Anime insists upon itself

>anime insists upon itself

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If you are having arguments with inanimate objects, you may want to take those pills.

Anime is inanimate for the purpose of this discussion.

What does that even mean

> anime asserts its own existence

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It means a certain series taking itself too seriously.

Like a SOL show suddenly becoming deep.

Me watching slow loop

A show that's up its own ass. It is usually when all the characters turn into the author instead of characters written by the author, like Kaguya.

>OP insists upon itself

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>One Piss
One Piece bros...

Then call it pretentious without appearing pretentious yourself. Fuck.

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It's just a funny way of saying it.

Hey, so basically I'm just gonna not read the manga
I know .... UGH I know....
I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's just that I'm not gonna read it at all

>anime insists upon itself
Is there an anime, somewhere, that would actually fit that description? Evangelion at its worst maybe?

So any anime I don't like, got it

>OP can't into English

Spy family isnt fucking deep. This "criticism" is unwarranted and frankly disingenuous from a standpoint of someone who feigns intellect, but has no idea what they're talking about. Yeah I get it family guy quote, but I refuse to let this be the narrative. The franchise works because they are broken people clinging to lies and that alone is relatable.

>these replies
i know it's not anime and also stupid shit, but

We know. Still it's an interesting claim about a piece of media if you can back it up.

Meds now

I think he was using it as a reaction picture to the quote rather than as a criticism towards spy x family unless I'm missing something

OP is using a "joke" from Family Guy where Peter states that the Godfather? "Insists upon itself"

>like Kaguya.
Good example, huh.

It's special kind of pretentious, like a guy taking 30 minutes of your time explaining something rather in a rather overblown way.

I presumed the same. Unless the show takes a serious turn, spy x family definitely does not insist upon itself

You don't even know what that means.

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mariaholic insists upon itself

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Is this the birth of a new forced meme?


It seems so

Umineko? (VN)

i did not care for Evangelion.

Yo, I swear I saw a doujin with art like this. I also remember him fucking a 7 year old. Hm

People seem to forget that Peter is a confirmed retard.


I don't know if Evangelion ever takes itself too seriously. I think Evangelion takes itself the proper amount of seriously at most situations.
Now you may dislike those situations, or you may dislike how they are presented, but Evangelion establishes early on what it's about, so I don't think it ever really falls in any pretentiousness holes.

I agree with you, with the minor exception of the random psychology terms and book titles Anno threw in because he thought they sounded good.

artist is called momomo if you're curious still
they are futas
>fucking a 7 year old
not even close to being the youngest one the futas try to fuck

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Fair enough, but I don't think "hedgehog dilemma" is particularly complex, and what you need to know about it is explained in the show anyway.

Depends on whether you're talking about the TV series or dogshit like 3.0

other way around early umineko won my attention and I was fine if it took itself seriously. Then 07 decided to make it a shonen/gag/romance vn for no reason

It does. I know exactly what you mean. Good choice of phrase, user. Compare this to something in the spy genre like, say, ACCA 13-ku, which feels much more natural and organic of a story. SxF has its moments of cuteness, and certainly the lead girl's performance is top notch, but overall it's just a bit too glurgey and forced for my taste.

The phrase "insists upon itself" is tangential to "pretentious" but there are slightly different nuances. If you get upset at having this explained to you, it's you who has the problem.

Yes, there is "le family guy reference", but Family Guy didn't invent this phrase. It's perfectly applicable in this situation. That's the point of language: you use the words that best fit what it is you want to communicate.

I would like to suggest you get less emotionally involved when anime criticism is being discussed, and focus more on rational analysis than combative, posturing attacks about which party is "feigning intellect". "No, you're dumb because I disagree" is not a very effective opinion.

The whole point of the scene is the ridiculousness of people who refuse to accept that anyone can have a different opinion from themselves, particularly in regards to the argument from popularity.
etc, to put it in language you may be more familiar with.

Yea Forums - Family Guy

I know what the point of the scene is you troglodyte. The character in the show is a canon retard so he is a poor conduit to convey any kind of logical message. If you agree with the retard you are a retard.

>you troglodyte
>haha me insult u therefore me right
I'm sorry, I don't indulge emotionally provoked noise.

You sure do insist upon yourself though.

>If you agree with the retard you are a retard.
You are literally an NPC.

>The pot calling the kettle black

user, NPC is literally the word that describes you. You're defending attacking a person's opinion because it runs against the popular consensus. You're defending getting physically angry at people who old opinions contrary to your own. You demand for everyone who holds an unacceptable opinion to be pigeonholed and ostracized. You are the NPC. It's you.

I don't like the Family Guy joke, because it is both played out and using a character that is a retard to convey a point that I actually agree with. You are schizophrenic.
>You demand for everyone who holds an unacceptable opinion to be pigeonholed and ostracized
I didn't say or imply this
>You're defending attacking a person's opinion because it runs against the popular consensus
I didn't say or imply this.
> You're defending getting physically angry at people who old opinions contrary to your own
I didn't say or imply this.

>I didn't say or imply this
It's exactly what you're doing.
You typed this:
>If you agree with the retard you are a retard.
Which is just about the stupidest, most NPC thing you could have possibly said. There's no defending that trash. Your opinions are forfeit. You are nothing but a meaningless noise entity to me now, a shrieking robot getting angry because opinions that run contrary to its own have been expressed. Goodbye, robot. You failed to communicate a single original thought.

You are cringe.

I have no idea what the family guy joke you guys are talking is, and I don't want to knopw.

A show taking itself serious is a good thing, otherwise it turns into a farce.
The problem is the actual definition of this "take itself seriously", because a lot of people think it means it's the opposite of fun/entertaining, when it's not. An example would be Keijo. Keijo takes itself extremely seriously, even if it doesn't appear like so on the surface level because lol butts.

When characters start preaching, acting like mouths for their writers, like in Kaguya, it's a sign of the opposite problem. The author doesn't take his/her work seriously, ie it doesn't value it, and doesn't focus as much as needed on internal consistency of the tone and world rules.

but what anime is "normal words but a _____ guy?"


This thread insists upon itself

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Stealth family guy thread?

it's a pretty vague way to describe something

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