Shin Elf-san wa yaserarenai

Chapter 6
The most exciting time of month has finally arrived

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I can't believe pukeanon is fucking dead

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The autistic part of me can't help but wonder where they shop for clothes. Are there brands out there making bank by specializing in clothes for 2-meter tall female onis?

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What the hell is Hitome wearing

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Cute shit like always

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Thanks Ditshick, thanks OL-user, thanks user's OL, and most of all, thanks Synecdoche.

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the average Japanese male can't handle that much flesh

Wasn't this guy an unremarkable average guy in the original? When did he get a chest and a 6 pack?

He always had it

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haha benis

Nah. He works out, and eats healthily.

a not so subtle nod to meth's own situation

Is it friday yet?

He's literally a professional trainer bro

I want to slap Delf's ass just like that

Now I want to go to a sauna. Thanks OP.


>That can't be the only thing
There's also the sex.

god i want a fat potato elf waiting for me in the bath when i get home from work

Naoe has always been quite /fit/. He exercises regularly and eats healthy.

His real problem is that he's short. Seriously, the dude's a manlet.

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>I think you know why
So is she aware or not?

He's a professional trainer, why wouldn't he be fit?

>I have become the penis

Why is the fat elf living with him again? Couldn't afford her own place?

Its not his fault his friends are all otherworlders. It's skewing the height distribution.

Too fat and lazy to get a job

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Now that I think about it, when DID she start living with him?
I guess it must have been when the Satyr was targeting him and she stuck around him to ward her off?

How long has she been in this world before visiting the Smiley Boar clinic?

You don't always practice what you preach, probably plenty of fat "professional trainers" and nutritionists, doctors who smoke and drink, priests who are degenerate, etc.

We just don't know.

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Yeah, but the tolerance level for that is lower for professional trainers. If you're a trainer and you're a flabby fat fuck, it's going to affect whether people hire you.

>used to use it
Isn't there a better way to phrase it?

>They shill a manga for free because it makes their peepees hard

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thats it, you've identified the purpose of the board.
>they shill an anime for free because they enjoy it

Works fine

That's a cute elf.

Wiggly potato elf ears

I suppose it could be "The Finns used it to clean themselves back in the day".
Naoe's elfgirl friend is so cute.