His intentions were good/pure

His intentions were good/pure

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t. fedora neckbeard

What's so hard for people to accept about the plot of this show? Why do so many think they would be different without prior knowledge? Why do people think he didnt deserve to be discovered? Is the power of self insertion THAT strong?

Except god thing

The road to hell is littered with good guys with good intentions.

What would Jesus think about a man who wants to better the world through the supernatural?

>His intentions were good
>kills supposed detective on TV to flex his powers

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Might consider his actions witchcraft. Also he who casts the first stone, etc, etc.

Lind L Taylor was a criminal on death row

He's a self-absorbed narcissist and a psycho. And that's the fun thing about him, don't know why people don't want to admit that.

The commandments are quite clear.

Light didn't know that.
Also, not even the audience (you) knows his crime.

>Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets -Jesus

Ryuk is the God of Light Yagami and told him he can kill not murder

L said there was no way of Kira knowing about Lind L Taylor

He deserved to lose.

He was actually 5'10

What kind of God gets a withdrawal from apples

they really weren't. he's a sociopath

Apples have a very spiritual significance. See Adam and Eve*

Most dictators' are, it doesn't justify shit

What kind of sociopath wants to be a detective? Before the Death note Yagami wanted to be a detective/cop. After the Death Note when Yagami lost his memory he still wanted to be a cop and worked with L to stop evil-doers

His personality isn't a sociopath/psychopath. If anything it's the Death Note that corrupts man

>burger doesn't know how to read their own measurement

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He did but most people are retards that like to pretend they have the high ground by allowing murderers and thieves to inflict pain and suffering on the world instead of removing them for the benefit of the innocent. It's why the world is such a terrible place and will probably always remain so.

>Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.

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What do those numbers mean?

Based Gandalf

Idk meng. The official encyclopedia for Death Note says he was 5'8 google says 5'10

pic related

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>Why do people think he didnt deserve to be discovered?
In universe, Light's plan worked, and he made crime rates over the world drop significantly.
It shouldn't work in real life, it's retarded that it would, but he was literally making the world a better place, statistically, irrefutably, within his story.

The thing is people say Light didnt kill politicians. Actually doing so would created mass panic and discord. He ended wars and crime which was the main objective

5'6 is referring to line below. He's almost 6'0 based on that pic

Ostensibly, his intentions were good, but those good intentions are just a paper thin veil covering reality. He may believe that he is doling out justice, but that's not WHY he does it, it's just his rationalization for it.

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But hes a 2nd generation cop. Irl this is how a lot of cops are. 2nd and third generation. They get their sense of justice from their parent


lol fucking manlet

Anyone want to debater this information? It's the official encyclopedia by the author

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he was a retard.

Light was a textbook narcissist. He never showed any love or loyalty to his family, his girlfriend, or anyone. He aggressively sought out and murdered those who offended him, not just those who threatened him. He tried to wipe out crime because it repulsed him, it was disorderly. His literal dream was a totalitarian society of his making, enforced by random, ad hoc executions. He is a prototypical satanic figure, and his motives less sympathetic then the actual Satan in Paradise Lost. He is everything a fedora tipping atheist accuses God of being. He is one of the most evil characters in anime, to talk about his "pure intentions" is a bad joke.

imagine what

Bu8t Mello was worse than him, pic related

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Power tripping narcissist playing god

What's with the daily Lightfag threads recently?

I might buy “pure” but not good.

>narcissism is le bad
>fedora tipping atheists are le dumb
Go back to r*ddit

aren't those traits only prevalent in redditfags why would he go a place with people like that when he clearly doesn't like them
seems like you're projecting pretty hard

yeah, good for nothing and pure bullshit

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Based Tolkien-chad

No, the Death Note reveal who he is by giving him the power to do what he always want, to pursuit his kind of justice. Power don't corrupt, power reveal who you really are when the limitation that was put on you got removed

He targeted criminals who already got locked away. Why kill people who already got punished?

Then Light considered killing Sayu himself, only deciding against it when he realised it would just make things worse for him.

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Near sacrificed Mello to win

I'm not saying any of the detectives were good people. I'm just pointing out that Light was pretty rotten himself, but some people (like you, probably) will insist otherwise.

The duality of Yea Forums.

>Then Light considered killing Sayu himself
His big mistake.
Being nice to Sayu gave Light most of his early advantages.
By helping her with his math homework he learns that people who touch the death note will see Ryuuk, which allows him to kill Raye Penber.
By volunteering to take their dad's clothes to the police station he encounters Misora Naomi who posed a dire threat to Light if she had been able to speak with L.
Everything started to go downhill for him after he started thinking of her as expendable.

Light atleast was straight foward in his motives. He ultimately just wanted to prevent crime/stop war

Near, L and Mello were worse people because they didn't hunt Kira for justice

179 cm is 5'10".

Mello did that on his own, Near had no input.

Gotta love Near trolling the shit out of Light. And people hate him, what a joke.

No, Near himself said he couldn't beat Kira without Mellos sacrifice

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Of course, but Near didn't have a say in this. Mello did all this on his own.

Nah they worked together but separately. They worked together to catch Kira... If you're near and can't surpass L without Mello you are essentially working together to catch Kira

They worked together maybe once or twice in part 2, but at this point in the game Mello just went "I'll do my own thing bro :^)" and let Near's girl know about it, but neither her nor Near could order Mello around or make plans around it.

Doesn't matter if they were taking orders from eachother what matters is that Mellos victory is also Nears victory, and Nears victory is Mellos victory

see Thanks for reminding me that Mello also was morally bankrupt

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Sure it was also Mello's victory, and he was based from start to end. No shortcuts. His only shortcoming was killing Near's men, that was inappropriate.

Mello and near dont give a fuck about you bro

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The biggest plot hole is Light not making who he thought was L renounce everything he said and start sucking Kira's dick on live television.