First anime that comes to mind?

First anime that comes to mind?

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Anything you like.

I watch moe nearly exclusively so I couldn't say.

ur fav animu. git rekd faggio

any abe show

>Hiatus x Hiatus
And its not even close

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Attack on Titan

Oh look, it's a Yea Forums thread with a word changed.

The Great Pretender



Cowboy Bebop
I liked it but its not the best fucking thing ever it will change your life like everyone told me it was


Cowboy Bebop isn’t even pretentious, it just gets massively overrated because it appeals to western sensibilities.

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Pretentious would be more the writers fault.
Overrated means its the fans fault for over hyping it.
Your right, I used the wrong word Cowboy Bebop is not Pretentious its Overrated.

hunter x hunter or evangelion are the biggest examples. Maybe railgun/index/whatever?


Wow the thread is over

According to user then is SnK one?

Tatami Galaxy
Oyasumi Punpun
Made In Abyss


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The actual answer is Samurai Champloo, which from the very first moment obviously thought it was going to be just as successful as Bebop.

But that's because it's the most prevalent shitpost against it I've seen.

tex onlies or whatever its called

>Tatami Galaxy

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Any anime that has more than 3 consecutive minutes of dialogue at any given point.

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>visit parents
>set timer on 3 minutes
>go talk to them about how you've been doing
>timer goes off
>say "This is getting too pretentious"


cowboy bebop is pretty much the best anime series ever made, you're pretentious if you disagree

This thread.


I love monogatari too

those little faggots ruin EVERY thread they post in
this guy gets it



15 Anime off the top my my head I liked better then Bebop
>The Haruhi spinoff with Yuki as the main girl
>Eva [not the rebuilds]
>That one where the Yakuza guys are forced into being idols
>Happy Sugar Life
>Dr Stone
>Death Note
>Detective Conan
>Some of the Jojo parts [Bebop wins vs part 5 at the very least]
>The one where the roman dude goes to japan [there was a live action movie?]
>Ranpo Kitan
>Season 1 of Reincarnated as a Villainess

ergo proxy

wonder egg
sonny boy

i always forget about that steaming pile, i think i block it out of my mind i wasted time watching it


penguindrum. Also it is shit.

pretencious is a nonsensical term because all art attempts to impress. kys OP

toilet evergarbage


it's shit

Ergo proxy is the only one of those le deep intellectual must watch anime that's genuinely shit and boring, monster and cowboy bebop got a lot of good elements but ergo proxy is so shit that literally the only times is ever mentioned is because the protagonist is modeled after MCR and that's it.

>tatami galaxy


Is modeled after evanescence not my chemical romance dumb nigger

Ergo Proxy.

My Chemical Romance
but I think they meant Evanescence since Re-l looks just like Amy Lee.

My Chemical Romance.




If you use the word pretentious ironically as critique, you should immediately not be taken seriously

Evangelion, no competition

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

>Detective Conan
true, Gosho desperately made Shinichi a perfect human with boundless knowledge. it's kinda hard to like him as character without flaws.

totally agree, almost the same reason with Conan. Senkuu randomly babbling about unnecessary science trivia doesn't is cringe. it's like a stupid author trying to make a smart character.

this one I can't agree. best described as Yea Forumsnon before, you need to found the perfect middle point of view to appreciate S:G. take it too seriously, will made it look stupid. and take it too lightly will make you miss the good points

You didn't even understand it.

the episodic parts of bebop were good, but the overarching "plot" was worse than twilight.

>The Haruhi spinoff with Yuki as the main girl

how about we post pretentious anime that was actually shit instead of critically acclaimed series that most of this board likes