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You know

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Should I read novel or manga?

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what is this user? i couldnt get a result from saucenao

Sauce?, saucenao isn't helping

It's in the top right: ラストギアス

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This dudes art is so fucking trashy.

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The ghost is the audience's self-insert, no-one can convince me otherwise.

Its charming.

No it isn't user, it's all just inflated tits and ass. Post actual manga in these threads, not some deviantart goon.

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Shh shh, its okay. People have opinions. The art is poor quality, but I like it. I know that the idea of people liking different things is hard for autists too understand, but its okay.

getting cutesy with your notGF and suddenly she goes full propaganda

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The ghost needs the girl she's tied to and a medium who can see her to procreate so she can possess their child.

Taste is subjective ,retard. Sure, I think he has shit tastes, but going "NO. your opinion is wrong!" Is a sign of supreme tism. At least it isn't dog nigga.

That's fucked up

Jesus. That's some existential horror right there

Did punctuation rape you dog or something?

Heavens what in the fuck?

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You know, I thought the guy posting Rania-Yana was too horny. But this is next level. I know lust and fear are very close to one another, but that's just creepy

As far as we know the ghost just likes romance stories

Didn't this happen to medivh in WoW?

Does that look like a nice ghost?

It's okay Smurf, you are talentless. Now go back to rendering Muteba's BBC in blender.

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What the fuck are you talking about, schizo?

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Things Yea Forums should live by.

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I love big tits, and giant women. And short women. and muscular women. And men

>big tits
what a faggot

I also like small tits, worry not brother. And fat asses, but not flat asses. Fuck the irish