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Frieza is still the best antagonist (after Jiren)

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In honor of what will happen if Cell shows up in Super Hero, the "bug exterminator" idea will be something like this.

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Toriyama approved.

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Goku fucks and kisses Bulma, Suno, Caulifla, Panchy, Launch, Pan, Bra, and Marron. Chi-Chi is nothing more than a friend to him.

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*(Before Jiren)

Frieza? Jiren? What a joke

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What about Upa?

Leave earth.

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That’s Krillin’s job.

Discarded. Get their names right next time.

Jiren is like the father that I never had...

God, I wish I was Goku.
I'd peropero Marron's tummy like you don't even know.

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>always wondered why i liked watching Z / GT dubbed but absolutely hate Kai / Super
>assume it's because of the animation and the series peaking etc.
>realize years later it's because of how human Goku acts in the classic funi dub
Seriously. It's like he's an actual person. How did they pull off Goku better than Toriyama

Jiren is like my lil nigga homie from da hood…

Jiren is like mi favorita hermano at mi favela...

Tien Shinhan.
Kamehameha (Read: Ka-MAYha-MAYha (wave))

>best villain character ever
other antagonistbros....

Jiren is a bitch.

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Young Chichi

Lunch and Tenshinhan...

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.........Is for Goku's pleasure ONLY

Why would I care about the words of SENILEyama, especially while he's promoting the worst movie in the series?

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Old Chi Chi

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>that body

>that body

Soon. Don't forget. If I see any OP that's not Piccolo themed, there'll be trouble.

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The best villain character ever? The best villain character ever.

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>Toriyama forgot about Lunch
How could they do this to our main man Tenshinhan?

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my fucking eyes

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It's for the best. I hope Toriyama forgets about Tenshinhan too so they can die in peace.

SHITren lost.

What does that buttcrack taste like?


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>forgetting about a Z-Fighter
Shueisha would never let that happen.

propane and propane accessories

What even is a Z-Fighter? Chiaotzu is supposed to be a "Z-Fighter" but that doesn't stop him from being the most irrelevant character imaginable. Are Goten and Trunks Z-Fighters?

Anyone saw a 4'11 guy with a short temper around here? His husband Goku was looking for him

She decapitated a dinosaur and vaporized its body in the span of 3 seconds.

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Freeza? Charismatic, iconic, relevant, stars in the best arc of Z, SENILEyama hasn't forgotten about him.
King SHITccolo? Boring, filler, dead, stars in the worst arc of OG, SENILEyama doesn't even remember Kami, let alone that faggot.

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Janny-dono....please not again.

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>Piccolo respectfully left alone, his image preserved
>Freeza's corpse puppetted around for the worst movie in the series
Daimao won.

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Cell? Absolute chad. Sexy, powerful, unlimited potential, stars in the best arc of Z, and infinitely better than Freezer.

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needs to be Dale Gribble, kick ass nonetheless


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As he dusted off his cheetohs
Was a sound of "FUCK PACOS"
He heated a hotpocket
Cum-stained tissues on his carpet
He was sitting at his table
Mad that scholars were ungrateful
So he deleted the whole thread now
Shut it all down
Nothing allowed

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There's a thread on the first page
And he dabbed you, a tuxedo, Janny
He came into your report cue,
Left a CHADren, saying "FUCK YOU"
And then you cried to the mod too,
You were jobbed on,
It was your doom,

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You've been owned by,
You've been ruined by,
A based criminal.

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Kek, based, and saved.

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Based fellow Scholar. Fuck Jannoids.

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