RIP arc 7
to bad it turned to shit

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Emilia teleported her ass to Guaral. Schult is Priscilla's husband.

>Anastasia too, could only come to the same conclusion as Julius. It would be impossible to break in from the front where entering the Vollachian Empire was concerned.

>They’d have no choice but to look for a secret way in, and in addition to that, they’d also need to find the time and contacts for it.

>There’d be no quick and easy way there. Surely Emilia would be in an absolute hurry when thinking about the two people who’s status remained unknown…

>Emilia: […We need to move quickly. We’ll receive Volcanica’s blood and bring it back to Pristella… Then we’ll take the Gluttony we captured to the Royal Capital, yeah?]

>Beatrice: [Emilia…?]

>Emilia: [I know Beatrice. I can’t help but feel reaaally, reaaally impatient. But we won’t be able to help Subaru and Rem out, even if we rush things here… We’ve gotta remain calm.]

that fucking hack couldn't resist to shoehorn in Moblia

>>There’d be no quick and easy way here.
>>There’d be no quick and easy way here.
>>There’d be no quick and easy way here.
>>There’d be no quick and easy way here.
>>There’d be no quick and easy way here.


Look, now that we know how easy it was Tappei will just write a backstory thing showing that it was super duper hard and all kinds of difficult, okay?

Rem and Al cucked. The losers duo.

it's a red herring, the silver hair character is actually satella, she can't find subaru anymore

Satella doesn't use "sugoooku" and "sokomadeyo". Subaru isn't Satella's knight.

The plan for the arc clearly changed at some point.


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>Rem immediately made irrelevant yet again

alternate reality user

Chapter 39:
>Soon, it would be twenty days since Subaru was sent to Vollachia.

So Emilia arrived even before this. Since Subaru getting turned in to a blob of shadows happened in the same day. It's gonna be magic rocks It's the only way to explain it.

It literally just happened user

you clearly didn't read the chapter EOP

Man, if Vollacia is creaming themselves about Rem's shitty healing, what will they think of Betty and two retards being able to do it?

rerebros they keep making fun of us

they can't heal and rem is the best healer in the camp

The shadows thus happened on day 19-20. Emilia was still at the mansion at day 12-13 waiting for Otto.
Otto took his time to arrive from Priestella, they made their plan, preparations (that usually lasted 1 to 2 days in story) and they crossed the continent, all of Lugnica and Vollachia in 6-7 days, while the way from Priestella to Mansion was upwards of 10 days, and Mansion Pleiades was originally more than 20 days.

Sasuga Emilia.

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I thought Beako was better?

Betty is hands down the best healer in the camp and both Emilia and Garfiel can heal speedreader.

Rem will fix it.

Taking some copium. I'm going to wait for the next chapter to explain what happened.

Garfiel threw her over the border.

No issues are the border. They just walked across.

Wtf Tappei?

When I said I wanted Emilia to be competent and to make her own decisions I didn’t mean to turn her into a magical teleporting Mary Sue.

emilica can't heal retard, that's why after arc 1 they ask betty to heal him

While everyone thinks the border should be secure it turns out Berstez is as good at securing the border as Joe Biden.

Peteranon quit at the right time in the end he avoided having to translate any Moblia line.

Emilia can literally heal retard, that's why Rom isn't dead and Subaru isn't dead either. He would have died on the way if she couldn't.

>Gets shafted to irrelevancy once gain in "Her" arc
>Makes a giant icecube and carrys everyone over a million miles!

Emilia can’t heal. She convinces the spirits to heal Subaru

She’s a spirit user and she couldn’t use magic until arc 4

Emilia healed Subaru and Rom at the end of arc 1.
>“Because I’m using spirit magic, he can’t fight full force. At least not until I finish my healing.”
>“I have no idea what you’re trying to say.”
>“If Reinhard decides to fight full force, all of the mana in the atmosphere around us will turn away from me. …I’m almost done. When I give the signal, call out to him.”
>Subaru still didn’t understand her explanation, but while still a little unsure, he agreed.
>The blue light continued to heal the bump protruding from Rom’s head,

>Reinhard looked on from a distance at the faint blue light, its wavelengths those of water, the element of healing, and let out a soft sigh that no one around him could hear.
>Signs of grief showed on his handsome profile as well as traces of tension left over from the battle. If you were to take the image of his figure as he stood in front of the ruins behind him, it would surely be a masterpiece of art. Such was the way he stood.
>However, Reinhard had a deep sense of regret in him, the weight of which could not be lessened by words.
>“…All right. That should do it,” came a voice like silver bells to Reinhard’s ears, as he had continued to blame himself, his eyes closed.

>Emilia can't heal
>It's just if you're near her magically your wounds get put back together but she isn't doing anything!
You are a massive coping retard.

This is really egregious. This is a "fuck it I don't care" moment from Tappei.

>"At least not until I finish my healing."

Emilia can't use magic without minor spirits in Arc 1. She says so her self and in arc 4 is restated. It's the spirits doing the healing.

it's her minor spirits fucking retards

>Rom's neck closed itself up because Emilia can't heal and isn't doing anything! She's just watching him and is surprised as anyone that his wounds self-recover without any input from her at all because she can't heal!
>Emilia can't use magic without minor spirits in Arc 1
>without minor spirits
>So Emilia can't do magic at all, if you're near her and injured you just happen to recover for no reason whatsoever

Roswaal: [If your finger does actually hurt, you could get Rem or Beatrice to heal it up; otherwise, have the esteemed Great Spirit do it.]

