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>the average FGO team.

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if this doesnt appear in r/a/dio, I will literally burn down the house where the host lives (yes, I know where he lives)

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lick lick

Oh don’t worry chitty chitty bang bang will be on r/a/dio Except it’s the song from the 1960s movie and somehow nobody’s done a mashup yet lol



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Made for brown jocks


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eiko... my rape meat

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and the cutest boy this season

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>Jolly - Bulikiraly
check it

Neither. Konming and Koumei are the results of two different cultures butchering the pronunciation of 孔明

is he related with confucius or was that larp?

I see two Kongming.

Eiko got a crush on Zhuge right?
She cant be such a whore not to feel at least something about such a loyal and capable guy.

>Introduce rap last episode
>everyone stops watching
>thread currently has

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He adhered to Confucianism (just like pretty much every high-class chink at the time) but otherwise I don't think they had any relation

I'm still watching, but yeah that was annoying as fuck honestly.

It died for most episode 3. The whole premise was basically expended in 2 episodes and now I guess it's about the shitty music and trying portray this industry/scene as something "wholesome". I don't really know I quit watching.

I actually liked the rap episode.
maybe I have drunk 2 tequilas, but it was hilarious.

>eastern eurobeats cover

Cover of this when?

Sad. EIKO was a cute.
Subhuman influences must be banned before they destroy Japanese media as well. No of this would be as popular if Western entertainments hadn't become so incredibly pozzed.

holy cringe

you must be a popular guy during a party, user

This is all bullshit confirmation bias, wait until the next episode airs before you tell me if the show is dead or not.

why do they do the dougie

The episode wasn't bad because it had rap in it, it was bad because it mostly ignored the main cast to introduce some pathetic faggot rapper


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Eiko enko...

user, you should teach them how to. Clearly all of Kongming's bitches love him.

Confident Eiko is the cutest Eiko!

How the fuck is the OP so catchy? What magic is at work here? I'm a boomer at heart who can't relate that type of music but I can't stop dancing to that one.

it's liteally a cover of a boomer song

Episode 6 when


It's very vocal-driven and is much closer to pop than any sort of EDM. Also the bpm is relatively low which in my experience automatically makes it more palatable to boomers

>whoops there goes gravity
>fuck normal faggotry
>moms spaghetti

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I love this song so much

the music in this show isn't good?

like is this some of your guys first exposure to this genre of music?

only reason i think this show is this popular?

fun things are fun

The show, despite being about a musician and a person from the past experiencing it, isn't about the music
It's about the characters and their interactions with each other. Go watch episode 2 and you'll see what I mean, there's a reason they have Kongming's narration to explain his plan interrupt the song for the viewer.

I mean I'm not gonna go out my way to listen to the ost outside of the context of the show, but it's good enough that I'm happy to maintain my suspension of disbelief while watching

>Got a warning last thread for trying to get 100k likes for Eiko

Mods are dumb.

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Looking forward to the rap battle and the dude performing with her next week

It's close to 100k in just over a week

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>shitting your pants at the first sight of a young male
Were you bullied?

>muh unicorns strawman
Fuck off back to /vt/

Damn that user hit the nail right on the head.

But why the reference to this movie?

Is Red Hare in the OP?

Kong Rong, one of the officials of Wei (and later executed by his friend Cao Cao for alleged treason) was the one who claimed to be descended from Kong Fuzi.

It's funny that people are reaching maximum fatigue.

Based Zhuge holding down the fort while his girlfriend fucks a bunch of fat old producers.

is this show actually good or is the OP just good? the main girl is EXTREMELY cute

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It's fantastic

There was not enough Kongming it the last episode

>Ichigami ruins ANOTHER manga with his shitty drama

This, literal meme normalfag dancing

I love these types of "chasing your dream" stories. Especially when it's centered around adults. I'm really enjoying it.

Eiko is an incredibly likeable underdog to root for, the characters are all fun, and the premise is entertaining

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