Jujutsu Kaisen

This chapter blew my mind. We used to joke that Gege was the new Togashi but he has finally surpassed him. I can't believe how much depth and complexity was introduced with just one character. I used to think Hakari would be a boring character but now I have to kneel to Gege. Only people with 110+ IQ like me could understand probably (given all the haters) but this arc is peak fiction deadass. No matter how many dozens more shonen I read (my counts already close to two dozen), I know this cannot be surpassed.
Just compare it to Boku no Hero where they punch harder and Black Clover with power of friendship and Chainsawman with simp shit and Bleach with "The Heart" and One Piece with looney tunes shit and Naruto with O MY NINE TAILS.

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oops, there was a better version

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18 months left, JJKEK.

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looking forward to the peak fiction play?

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Yeah... about that...

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This is trying way too hard, the original image was more than enough to make a good joke.

I assent.

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tranny fucker? the strongest

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gojo solos the whole hxh universe

Reminder that Hakari FEARS the cog

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>autistic power system
>sausage fest cast that's popular with women and homosexuals
>art looks like shit half the time
Gege really is the new Togashi

You forgot the key to becoming the ultimate Togashi successor.
>Have a bad back from bad posture

Good. Men can't write women anyways. They should all just stick to writing homos.

"Nanika, kill Gojo"

Is this made from 183 leaks or what

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Could be, but I doubt it. The Achilles thing references Gojo's powers, not Hakari's.

>sausage fest cast
You don't have many male friends, do you?

I meant OP's pic.

Don't care, CSM still has better plot and characters. JJK is just another boring shonen

Thanks for the bump.

Both are great retard, you don't even deserve a (you)

Great take user, I'm sure it'll get a trailer anyday now

Why, the manga is already leagues better than fujo kaisen. it doesn't need an anime

I wouldn't know, I didn't read it. Still waiting on the anime.

Imagine being so new you don't realize that JJK and CSM are sibling series and both are great

You say that like it's not an old breed laching onto something new for the sake of sniffing their own asses

No problem, hopefully more people will
shit on your opinion now

Nahh, that doesn't happen. Ever.
Everybody here likes Choso right?
Also Charles, who hopefully will win this because fuck Hakari and fuck being his power exposition canon fodder.


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>forcibly feminizes and fucks you
Pshh nothing personel cogs

Best season coming through

I found this faggot's twitter. Are all Black Clover fans this autistic?

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Senpai Supremacy

Enter, TENTbara.
So this is the mindbreak that a single hiatus can cause…

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The head cannon stuff yesterday was a little eye opening kek.

Hopefully the Hikari fight has a tease at the end or something, sorta like how Sukuna and Miwa were shown recently

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I’m curious, with the comparisons to HxH, were there really any powers so complicated before HxH’s Succession War arc? Obviously we have the King Crimson-lite now. I feel like the explanation for Nen was the most complex thing, but even that felt mostly intuitive, personally.

We had Bomber with the elaborate activation conditions as well as Chrollo's copying.

TCB when?

Imagine being the assistant who drew this having to endure Gege's homo art for so long.

I do but we all just kinda all have group sex with each other every time we meet...

Csm is a jjk clone.


Hm, I feel like those don’t quite compare, but they’re true enough. I guess it helps that Chrollo’s restrictions don’t really come into play during a fight (not much at least), and the Bomber is also fairly straightforward when it comes to a fight. Hakari seems like more. I actually like the mangaka’s power though. Simple, but strong.

>I actually like the mangaka’s power though. Simple, but strong.
I agree. It also works well because it's a power that can carry a cursed energy noob against any veteran. Higuruma's CT was like that too.
Kinda wish not all noobs were magically good at close combat on top of having a broken CT but eh I'm gonna ignore it. Sure, the paper pusher and the mangaka are physically fit and can hold their own in fist fight, why not.

kek, almost all of them yeah, they live in their own bubble
imagine being so mindbroken by a series that you spam on tw*tter for an entire year, also nigger cl*ver will never have a good story LMAO, SEETHE

I'm surprised they didn't kill themselves after 1 "get a life" response kek

I hate Nobara
I hate Maki
I don't even know any other girl names but I hate them too.

t. Hakari

Hi Naoya

Holy fucking based.

Best post ever

See I told you Naoya would come back to us.

Jujutsu Kaisen is a kung fu world where everyone can fight (apart from Nobara). Remember when people asked why Yuji knows martial arts and he replied "Oh he was just doing what he thought of at the time"?

I wonder how Naoya regarded the night parade

>Hears that Maki got the shit beaten out of her
>Starts laughing hysterically
>Higher ups look at him
>He quietens down

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>a kung fu world
That's actually the best explanation for this I have seen and I shall accept it as canon. Thank you.

He probably didn't think it was worth helping since Gojo was on one side and nobody he would consider Toji level was on the other. When you look at this fight from his pov it was a wrap before it even it even started. And he was right too.

He seems like the kind of sly fuck who'd side with Geto if he won though

Well of course he would. He's rich and has no principles. So long as his money and status are guaranteed, he'll side with the winner everytime. Geto must have known that too.
Naoya shouldn't have cared who won either way. But I really doubt he so much as considered Geto might win. The Tojifaggotry is too strong.

Fairpoint, almost makes you wonder if he wished he sides with Geto in his last moments. A hint of delusion in thinking he could help turn the tide

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All me