Aikatsu and Pretty series

Primagi is really good now but I wish it had more silly episodes like Prichan did.

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Is Mel a gyaru?

When working out, thinking about Ichigo keeps me going.

Merumeru is a meme.

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O aifure why must thou suked so much

What went wrong? Can you think about anything positive to come out of it?

do you ever shut the fuck up?

>What went wrong? Can you think about anything positive to come out of it?
Gave it a good thought there and can't think of anything good from it.
Why so upset?
The thread is ded anyways

>can't think of anything good from it
Because you didn’t even watch it.

>Can you think about anything positive to come out of it

Aine's big fucking tits

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The ghosts were great too, also racist Mio.

>you can't have watched it!
Not this clown again.
The only Aikatsu I didn't watch is whatever came after Aifure because it was so bad.

Parade was bad?

>claims to have watched aifure
>can't even name the other seasons

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I don't, Prichan was just silliness and it was the worst.

Did you skip both Parade and Planet?

Hana is so sexy in both worlds.

Her 2D design is top tier.
Fuck off.

She'll look really old in the movie

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Well, it has a fanfic-tier premise that doesn’t feel like something from Aikatsu at all, and it ends with everything reverts back to what it was originally, not to mention how hit or miss the designs for OG characters were,
Not really a bad show overall, it was just unnecessary.

I miss Aikatsu

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>fanfic-tier premise
please fuck off

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I need a new Aikatsu or Sanrio anime. Primagi isn't something I'm interested in watching anymore of and isn't ending any time soon. I miss watching /ai/ shows weekly.

I liked it, we got a cute doggo too.

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I miss the dog.

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I did not watch those 2

Is this a hippo?

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Hillbilly version of a Pegasus.

>He never watched Precure crossovers or other Super Hero Time crossovers
It wasn't that different.

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I'm curious to see his human design, it could be a nice surprise given his kinda lame fairy form.

There should be more hillbilly idles

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These two deserved so much better.

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Find a flaw.

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Touma would look so much better without the lipstick.

they;ll make it big in the jav industry

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That Risa doujin is probably my favorite Aikatsu doujin of them all.

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The one in the bus?

they dont call the Luminas bus the bang bus for nothing

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I prefer the one where Aoi and Ran fuck Raichi.

Why do they call it the bang bus?

I like the one with the guy that turn himself into a card to fuck Ichigo.

Yeah, that one, it was pretty sweet.

The one where Ran is "doing sit ups" in her room is great as well.

>queen of potatoes
aka queen of big butts

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fuck off


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It's Taiga's birthday, say something nice about him.

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Should've been tan.

not as gay as the other kinpri dudes


He has a good voice actor.


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You better be keeping that fucking secret I told you

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Same. There's a certain ambiance in Aikatsu shows you just can't get anywhere else. Though I guess it was that down-to-earth quality that probably seemed too boring for little girls who went for Pripara and post-GoPri Precure instead.

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