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What direction should the series take once wano's over,Light hearted with seriousness from time to time or serious with light hearted moments from time to time?

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I'm an anime-only watcher and if Luffy actually beats Kaido and Big Mom right here, he's basically on par with Gold Roger.

Really the only characters left who could match him are the government Admirals, Shanks(maybe?), Mihawk, and Blackbeard. I think Blackbeard is going to be the final boss of the series.

>Light hearted with seriousness from time to time
This one. Anything else wouldn't feel like One Piece

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>oda steals ss4 design
>fans cheer and clap like retarded seals
>oda steals ssg design
>fans cheer and clap like retarded seals
Juan pissers are the most retarded fanbase ever

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What the FUCK was that jannie's problem?

name their kids

no "ji" allowed

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What fucking turbonigger spammed reports?

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>delete thread with actual discussion
>leave bait thread up
Kys janny

Also imu final war is just gonna be a battle royals from all sides bigger than marineford

maybe the OP of the thread was banned

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I mean… that was pre-ts. And in pre-ts, Luffy’s shirt wasn’t as casually exposed as it is in post.

>if Luffy actually beats Kaido and Big Mom right here, he's basically on par with Gold Roger.

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I was OP, and no I wasn’t banned.

>What direction should the series take once wano's over
Whatever direction the trashbin is in.

What happened?

Threadly reminder that Kaido’s new fire dragon form won’t do shit

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Alright, janny.

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Anyway back to the discussion we were having last thread, the anime used to be so much better before Toei went wild with the filler
Scenes like this weren't just added to take up time. They were added because they showed actual character progression

Nami makes her wear bikini tops

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>kill yourself incestfag

Judge modified them so that they could reproduce with no problems. So it's okay.

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Multiple threads up. So let's delete the 100+ post thread.

Oda said you're a degenerate

And yet Oda still said he doesn't see Reiju like that because he's not a degenerate freak

Luffy didn't beat Big Mom and she wasn't even actually beaten, just knocked off the island. She is stronger than Kaido too

Keep your heads high Wano bros

It still not shit as an arc as the final arc of Shogeki Soma

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Cope and seethe more, dbspic. Also take your meds.

Because it's all downhill after Wano?

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>A Gray alien
>a design I made when I was 12, and threw out in embarrassment once I grew up
>dbsfags cheer and clap like retarded seals

And she keeps taking it off cause it's uncomfortable


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And that's just this week

>What direction should the series take once wano's over
A super fast-paced reveal of every mystery and then fast-track to One Piece and the final confrontation with BB/Marines. The End.
If Oda drags out the finale like he dragged out Wano, it will be shit.
Final arc must not be longer than 50 chapters.

>Oda said you're a degenerate
proof? pls do not post your SBS cope where he says nothing even close to that

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>if every character isn't a retarded looking lolsorandom xDDDD design it's bad
you're still mentally 12

can you imagine of this fool try's to go up to luffy after all this to get to robin after all of this

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Im gonna keep posting it until we are out of this arc

aren’t you like dead or something

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Reminder that incest goes against God's will and anyone who enjoys it will be sent to Hell for all eternity as they rightfully deserve

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>n-no you

What kind of sister walks around in panties and DOESN'T want her brother to fuck her?

I dont believe in god
>Starting to nail my dead wanoese cousin

>A-And the sbs doesn't count... because I say so, ok?!

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Meds are for faggots
>irrelevant design
>gets brutally raped and then forgotten
Better than blatantly stealing powerups with bullshit asspulls

Not what I posted at all, good job proving me right

Imagine getting crippled by the worst Supernova

God can forgive an atheist
However he can NOT forgive an incestfag

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>Meds are for faggots
So you DO take meds?

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Whatever Oda wishes to do what he wants with his manga.

Based and purepilled

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Fuck off Zoro you’ve literally encountered Death himself

It is, though.

kek do people die during this skirmishes?
If yes why is it taken lightly? this guys are the type to cry because muh nakama too

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I hate this artist for drawing so well and also being a degenerate


>Luffy vs Lucci in his zoan form rematch

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No it isn't, you are retarded

No, because I enjoy being a mentally ill schizo
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why would Sanji get heart eyes by just talking to Reiju? I agree with Oda.

Heart eyes come only during sex

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Is this incest?

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I kinda hate oda for making Zoro lose an eye because the Fandom cant accept it and i ned to deal with retards since 10 years now that keep repeating this shit

Wrong way around. Noah, Gods favorite human, populated the earth via incest. All human life is based on incest.

I am rock hard at the image of Lucci going after Luffy thinking he's still anywhere near his level after two years, and getting one-shot. Brutally, not even remotely fair curbstomp'd with one CoC infused hit, full on PayPay'd

Yup. Going to end up exactly the same, but more outrageous. Lucci will again use Tekkai as a last ditch survival method before Luffy pummels him to death.

But PayPay got back up after multiple hits no problem
Lucci is no ancient zoan

reminder oda hates japanese people

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You do watch the one pace edit right? Your not a smooth brained purist who doesn’t know is to torrent right?

With how much the CP0 jobbing Lucci might be weaker than before TS leading that shitter crew

Kaido is one of those villains whose logic is hard to find fault in and arguably makes more sense than the hero's

At least he wasn't born French