Sasha and the Otaku twitter manga more chapters translated

Sasha and the Otaku twitter manga more chapters translated

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ch 5

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>NTRnigger artist
Who is this for?


not for you I guess.

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end ch 5

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ch 6 too!

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Between and she had a 4 hour bareback session with me

Me too, she does it with everyone

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Muh dick

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See you at the next meetup tomorrow, user. Let's spitroast her together as a sign of friendship.

end ch 6
the joke is that she learned how to read Japanese by reading hentai manga.
If you want the other chapters, ask and I shall post them. I re-did them and cleaned them.

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>porn series getting turned into manga
Stop doing this shit, they are always fucking terrible

That's exactly what happens in the new h manga he got out.

started doing ch 6.5 but it's not all done yet.

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Of course it does, that was us

cool, did you take any vids to share?

Your cursed digits shows that a time paradox would occur if I did. Just wait until tomorrow.

6.5 page 2 all for now.
Shall I post ch 1-4 now?

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>continue the bloodline!
>but wear a condom!
stop contradicting yourself, fool!

His brother is a virgin incel at 23 who stays home and draws h manga

He seems like a fairly mature and supportive guy for his age and occupation though, no jealousy and tried to give some honest advice.

To make vanilla lowtest like you seethe.

True... Not a 4channer I guess. Or a 2channer.

>I'm hightest for consuming cuckshit porn

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Sounds like the kind of guy Sasha would use to NTR MC-kun with

Nah, it just reminds me of the wives I fucked.

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Keep dreaming proud cuck enjoying loser.

What is the correct order to start reading the Sashaverse?

that question has no possible answer.
ch 1 of the twitter manga

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there are 3 Sasha universes, you have to specify which one.

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The one she fucks.

So I take this manga is about her "school life" and the others are about what she does in her free time?

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Does he bang her or what

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He will eventually

is he one of her clients?

>semen breath
>smells so nice

end ch 1

No, he is her true love.

end ch 1

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>Despise cuckoldery = onions
>Being a cuck = chad
Are they really........??

ch 2

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I dearly wish to believe that.

>doing the cucking = GIGACHAD

>Artist insists on making vanilla manga
>STILL releases porn of her getting dicked down by older men after Chapter 1's release
The absolute madman.

>>Artist insists on making vanilla manga
>>STILL releases porn of her getting dicked down by older men after Chapter 1's release
>The absolute madman.

Basically Pochi with Chiyo

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Poor guy, I'll just laugh at him during this whole shitshow.

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How hard is to change her name and maybe her bangs just so readers can separate the two canons? He still could draw a blonde foreigner loli this weird, what he's doing satisfies nobody.

I think Haguhagu is using this manga by casting himself as the boy to release and get some catharsis from the bad things that happened to him.

it satisfies me. i like the romantic angle. plus its a great advertisement got his H works.

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she was designed that way.

Semen makes her skin look smooth.