Is this the sleeper hit of the season?

Is this the sleeper hit of the season?

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maybe if they dump the rap stuff fast, that does not translate at all

fuck off gigguk shill

Is that Genghis Khan?

Yes, it's the sleeping dragon of the season

Yes. Or Oda Nobunaga, I don't know man.

Nah that goes to Estab-life. Its in the running for AotS though.

dropped at ep4

more like the makes me fall asleep of the season

it's the 3rd most popular anime this season among anywhere that's not Yea Forums

what's that even about? some dead dude reincarnates and enjoys the night life while helping some idol shitter?

ryofuko chan>this shit

Until the rap episode it was, now it's just mid.

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he is a music manager using ancient chinese secret warfare to progress her career

>sleeper hit
>when almost everyone knows


It's not a sleeper at all though. And you fags tricked me, the show is great but the threads were good for the first two episodes and now they're all dogshit. Not as bad as how the bisque threads were
Yes, even though there are some aspects of it that annoy me. I was surprised at how much dumb fun I have with it.

uuuhhhm there is almost a thread up 24/7 to the point that its almost a general where have you been? or are you talking about every where else, how is this show being received outside of Yea Forums?

Rap shit killed its momentum.

>is popular show the sleeper hit?
no retard

That is kinda a sleeper though, or more accurately a dark horse show. Pre-season attention was all on Spy X Family, Kaguya and other sequel seasons, and the crowded isekai smorgasbord.
So some thing about a Three Kingdoms dude enjoying the Japanese nightlife and music stuff, grabbing people with its catchy OP did kinda come out of left field.

what the fuck do Japanese people even rap about?
There's virtually zero crime, drug abuse isn't nearly as much of a problem, their public housing is actually very good, and they don't get racially profiled.

yeah the rap twink is making it worse

On Anichart popularity rankings it was like rank 29 or something before the season began. It's moved up pretty steadily and is now rank 13 in popularity and more importantly. it's the only show outside of the top 5 to have an 80% or higher rating.


i love my boy kongming

It's Taikoubou. I read the manga.

they should rap about anime!!!

He's either Chinese or Japanese

>you can't rap about the oppressed zoomer and their so-called depresso in a country full of red tapes, nepotism and pressure from social conformity
>you can't rap about the Thirty six Stratagems

It's shit, so no.

Fuck off zoomer

The forced meme of the season.

You're acting like rapping is all gangsta shit and that wasn't just a later development that evolved out of DJs messing around with record beats. Yeah, the 80s and 90s had that socially conscious stuff that gave way to straight up gangster rap, but a lot of older hip-hop like Rapper's Delight or Tricky is 99% rappers talking about how awesome they are. Then you get to the 90s with Ice-T and NWA and their successors.
Then hip-hop got huge and eventually it along with R&B and pop eventually supplanted rock music as the most dominant genre, and gangsta rap gave way to glam rap, dudes talking about how rich they are from the drugs they were selling 10 years ago and the awesome lifestyle they live.

So look at Asian music industries like Korea and Japan. They don't gotta be Kendrick when you can just rap catchy shit like Drake, and that's all they gotta do. The biggest Korean groups all have at least one designated rapper. A lot of anime OPs have a rap break. Just fucking write lyrics and instead of singing them, rap them. You don't need a story like dad is in debt to the Yakuza from underground mahjong parlors and pachinko or how they rolled with the baddest bosozuku gang in the prefecture(do those even exist anymore?). Just rap about how you got a hot waifu in Osaka and you on the next flight, paying cash, first class, sitting next to Vanna White.

Y'all don't wanna hear me, you just wanna dance

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Great post, I love Japanese rap and the various production styles

good one user

more like overrated shit of the season

>Is this the sleeper hit of the season?
Started out looking like it and then it shit the bed fast. It is the Japanese version of the white girl learns how to dance and teach the poor kids in the ghetto when no one else can type of movie, except they went and got someone for the ghettos of history.

Paripi Koumei? More like Paripi Kouzbekistan because I am going to destroy Eiko's tight pussy just like how Genghis Khan pillaged Samarkand. I want to rail her senseless until she screams "TASHKENT-TE, YAMERO". I bet her snatch has been used and visited by many throughout her life, just like the ancient silk road city of Bukhara. Bu I don't mind because I love Eiko just like how Uzbeks love their pilaf, so much that they actually made the world's largest serving of pilaf earlier this month during O'zbegim, whereby a total of 50 chefs from across the country used 1,500 kilograms of beef, 400 kilograms of mutton, 2,700 kilograms of carrots, 220 kilograms of onions, 440 liters of cooking oil and 57 kilograms of salt to make the dish.

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I like the idea and the OP but after a couple of episodes I've sort of seen enough. Not a fan of that idol music stuff

Estab-Life is sleeper hit of this season.

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Bro como SE dice pol in Espanol

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I don't see rappers in kpop bands as real rappers.

based estabro

it isn't
zhuge liang has always been an imbecile who's made to look like some 200 IQ genius in the romanticized version of RoTK

These threads went kind of bad after the first couple of episodes but they've been outright dogshit since the last episode. You people act like rap killed your family or something.

literally who cares no fictional version of a real person is historically accurate stop being autistic

Let's just agree the last episode didn't happen, it didn't even have Eiko in it for most of the ep.

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I like rap


It was until the OP went viral and a bunch more people started watching it. It's too famous to be called a "sleeper" anything now.

The real sleeper hit of the season is Birdie Wing.

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yo I post on Yea Forums
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another wasted day
lyrical spiritual miracle
shoot a cop nigga

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That's not a sleeper hit bro you're just getting confused by the viewers' snoring

More like Sleeping Dragon Hit of the season right?

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Picked up.

>dude it is yuribait so le sleeper hit

>tfw no Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi getting isekai'd to modern times where both shitpost and troll each other over the internet through elaborate retarded plans

>a total of 50 chefs from across the country used 1,500 kilograms of beef, 400 kilograms of mutton, 2,700 kilograms of carrots, 220 kilograms of onions, 440 liters of cooking oil and 57 kilograms of salt to make the dish.
No rice? Shit plov

So I guess the underground golf gambling, mafia golf wars, and Sunrise flexing with a transforming self-randomizing mecha golf course doesn't matter? Oh, and the next episode might have a golf terrorist with a rocket launcher based on the preview. It's batshit insane.

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No. That's the Golf show. This is another popular meme level anime only faggot magnet only this time now you retards are pretending you know dick about The 3 Kingdoms, and I bet your ass never so much touched a Koei game.

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It's extremely lackluster, stuff happens, characters barely react to it, stuff barely effects anything, nobody questions anything

Basically all episodes are
>character does something or says something
>other characters go "oh ok"
>characters proceed to exist
>repeat if needed
>end episode
that's the whole anime. It's an extremely normalized and dulled down anime, just like Heroman. Trying to aim at a more americanized audience at the cost of being dull like any random slop you can watch on Netflix.

Killer opening but everything beyond that is lacking and dissapointing