Is this the future of anime?

Are we doomed?

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looks like the present, user

No. Manga is a unique medium that allows a writer's own perfect vision to come to life, with no committees or editors needed to agree on the budget. Therefore, more risks can be taken.

Who cares.

It's become increasingly worse yeah. UY remake is just the latest and there will be more

user, you do realize that unique and original movies have increasingly become less of a thing as franchise movies have also taken hold? See Demon Slayer and JJK. It's taken hold in anime as well

Who gives a shit? There are a constant influx of unique new manga. And this results in a constant flow of new anime.

This is a hardly a trend within anime. Asides from the new Spice & Wolf season and the FLCL, what reboots have we even seen?

>unique and original movies have increasingly become less of a thing
Oh no! Anyway...

And those will become less and less as more and more resources and money is put towards franchise movies. There's still unique stuff in Western live action as well. It just doesn't make much money and is less of a thing. Good Japanese article on it

Spice and wolf is something people even begged for. That's how rare this shit is in Japan.

>data missing for original series
Worthless graph without all the data needed to draw conclusions. It's like I'm really on Yea Forums!

Why are you celebrating that? Do you like the trend of franchises, remakes, etc?

I linked a nip article here specifically showing the movie trend I've never posted in Yea Forums

Here are some upcoming sequels/remakes/adaptations of established anime/manga/light novel properties off the top of my head
>Urusei Yatsura
>Sailor Moon
>Biscuit Hammer
>Hataraku Maou-sama
>Spice and Wolf

And these are just the few that I recall. It is a growing trend for anime producers to bank on established IPs for anime adaptations, and the huge success of the Kimetsu and JJK movies are also affecting the anime movie space as well.

Look at the top 5 most popular shows for the summer season, all sequels/part of franchises

I don't think it's fair to compare an adaptation adapting more of the source material to sequels in Hollywood, it's not like YA adaptations are still the main thing
If you don't have anything to watch in Summer then that's time you can use watching an old show or reading manga or doing literally anything else

I feel like I've seen this thread a year ago, along with the same posts in responses to "who gives a fuck"

>look at the top most popular unreleased shows, they're all things with preexisting fanbases
Now this is just a silly argument, come on.

No. Because anime has the Manga/LN pipeline. Those mediums are far cheaper and allow for experiments that succeed or fail quick. And the successes to get anime adaptations. The real endangered unicorn is anime originals. But that's already the case.

It is literally same with Anime user.
The soft power creativity is being engulfed by doomed system itself and the symptom is self replication.

Idk, I think it's fair when these are the shows that take up so much space and revenue and talent. It's not like the summer has a bunch of originals lined up

Who cares? We haven't had a good anime original since TTGL.

Nice bait.

Is that when they start making part 2 before part 1?

I don't see how it's a silly argument? I don't know why it would be healthy for anime to be this dominated by sequels with all of the attention and hype given to them. They're what dominate discussion and get the big bucks

>I don't see how it's a silly argument
Because they aren't released yet. Of course the things that have previous material people have seen, will be more popular that NOBODY HAS SEEN YET.


Again, how does this change/refute my argument? Similarly, the latest Marvel movie or show will obviously be more popular. The point is that its popular and it makes so much of what defines anime and where the revenue and resources are at.

I was actually hoping for this response. I will admit, there is a bulk of seasonal anime that are recurring shows. The catalog here is enough proof of that. While I agree with this concern, current anime has been too shitty for long enough that the impact is dull.

Some day it will but likely not in our life time. Every culture eventually runs out things to say and either transforms into something barely recognizable or is straight up replaced by other cultures.

Originality doesn't matter. It's always all in the execution.

*laughs in Chainsaw Man

don't you mean snoozefest waifuman?


Expanded Universe crap is horrible
I like the idea of crossovers but they should be reserved for fanart, cameos or a special bonus non-canon chapter like that one Takagai and Tsubaki bonus chapter.
Capeshit is overflowing with this and it makes crossovers not fun.

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>Why are you celebrating that?
I'm not. Just saying nothing of value was lost.

>See Demon Slayer and JJK. It's taken hold in anime as well
>he was too young to remember the era of naruto, bleach and one piece dominating the market with anime that aired endlessly regardless of if there was any new material to adapt

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thats one of the many good reasons why no one gave a shit about anime movies in the 2000s
all the interesting creator-focusrd projects were primarily tv since they wanted to hop onto the late night tv train while digital was still cheap and new enough for execs to green light literally anything since it wasnt on cel

an interesting development is the rise of films adapting previously unadapted but short source material that's suited for a feature length film like kadokawa's pompo, that avex sci-fi alien thing, the tunnel to goodbye from pony canyon, blue thermal from toei
those have mostly bombed though but as long as they keep getting made directors and staff should be able to get good creative work in

That's the point of the parent article, the graphs are also for vidya and other mediums like books. It's not about so much about whether it's remakes or sequels but that the big budget originals are becoming increasingly marginalized and rare. How many anime in recent years have introduced us to new things we haven't see before?

If you don't care about originality, why do you watch anime or engage in genre fiction at all then? Why not just go back to contemporary realism whereby the execution and finesse is far greater than in genre fiction?

Originality does not beget quality, not in this genre or any other. Neither does realism, I don't know what the fuck you're on about.



>no committees or editors
A lot of manga in popular magazines is basically written by editors and committees, as they know what sells to their target audience.

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cinema's got neither

This happens if there's too much money in the game and they need safe sales.

I skipped statistics and probability, what are the dots?

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I wouldn't care if they were good, but the last one I saw was the Code Geass movie and it was absolute garbage.

Nothing to do with statistics, the dots are just the absolute values for that year, and the line is an interpolated trend. The grey area probably has something to do with statistics but I don't know what.

That's why Samurai 8 crashed and burned with no survivors even though every path available was tried to force it
There's just no arguing that manga is an authentically competitive sink-or-swim medium right now

This is a positive development. The best stories are sequels, adaptations or spinoffs of preexisting works.
Also the modern adaptation model changes the perspective a lot. If Boku no Hero Academia was made in the 80s it'd just be a 200 episode series. Today it gets sliced into many seasons and movies and such which all artificially give the impression of a "sequel" when it's really just a continuation of the same story.
Thanks to this development adaptations are way, way higher in terms of production quality too. It's a good trend for the modern scene and even a couple of decades ago, adaptations and sequels were the best of the best. Look at some beloved classic, odds are it's an adaptation or a sequel. Original anime haven't really been a thing until the laste 90s.

No. Western movie is turning into comic book industry where there is nothing new and everything is a rehash of 100 year old ideas recycled infinite times

>Are we doomed?
No. This means we will surely get konosuba season 3. Right?

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If they're profitable then why not? There'd be less originals but they'll still be existing. Atleast with more money circulating within the industry it might lead to higher salaries. In the end, I prefer people having better life.

>Atleast with more money circulating within the industry it might lead to higher salaries.
But for whom?

No not really. Hollywood is full of remakes and reboots of decades old shit. Anime is still nowhere near that. Biggest recent anime movies are originals or movies from young franchises.

It's a confidence interval, but it doesn't really mean much without the definition of the interpolation model and the confidence values.

>it might lead to higher salaries
Doesn't work like that. Business of course must be profitable for higher salaries, but it's profitable enough for that already. Until the workforce at large demands higher salaries, or relevant laws will be passed, it's not going to happen.

I don't see the OP image in that article