Dragon Ball Super

Are you ready for Cell's (best villain) grand return? Just to watch him job to an even younger child?

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Only fat people believe Cell will come back.

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Will Cell and Broly fight?


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I'm not depicting what happens next. Feel free to interpret whatever you want.

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Cell Jrs will fuse into a single Cell Jr
Cell Jr will have no spots and no crown
Cell Jr will KILL all Cellfags and Cell
Cell Jr's real dad is 17


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Oh okay.
>SHITnga babble
They are dead.



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Took the words right out of my mouth.

>Reddit spacing

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Will it really just be plain old Cell again?

Cell wasn't even the star of his own arc, fans barely cared for him.

Are you talking about Cell the character or his design?

I remember my older brother telling me about Cell (before his arc aired on TV) and was like "dude he can copy every technique after seeing it once" and I was like "Tien can do that too with his third eye, it's not that impressive". God DAMN, even back then I was a scholar with flawless arguments.

Wait a second, now that I think about it, how is Red Ribbon still a thing when after Earth was destroyed in the Buy saga they wished back everyone EXCEPT the bad evil people?


You have some explaining to do

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Why do you want to know everything about the new movie before it's even released? Don't you want to watch it without any expectations so you could get the maximum level of enjoyment/disappointment?


>the RR army
Let me guess, you also think that Goku is a sort of super hero right?

*raughs* they were all in space then so they didn't die

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>being this new/ignorant
Mr. Satan, who was introduced at the tail end of the arc was more popular than him.

Maybe the new RR has good intentions and that's why the Gammas are designed as heroes.


Kefla admitted defeat.

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>one hole is extremely shallow
>the other one is damn near a bottomless pit
Try again.

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The coolest character.

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>obvious falseflag

Bejitafan here, I have finally acknowledged the truth: I am trans.

Reminder that Gogeta has never lost.

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inCell sucks and his fans are all retards.

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...when Goten's sperm fertilized her eggs

just consume and enjoy user

>In the top 10 in the arc where you had Future Trunks, Bejita who has just joined the Z fighters
>Most popular villain, 17 and 18 are nowhere to be seen
>Mr GODtan the funniest character
What is the problem?


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So we will get Punished Raditz and perfect cell Forma Argento?

Their sky dome helped them survive the planetary explosion. They also survived RoF, which is a good movie, btw.

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Reminder that Cell DODGED when he saw it could have completely blown him away. There is no way to explain how Cell only lost an arm when the blast completely engulfed him.

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>obvious falseflag
I doubt that.

i'm going to kiss that bug on the lips.


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how does he suck? Android saga was DBZ at its best and it was just all downhill from there

We know Goku.

Bejita aimed upwards to not blow the earth to it didn't hit Cell head on.

>whines about being weak and becomes about being a worthless normalshart because he's mad he'll never be a strong as a saiyan
>just focuses on building his strength without giving a fuck

self-insertbro btw

What would have happened if Freeza had Buu's regeneration?

Guess all the Krillin in Cell is on his right side.

>Y-you killed Bejita
>Who will kiss Chi-Chi NOW

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>no way
He was just stronger and tanked it, kek. Even in your webm it shows he didn't move.

>Most popular villain, 17 and 18 are nowhere to be seen
Post? Discarded
Opinion? Ignored
Facts? Your post lack them
Proof? You can't present it
Deluded? That's you
Truthful? That's me
Now, present evidence of 18 and 17 being the most popular villains, or tuck your tail between your legs and skedaddle out of my sight.

Not funny. Don't make fun of our hero.

K, b.

>how does he suck? [devours hamburger and fries] Android saga was DBZ at its best [gets on scooter to leave as his legs can't support him anymore] and it was just all downhill from there [has a heart attack]

kek never stop

Goku destroyed Cell's head with strategy but didn't win because Toriyama wanted Gohan to kill Cell with just power level.

Your doubt is meaningless in the bigger picture.

I SAID that Cell was the most popular villain in the arc and pointed out 17 and 18 are not in the popularity poll.

I accept your concession.

Isn't everything meaningless?


>how does he suck?
using his tail mostly

>that DBM spamming anti-Bejita moeshitter gets unbanned
>IMMEDIATELY spams in that furry garbage porn board
Of FUCKING course. Just knowing this made the fact that I had to taint my eyes with that moeshit board worth it.

You actually got that backwards

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this user gets it

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True he dodged.

He stepped out of the way. Get over it.

>all that moire on the thing bottom right
What the fuck is this abomination you've created?

K, B.

Who could handle them?

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Yeah that was hilarious. I guess he's either only banned on Yea Forums or is too afraid to post his trash here. Probably the former. Just remember to G when he rears his disgusting head again.

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Super > GT

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>posting the clothed edit

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well duh, thats not really even a debate

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Have you neen here for the last week?
He isn't awake yet but these threads will be purged soon.

Goten is for Caulifla-only. Gohan deals with Kefla.

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