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Is this the worst main antagonist fight?

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>it's still going
What the fuck? I thought Luffy was putting an end to it for the 5th time now?


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Hiatusfags need to stop falsefagging

I already miss the kino TOONpiece bros… now were already back to punching very big very hard

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How badly does Cracker clap those two?

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One of the best. Despite the padding, it'll read well on a binge.

I don't want to set myself up for disappointment and I know there's like a 90% chance it's Reiju and Ichiji, but I want it to be Smoker and Tashigi so fucking bad

Not badly at all, in fact he might lose. It's not Germa, though.

>shadowed figures in the previous ones
>Brulee going "lol it's PROBABLY Germa" in this one while laughing confidently
>next to a recuperating Cracker
Kek it's pretty obvious it's not Germa. That's an actual threat to WCI there.

He'll take Reiju as his bride.

It might be honestly. I personally don't believe that Luffy using bugs bunny Jesus mode on Akainu will be a very satisfying conclusion to the hatred between them.

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Reiju was beating Smoothie so obviously Cracker jobs

Luffy is actually Jiren now. He says "It's over!!!" and then the fight keeps fucking going.

>stealing luffy gags

We WILL get Sabo vs Akainu and you WILL like it

Doubtful. Akainu vs Luffy has been set up since part 2 began. I think Akainu will be the initial antagonist in the final war arc and once he goes down they'll bring out the new secret weapon they have and Im will appear.

Is this because Toei stopped doing fillers so they asked Oda to match their snail pacing so the anime doesn't go over the manga materials?

>Thinks the World Government Hasn't cyborged Sabo

Who is your favorite LGBTQ+ One Piece character, Yea Forums?

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>stealing luffy gags
Nami's done that a few times actually.

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Not necessarily, the only person to beat Cracker was Luffy, the Sun God reincarnated. Cracker is actually pretty strong.

It's Reiju and Ichiji wearing trenchcoats and mustaches for disguises.

Nami's allowed. It's him rubbing off her.

If anything they rather have oda finish the arc so they can slap some filler after it’s over

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Could have only been possible with Nami’s help

Smoothie has a higher bounty than Cracker
She is stronger

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I guess it's not just nips putting Ace in top tens.

This will be what triggers Luffy to obliterate Marie Joas

You fags and your extremes never cease to amaze.

I've never noticed, but Cracker's design mogs every 3rd commander out there.


Yes. I think Burgess is behind Shiryu and Pizarro.

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Why is luffy's fist so small now?

Reiju also uses poison. It would soften the biscuits, and fuck him up if he gets hit with any. It's a pretty bad match-up all thing's considered.

>Decides to invade Yonko territory because she's worried about her chef
>Literally refuses to take no for an answer when she's told to stay
>Babysits her captain to make sure he stays safe
>There for him during his first YC battle
What a loyal navigator

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RWBY? Sure why not.

sounds based

>ad infinitum

So luffy's attack cant even take on a glorified boro breathe

How the fuck was Brook so high?

It's not a nip poll.

How different would things be if Yamato stole the wrong devil fruit and got the Ryu Ryu No Mi Model Pachycephalosaurus while Ulti got the Inu Inu No Mi Model Makami

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He's clearly much better received in the west and for good reason.
Franky follows the consistency of least popular Straw Hat, but that's a filter.

Would Yamato still be a shitty Odenlarper? If so she remains the worst character in the series.

Kaido is very similar to Ichigo. Ichigo's ultimate attack is to fuse with his special move, and Kaido is also fusing with his special move. One Piece=Bleach.


why doesnt yamato fight with 2 swords like oden?

>for good reason.
What is that reason?

Too much Oni blood. She has a genetic predisposition for blunt objects.

Chinks are scared of skeletons, whereas in the west it's clowns.

the anime will ruin this scene with a bunch of light effects

Where would she learn to use swords? Even Zoro went to sword school.

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The west loves clowns. Are you stupid?

>Where would she learn to use swords?
It's literally a stick you swing except it's sharp on one end.

but neither of those two are LGBTQIAP+

>Kaido isn't as hung up on forcing Yamato to be the guardian of Wano so he eases off a bit
>Yamato fights with headbutts now and has a far better looking hybrid form
>Ulti is promoted to All-Star but complains about how cold she always feels

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Don't need two swordsmen on the crew

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Uh....there's a little more to it than that. That's why the previously mentioned sword schools exist.

If you can swing a club, you can swing a sword. It's not like "swordsmanship" even means anything anymore when it ultimately comes down to swinging a detached weapon and shooting a laser out of it.

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I'm not taking this bait.

You can't prove Mihawk or Vista went to sword school.

No there's not. Replace Yamato's kanabo with a sword, a spear, a plunger, a bus sign, and she'll fight the exact same way.

All Roger did was swing a sword around after infusing it with haki.

Mihawk's sword is so unique for the setting there probably isn't even a school for it. Mihawk I think is the only character we see using a european style two handed sword. Most swordsmen in OP are just using katanas.

Only ones better than it are Luffy vs Lucci and Luffy vs Katakuri but that's only becasue of their climax, I imagine it will easily surpass them with its own climax. It easily blows Crocodile, Moria, Doflamingo out of the water.

>Swing a stick
No problem. Requires no skill.
>Swing a metal stick
That's different, requires years of training.

Whose wedding was this?

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It's funny. RWBY is big in Japan, but not the actual content. Just the designs. and just the original designs. Hopefully, the anime isn't shit so it can take off there properly.

Bon Clay, the 12th crewmate

The Monkey's


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Real answer: Bentham and Iva

Luffy asked Kinomon to be in his crew. He's in.

Nami: lesbian
Nico Robin: pansexual
Vivi: lesbian
Jewelry Bonney: lesbian
Tashigi: heterosexual
Hina: bisexual
Perona: bisexual
Hancock: bisexual
Domino: lesbian
Sadi: pansexual
Koala: heterosexual
Viola: pansexual
Reiju: bisexual
Pudding: heterosexual
Smoothie: lesbian
Wanda: lesbian
Black Maria: bisexual
Hiyori: heterosexual
Speed: bisexual

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Ulti: Doesn't know what sex is

List of LGBTQIAP+ people in One Piece

Katerina Devon

Reminder: Cracker had a better showing than Luffy than Katakuri did. Cracker lasted longer, and Luffy needed help the whole time.

How funny would it be if Yasopp married some other woman


Threadly reminder that Kaido’s new fire dragon form won’t do shit

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Poor cracker is gonna get jobber again

Plot relevant.

Zoro would suck Luffy's dick if Luffy asked. Does that count?

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Too bad it'll never happen.

The final battle will be Luffy vs Zoro for fun, assuming one or both of them(kino) don't die.

No. Thats non gay bro sex

Where did Law came from

>Brook, Nami, Robin, and Usopp top 10
>Chopper and Franky still in the top 20
Not bad
>Doffy, BB, and Crocodile top 20

Overall a lot better than the worldwide poll

I really hope it isn't Germa being invaders. I hope it's Blackbeard and his crew in disguise to kidnap Pudding to have her act as their own Robin so they can get to Raftel.

Stupid exhibitionist oni

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>No Akainu

Zoro will die in battle and Luffy will use the nika fruit to absorb him and become able to use Santoryu just like Zolo could.