What would they have been like as a couple?

What would they have been like as a couple?

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Just everything inferior to this.

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you literally see it in NGE

Normal with some banter. Both mellow out and can talk to each other more normally like they did before things went to complete shit.

So toxic as shit? Hilarious how Yea Forums loves them together yet claims yuri is all toxic

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How do you set up a boogeyman but also save an image called asuka_shinji while also bringing up yurifags into this? Are you that starved for (you)s?

toxic as fuck, shinji would kill himself 2 months in


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They would break up twice a year, but keep the suicide pact.

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>What would they have been like as a couple?
A stereotypical physically abusive relationship only Shinji takes the role of the battered wife

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How the fuck does a picture of a male and female character naked in bed together somehow seem gayer than any similar pic of two guys or two girls together?

Reminder that Kensuke was always plan!

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Going by how they grow in every iteration of the story, Shinji is able to be more assertive and Asuka is able to lower her guard and be honest with herself. Considering how their story goes, they probably do the married couple bickering a lot, but make up just as quickly.

A normal relationship, all things considered. They probably cuddle a lot.

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If they had settled their problems together? Pretty great.
In reality? Terrible.

Phenomenally toxic and doomed to crash and burn unless they magically fix their respective laundry lists of problems. Like said.

>bumping a bait thread
I seriously think all /eva/tards including the shitposters have some from of brain damage

Would've been pretty based. I genuinely believe evangelion would've been a lot better if they got together

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>Asexual x Gay

> ITT: everyone forgets the point of the characters is for them to heal from their issues

When is he going to announce the next movie?

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Never, he's done with Eva. He ran it into the ground so no one will ever want anything from him again. Now we move onto hoping that Sadamoto or the ANIMA guys make something.

> He ran it into the ground
> By proving how profitable it is

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Prickly, but in-sync until one or both of their brain problems torpedo things like Kaji and Misato getting back together did.

That fic sucked dick

You got baited too.

Is the eva discord any good

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Power couple.

>He ran it into the ground
There are tons of complete morons who actually think the Rebuilds are intelligent and deep though.

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It wouldn't last two weeks

Cringe take. Just because the psychology isn't on the same level as the original doesn't mean it's not there at all.

TV series Asuka or Clone Asuka/Shikinami from Rebuild?

It was a lame joke the first twenty times

Anno probably didn't see any positivity between the two as a couple that's why he shipped them to other characters in the Rebuilds

If that were the case he wouldn't let them confess to each other in the first place. Same with Rei and Kaworu.

4.0 is representative of where Anno is now, so that's why Shinji finds someone new instead of fixating on lost love. Anno probably had to do something like that before he found his wife

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In the end, people got in his head enough that he still gave in to the shipfags.

Asushin isn't just The Ship of Eva, but of anime as a whole

they do

actually pretty much the only value of Rebuild is confirming once and for all that EoE = Asushin

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Asuka a cute

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definitely will be a couple after eoe. no amount of rebuild cope will change that

I really dislike the idea of a zoomer versiom of Asuka ngl


But she factually is a zoomer.

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What little pseudo jewish science is in there is braindead
Anno is a washed up sellout hack who shits on his own old message because he's rich and successful
The only reason Rebuild even exists is because Anno hates himself and people who like his work, and he has far too much free time

Zoomer or no, this is a man


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Considering that Asuka solved her problem with her mother and understood that she was always loved for being who she is and not just for being eva pilot, that later in instrumentality she accepts her feelings about Shinji and also states that she wants commitment from him and the hand caress in the final to show empathy and understanding of what he has been through, Asuka will definitely be more open, relaxed, understanding and calm( eoe poster is the best example of these 2 being relaxed and calm) around him unlike like she was in the series.
Shinji understands that the world doesnt revolve and will not be so afraid of rejection which he always feared throughout the series so much from everyone, so he will be more bold, open and will not be paralyzed by that fear.

These 2 had a lot of problems which kept them from being together (like this anime not being about shipfaggotry) but they didnt try to solve them until they were faced with them in instrumentality which made them finally act.

Also they should definitely go to therapy and take Momsuragi too

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>out of context

Daily reminder that rebuildcucks' opinions are invalid

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>out of context

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>the point of the characters is for them to heal from their issues
this. but they didnt act until they were faced with them in instrumentality

Girlfriend of Steel 2 is your Asuka wins ending. It's also the Rei wins ending to because he knocks her up.