Anyone else remember series they hate more than the ones they like? dogshit like pic related, WA2, Charlotte, Anohana...

anyone else remember series they hate more than the ones they like? dogshit like pic related, WA2, Charlotte, Anohana, Your Lie in April, etc. are all implanted on my brain

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Literally rent free

I like Charlotte. It was fun, but sad.

I fucking hate this series. Being self-aware does not excuse the constant appeal to cliche and formulae. Utaha is sexy as fuck though.

Generally speaking no but when something is so awful like Ousama Game it's hard to forget.

some say hate is a stronger emotion that love

Rent free

Yeah that's the point. I hate it

Shitt ngl, first season of Konosuba was dogwater if it weren't for the memes that made it relevant.

Nope. If I don't like a series, it's basically banished from my mind until something specifically brings it to my attention. I never have an answer for "what's the worst series you've ever seen?" or "what's a show you really hate?"; if it brings me no joy, it just does not come to mind.

A quick look at the catalog shows you're in good company.

no. only darling in the franxx comes close.

I like Charlotte, I hate Oregairu but I like it at the same time it's kinda weird

you're only supposed to fap to the girls

i cant fap to characters i hate. maybe if there was ryona / rape, etc of them.

I think as a romance series. It has one of the most satisfying and conclusive romance ending.

What's there to hate so much?

For those specifically? Not much, really. I mean none of those are perfect; nothing is, everything's got something about it that isn't done very well or falls flat in some way. It's more that some things just really do not suit some people's tastes - which is fine, to each their own - but some people get irrationally mad at a series for not being what they wanted.

The only thing that I remembered about Saekano is how much I stopped feeling sorry for Utaha and Eriri as soon as they decided to abandon Tomoya and almost crushed his visual novel dreams. That said, the Maruto-written characters that I still can't forgive to this day are Haruki's two brickhead friends in WA2 who treated the black spiky-haired guy as the villain for asking who Haruki actually likes, because they don't want Setsuna to get shocked by the truth that Haruki likes Kazusa instead.

>because they don't want Setsuna to get shocked by the truth
It's more along the lines of "they don't want Haruki to actually ponder over this".

how does he make good stuff like wa2 and damekoi but then make that garbage?

Welcome to Yea Forums.

Good stuff. You have shit taste

So what if they're tearjerkers? WA2 is retarded

you have just shit taste
plain and simple

Nice grammar, bozo. No wonder you like that obnoxious shit.

based retard

>my taste good
>your taste bad
really now?

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>complains that a soap opera anime, acts like a soap opera show
are you fucking serious?

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Because they are so bad

Embarrassed I even replied to ESL shitpost. I have no idea what they meant by greentexting obnoxious.
Yes. There's nothing endearing about the characters. There's diminishing returns to drama. Compassion fatigue is a thing. I can only take one talking point repeated so many times before I get annoyed.

>I can only take one talking point repeated so many times before I get annoyed.
then why even bother watching it?

>i don't like this show because it doesnt fit my taste
>therefore its bad
like i said
you have shit taste

Utaha is the best girl

It's 13 episodes, I had it downloaded for a while and wanted to watch a romance series. Was I supposed to know something about the dialogue before watching the show? Like what the fuck are you asking really? It's after they do the school performance that it goes on and on with the circular drama so the last third I think. Not going to drop 8 episodes into a 13 episode show.

>romance series
it's a fucking love triangle drama about 2 girls and 1 guy
what the fuck do you expect?
and besides, the anime didnt even adapt the whole thing.

>how to raise a girlfriend
"grooming" the anime?

she is the most beautiful girl and the most heroine and my waifu

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Nah it doesnt have right wing conservacucks in it

i can never fap to fanservice

>anyone else remember series they hate more than the ones they like?
>Yea Forums

how does wa2 fit into that group? it's pure kino

The most tiresome thing about Yea Forums desu.

>putting white album 2 in the same sentence as shigatsu wa kimi no kuso

both overly serious teen melodramas without an ounce of charm between them

I've never watched it but I like it. Megumi really appeals to me somehow.


you haven't watched the anime
you haven't read the vn

Fuck off, faggot. I've watched the anime. I'm not going to invest 50 hours of my time to see these melodramatic drama queens pine over what they had in high school. It constantly brings up betrayal when Setsuna and Touma's friendship was stupid, they were always around Haruki, like take a hint you dumb bitches. Maruto knows how shallow this shit is, that's why each character has a basic "traumatic" backstory. Kill yourself, vnfag

They aren't on the same level nigga

i accept your concession

The other WA2 nigger here obviously struggles with English so I'll give you a (You) for at least not baiting.

shit taste-kun...

Main heroine, most loved, most popular, and winner. She carried the entire series.

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she sucked so hard that if it wasn't for damekoi maruto would be known as a one and done hack

The only stuff I hate that I remember is stuff that I want to love but that disappoints me. That, or stuff that gets talked about so much that I can't ignore it but I don't like it. The best example of this is Fromsoft shit. I unironically deleted my Twitter because the algorithm kept throwing that shit in my face.

The hilariously on the nose NTR symbolism aside the whole reason they leave Tomoya is the exact same reason he and the blonde chick had a falling out originally. The NTR is just there to filter the 'tards.

Can you spoil me on Saekano? I dropped the 2nd season but I kind of want to know how it ends.

yeah, it got too chuuni (in a non cool way) at points but overall it's pretty good and bittersweet towards the end

yeah i can get behind that
felt a bit forced if that makes sense, i don't even remember the main plot point but the girl is supposed to be terminally ill or something, if it is then i probably guessed it from the start since every time a cooky, mysterious, eccentric (usually blond) girl is shown in anime, she's usually going to die depending on the genre

actualy liked that show but I was probably just focusing on the waifus and not the show witch I literally dont remember apart from being just a chain of unconnected events


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i like the part where he starts doing crack because the author didn't know what else to do with that clusterfuck of a story

the mc and his main bitch get together and live a happy life while his cock still magnetizes the other girls because their lives don't matter beyond servicing the mc. typical Maruto characters