Why are native-isekai shows so rare? it feels like everything has to be an isekai for some reason

Why are native-isekai shows so rare? it feels like everything has to be an isekai for some reason

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You mean fantasy you fucking retard what the fuck would native isekai be

Trapped in a picture book in a fantasy world

Because then the mc will not be japanese. Japan is the world for japanese. Isekai lands and the other countries only exist for japanese tourism.

Call it whatever you want but I want more of these shows

you don't watch anime, do you?

I do why are you asking that?

rpg fudousan is a weird example of this since it's never mentioned in the show/comic, but the marketing material keeps calling it an isekai

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Are you retarded? How can a native be isekaid into his own world you stupid mong

It means someone who is born in the isekai world and not reincarnated into it so he is a native I don’t get what you find so difficult

I didn't understand what a "native isekai" was until I watched OP's show a few weeks ago. Then I understood. Danmeshi isn't an isekai, but it's so damn similar that there's not much reason not to lump it with the actual isekai. It's not just a fantasy series, but a fantasy series ridden with stock elements you normally find specifically in the isekai subgenre.

That just needlessly muddles the terminology. Whoever came up with the term has a small reference pool because they pointlessly conflate "isekai" with "medieval European fantasy". There are isekai shows set in other locales like China, the South American jungle, or even outer space.


Native isekai would be something like Kotobuki or Deca-dence where the MC lives in a world where people/things are getting isekai'ed into. People like OP who use the term to refer to high fantasy are just retarded.

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This. It's the type of anime where if you started watching it at a random point you would think it's an isekai, but it turns out it's not. Quite different in vibe from actual fantasy anime like Claymore or even Akashic records.

it's videogame-fantasy, not isekai

Native isekai could be when MC is transported to his own world, where some aspects are slightly different...like haruhi endless 8 alternate universes
But yeah OP is a tard

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The word you plebs are looking for is Narou

Check my quads bitches

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Bait desu.

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what's the reason for this?
I always thought it's because of narcissism but honestly it goes deeper than that

I don't see the problem. It's made by japanese so they make the MC as Japanese.
If Hitler made an isekai, the mc would be german, etc etc.

When one writes, they write based off of what they know. If you're from Japan, it's way easier to write about a Japanese dude than a Malay warrior from the 10th century since the former you'd have life experience to draw from and the latter would require extensive research to get right.

>When one writes, they write based off of what they know.
then how does fantasy exist retard

>it's way easier to write about a Japanese dude than a Malay warrior from the 10th century
intellectually lazy motherfuckers need to get outside and touch some fucking grass.
I would totally read a manga about a 10th century malay warrior.

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I said it's easier, not that it's impossible.

>native isekai
Bet you think LotR is native isekai huh.

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Honestly kind of fell off with Danmachi. The main character can have all his friends get murdered and forgive the guy that did it.

It means generic videogame fantasy world. I think a more fitting term would be "I can't believe it's not isekai" but that's a little long.

There is still something different about Japanese view of the world. Despite being a wealthy, industrialized nation, with a lot of tourists, they still have very simplified and childish view of other cultures. It's like if Americans made a show with Germans and everyone wears lederhosen (they should, but that's beside the point) and eats bratwurst. Mexicans just drink tequila and wear ponchos. Isekai and fantasy are pretty much theme park versions of Europe, that the Japanese goes on a sight-seeing tour on, but everyone still acts super Japanesey.

no its the perfect term for the uninspired fantasy trash that gets shit out every year
isekais now are not like the isekais 20 years ago where being isekaid was actually a major plot point
now its just the same fantasy setting where they pretend its an isekai for the first 2 episodes
drop those first 2 episodes and you get the native part
now if only we had a term for these shitty new romcoms that take ages to get anywhere and are lacking in romance AND comedy

Best girl btw

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The real question is why Isekai shows always use a hyper familiar european-high-fantasy/JRPG setting, which inherently undermines the potential for fish out of water culture shock and mystery with the history, technology, and politics of the new world the protagonist gets dragged into.