Subaru: [Roz-chi, can’t you heal it? Are you being spartan?]

Roswaal: [Nooooo, not at all. ――You see, I can’t use healing magic.]

Subaru: [Is that so? And here I was thinking you were a versatile mage who can do just about anything.]

Subaru lifted his brows slightly at Roswaal’s unexpected confession


Subaru: [Yeah? But Puck, Beako and Rem can use it, right?]

Roswaal: [The first two are speeeecial. And as for Rem… She’s got the disposition for it too I guess. After all, I’ve focused myself on helping her hone that talent for healing of hers.].

According to what Roswaal had said after, apparently the usefulness of healing magic was regarded so importantly, even in magic, a master-apprentice system was in place in specialised hospitals.

Rem could have learnt it there, but she’d said Roswaal had guided her teachings directly since she didn’t want to be separated from Ram.

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>“Because I’m using spirit magic, he can’t fight full force. At least not until I finish my healing.”
So why is she saying she's healing with spirit magic if she has no healing magic at all and can't heal wounds ever? It's some pretty fucking sad Remfag cope to say she can't heal just because she's using some druid shit instead of some wizard shit. Did you know clerics in DnD don't heal either? It's their god doing it, which is a super important technicality to bring up if your arm has been cut off. Make sure to not thank them because without them your arm would surely just patch itself up because they aren't doing anything.

>subaru and roswaaal doesn't mention her at all
BTFO and cope more

Because Roswaal doesn't want Emilia to do anything. It literally says Emilia is healing Rom, she even says she's healing him. So you're BTFO.

It would be more hilarious if Emilia's arrow was just straight with no dents or anything to showcase the absolute ridiculousness of the whole thing.

It's almost like it's straight out of a gag manga. Scratch that, even some gag manga have the decency not to break their own rules like pic-related.

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So what's the Remfag cope going to be when they go to where Rem is and Emilia starts helping her heal people? Scream it isn't happening because Emilia can't help people in some retarded Remfag cope world?

As far as healing in the Emilia camp is concerned
Betty > Puck (? He can do it, but I don't think he ever really demonstrated it) > Rem = Garfiel (? It's hard to draw comparison between their respective abilities, quantitatively) > Emilia
I think a QA said Petra was trying to learn it too, but she probably isn't very good at it right now.

It wouldn't be the first time she runs away and lets villagers to their luck.

She pretending to be Emilia, with the speech dialect noone will be the wiser.
Its up to detective Rem now to sniff it out.

Did Subaru undressed the Loli deer in the last chapters? Beako can see what he is doing right?

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Petra supposedly was learning magic but nothing specific.

True, keep her away from any unattended eyeballs. Have to keep one eye on her and one eye on Holy.

There was a different one, I'm not sure it was in the last batch, but it was saying she was interested in that because it's useful.

Arc 1:
>“Because I’m using spirit magic, he can’t fight full force. At least not until I finish my healing.”

Arc 2:
>“Err, you see, a Spirit Master can’t use spirit spells unless she makes a pact with spirits first. The details of the pacts differ according to the spirits. Still with me?”

Arc 4:
>Emilia has regained her memories, and remembered that she can use magic without a spirit's help.
>If she focuses her attention on her gate, she can feel the outrageous current of mana circulating through.

rerembros... Rem will be relevant in arc 11, right?

No, he hasn't done much of anything but drag them both to shore. We don't even know if he's still a kid, but I suspect he won't be.


>Spirit magic isn't magic and a spirit arts user isn't actually using anything because it doesn't count
Wow, maybe sloth should've complained that Julius' rainbow fag sword isn't real magic and doesn't exist. Maybe Shaula shouldn't have gotten killed by magic that doesn't exist either, what a loser.

Waifufaggots celebrating shit writing and massive plot holes

>remfags on suicide watch
Lmao, your waifu is going back to the shadow world

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There's explicit distinction made between spirit magic and regular magic. It's in the book.
I don't know why your panties are in such a twist over this Strawman-kun.

Waifu war back in full force

Reddit:zero is shit in general so no one actually cares about the plot, not even the author. Turn your brain off and look at the cute girls and MC suffering.

And they're both magic you dumbfuck. The effects of both are real you massive retard. Emilia heals people with spirit arts and there is no functional difference between the results. You're the one coping that she can't heal in any way, at all, ever, despite that she has literally done that since the start of the fucking series. I don't even know what you get out of this massive fucking pile of copium you're smoking. You think Emilia won't demonstrate healing abilities and show up Rem because you've deluded yourself into think Emilia can't do that?

She can’t use spirits because the dog-girl, the spirit eater, ate the all.

To be fair the only "plothole" is the inconsistency with the timeframe of events.

What the fuck is a rere?

Is that why Julius is a loser? He can't beat anyone because his fag sword doesn't count as him beating anything because it's actually spirit magic and thus not him at all?

>I humbly request your finest Fembaru! I shall trade in 100 good-boy points that i've received from Od Laguna.

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