apparently knew dick all about haki. He got beat by a fucking DF user wearing seastone cuffs for fucks sake.
I will never get over the fact that we've had "Ace was so strong!!!" hammered into our skulls for so long without any actual proof that he was.

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