Imagine if instead an Isekai show used a setting most people know little about or at least seems unfamiliar and isn't common, like Mesopotamia, India, Southeast Asia, The Andes, Mesoamerica, etc.

The latter two in particular are the closest thing we have in history to an "isekai", with their contact with the Spanish being two totally unfamilar and disconnected civilizations meeting, and the fact that they developed isolated from Eurasian cultures means that there's a lot of aspects to their culture, art, society, and infrastructure that's fundamentally different from what we're used to: The Mesoamericans had no wheeled transportation, beasts of burden, very little metal tools or weapons, etc. Sacrifice gets overstated and really aren't fundamentally different from religious violence in Eurasia, but at least superficially that, some of the outwardly macabre art, and the comic horror-ish elements of Mesoamerican religion would help a sense of unfamiliarity too, while also having elements that ARE familiar like kings, cities, merchantly, priesthood, board games, sport, etc.

Then you can have a key theme actually be the characters having to learn about and understand the society and culture they're stuck in and vis versa, and comprehend the differences and also see the similarities between them; the political interactions and ramifications of an outside person/group and this other world or culture meeting, etc.

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>native isekai

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Why isn't there an isekai of a fantasy character being transported to the 90s Balkan Collapse or Cold War Africa?

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Because japs have seen pics of the women who live in those areas.

How are you supposed to have those in an harem?

This is the first time I've read a valid definition for this meme. Thanks.

because these shows are as low effort as you can get
they may experimet with new ideas for a few episodes but ultimately drop those for the same old shit weve seen a million times

no, there needs to be a term that differentiates between actual fantasy and shows that tick all the boxes of an isekai apart from the reincarnation

Maybe if it had a gay leveling system or other video game mechanic.

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He's talking about native people, user, not goblinas

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both isekai and native isekai fall under "narou-kei" retards

>he doesn't want 4-hand-span-wide assed toltec sorceress/gender bender god harem

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Goblin Slayer

This is now a ryuu thread

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The characters are native to an otherwise fundamentally boilerplate isekai world. Thus, native isekai. Not that hard.

you- you mean fantasy?

It literally means nothing. It's just a stupid buzzword some retard try to force as an insult to fantasy they don't like. You can see in most replies to your post that they desperately try to "define" it now as something that doesn't actually exist.
Don't fall for these shitposters, please. Do NOT adopt their stupid hateful meme.

Its great watching brainlets and midwits squirm at the mere mention of the words "native isekai" trying in futility to fight back against their betters. That which is rational and logical bests that which is emotional and fearful.

This. if you don't understand what native-isekai means you are ngmi

Isekai shouldn't be an insult, when even the most generic ones have great animes.


Native isekai is a derivative of isekai.
With Isekai you feel right at home which is why they’re always superior to native isekai which is basically just watered down. isekai.

yep, more than one core/season.

Holy reddit newfag.

Isekai is now the type species for the genre of sword and magic in anime and has attained its own form, now meaning more than its name and original intentions, and permeates while informs fantasy. Where before isekai might have been described as fantasy which features transmigration or reincarnation, actually the fantasies are now rather to be described as isekai which feature no transmigration or reincarnation. It should not be a surprise. Afterall the name fantasy itself typically describes a specific form of "fantasy." The prevelence of actuality has altered the form.

That is fcking stupid. We have categories for a reason. If it's not Isekai then it's not isekai

>The prevelence of actuality has altered the form.

But it is isekai. It is isekai with native characters. Native Isekai

It's always just been a shitpost, user. It means "fantasy, but I don't like it". Look up how the term in an archive and you'll see how it was some tryhard troll who pushed it, and the only posters ready to adopt it were those who wanted to shit on any kind of fantasy manga o anime. Even those who, in this very thread, try to defend the term just ramble on a lot trying to say "fantasy setting" without saying "fantasy setting" and instead call it " the genre of sword and magic" or "fundamentally boilerplate isekai world" or "stock elements you normally find specifically in the isekai subgenre".

it's not native-isekai, it's an immersive sim